Drug Use Risks

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drug use

The consumption of legal or illegal drugs.


When a drug becomes essential to the body and/or mind to function.


Strong physical reaction brought on by the intentional or unintentional consumption of a larger than usual amount of a drug.

All of the following are symptoms of addiction EXCEPT:

A. spending all personal money on the drug
B. using the drug several times a year
C. needing a constant supply of the drug
D. using the drug as a coping mechanism

B. using the drug several times a year

Impaired brain function as a result of drug use involves all of the following EXCEPT:

A. increased confusion
B. errors in judgment
C. memory loss
D. increased concentration

D. increased concentration

List three examples of poor decision making that result from drug use.

Unprotected Intercourse, Criminal Behavior, and Unsafe Driving

Drugs of abuse trigger the release of dopamine within our brain, which allows the user to experience a temporary feeling of pleasure.


Briefly explain how drug use, production, and sales pose a threat to public safety.

Drug use, production, and sales pose a threat to public safety because they increase criminal activity as the desire to fulfill the addiction and make money through drug sales expands. Drug use also increases the spread of disease as individuals battling addictions often make poor judgments concerning sexual behavior, sharing needles, etc. Finally, drug distribution also increases the risk of pollution as chemicals needed to make drugs are dangerously mixed or used, creating an environmental hazard.

Briefly explain why drug abusers are a high suicide risk.

Drug users are at risk for suicide because most drugs are a depressant and amplify negative emotions. The depressing effects of these drugs often lead to poor judgment and depression. Once an addiction is formed, loss of control over the amount of drug consumed can lead to further despair. When attempting to withdraw from the drug, the side effects can also be too overwhelming for the drug user to tolerate.

Which of the following often results from the use of drugs?

A. impaired brain function
B. unsafe driving
C. criminal behavior
D. all of the above

D. all of the above

Drug use during pregnancy does not affect the unborn baby.


Explain why it is important to remain drug-free during the teenage years.

Teens should not take drugs because they face lifetime risks. These risks include being more susceptible to the drug’s effects. A teen’s brain is still developing, and teens have a greater risk for addiction. Taking drugs can cause irreversible effects on the brain and could lead to lifelong struggles, including ways to cope with problems or issues in a healthy manner

Provide an example of what a typical day may be like for a child who lives with a drug-addicted parent.

A child with a drug-addicted parent could be forced to take the drug too, they could be used to get the drug, they could be beaten for no reason. there are several possibilities.

Choose the correct cycle of addiction.

A. drug use, dependence, tolerance, withdrawal, addiction
B. drug use, tolerance, dependence, addiction, withdrawal
C. drug use, addiction, dependence, tolerance, withdrawal
D. drug use, withdrawal, tolerance, addiction, dependence

B. drug use, tolerance, dependence, addiction, withdrawal

The only person that is negatively affected by drug use is the addict.


There is a safe way to measure illegal drugs in order to avoid overdosing.


Prolonged use of psychoactive drugs can cause brain damage.


Teens are more susceptible to the effects of drugs than adults.


Which of the following commonly occurs in a household with a drug-addicted child?

A. abuse from the child
B. honest communication from the child
C. responsible behavior from the child
D. all of the above

A. abuse from the child

Having a drug-addicted spouse often involves which of the following?

A. financial difficulties
B. emotional security
C. peaceful home environment
D. respectful communication

A. financial difficulties

Drug use can cause the spread of diseases.


Which of the following are behaviors that often result from drug use?

A. driving responsibly
B. performing well in school
C. having protected sex
D. engaging in criminal activity

D. engaging in criminal activity

Illegal drug use often leads to more illegal behavior.


Drugs modify the brain chemistry and change behaviors.


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