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When you approach a school bus with flashing red lights from either direction you

may proceed only if there is a median between you and the bus

When an emergency vehicle approaches you using a siren, you should

pull over to allow a clear path for the emergency vehicle

It takes a train going 50 mph approximately

1 1/2 miles

Each year over _____ persons are killed in highway crashes


The crossbuck is considered the same as a

yield sign

A train’s speed

will appear slower than it is

Most railroad crossing crashes are the result of

driver error

In order to obtain a learner’s permit in VA, you must be at least

15 years and 6 months old

The minimum age to receive a driver’s license in VA is

16 and 3 months old

The minimum age for a licensed driver accompanying a driver with a learner’s permit is

21 or 18 if immediate family member

An applicant for a learner’s permit must score ____ on signs test


The type of license which will allow a person to drive a large truck or van designed for 16 or more passengers is a


The vision requirement in VA for obtaining a driver’s license is

20/40 in one or both eyes

A driver with a learner’s permit is limited to ___ passengers under the age of 18


The penalty for anyone less than 20 who is convicted of a demerit violation is

a madatory driver improvement class

A driver’s license expires

on the licensee’s birthday in ages divisible by 5

If you are less than 18, you will receive your permanent license from

Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

According to the _______ law, you must submit to a chemical test for alcohol and other drugs if requested when driving on VA’s public roadways or lose your license

implied consent

Under the ________ law, persons less than 21 may lose the priviledge to drive if they have a BAC of .02 or above

zero tolerance

Vehicle registered in VA must be inspected

once a year

The minimum amount of liability insurance needed to satisfy the financial responsibility law in VA is


Your decision to become an organ donor should be

Recorded on your driver’s license and discussed with your family

There are plenty of donated organs to meet the needs of all patients.


There is a national network to coordinate organ distribution.


In VA, you can get a motorcycle license without a driver’s license.


The uninsured motorist fee provides you with minimal insurance converage in the event of a crash.


You are covered by your parents’ insurance policy while driving with a learner’s permit.


Red Light

Stop-remained stopped

Steady Amber Light

Clear the intersection

Steady Green Light

Go if the way is clear

Flashing Red Light

Stop-go when the way is clear

Flashing Amber Light

Proceed with caution

Green Arrow

Protected turn/go in direction of arrow

Red signs indicate

stop, prohibitive

General warning signs are


A triangular shaped sign indicates


A vertical-rectangular sign is a

regulatory sign

A yellow line indicates

two way traffic

A solid line indicates

no passing

The basic color for construction signs is


The fine for speeding in a work zone may be up to


You should signal at least ______ before you turn or change position

4 seconds

According to VA law, you must turn into

the first open lane going in your direction

The correct method of steering through a turn is


When parking downhill with a curb

turn the wheels towards the curb

You must park at least ___ from a fire hydrant


The speed limit in school, business and residential areas is


You are required to dim your headlights when you are within ____ feet of an approaching vehicle


An important point to remember in skid control is

Do not brake, look where you want the vehicle to gom steer in the direction you want to go

The first thing you should do in the event of brake failure is to

pump the brake pedal rapidly

If your tire loses pressure while you are driving, you should

Keep a firm grip on the steering wheel with both hands, release the accelerator pedal slowly

Vehicles tend to slow down going uphill and pick up speed downhill because of


It is illegal to pass on the right in VA


If the foot brake fails, the parking brake may be used to stop the vehicle


Use of a lower gear may be helpful when going up or down steep grades


The use or cruise control is helpful on slippery roadways


What isn’t a necessary step when approaching a vehicle?

check tire tread depth with a penny

The head restraint should be adjusted

depending on the driver’s height

Preventative maintenance

Is routine care you give your vehicle, is outlined in the owner’s manual, includes checking fluids

Tires should be checked


The oil should be changed every

3000-5000 miles

When seated properly, the driver should be at least ____ inches from the steering wheel


Driving with the hands in the 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock position

Reduces excessive steering, helps protect the driver from airbag injuries, improves vehicle stability

The lap belt should be adjusted to fit snugly

across the hips

The side view mirrors should be adjusted so that while driving the driver can see

the vehicles in the lanes beside his/her vehicle

Locking the door ensures that they will not fly open during a crash


When seated properly, the driver’s chin should be above the steering wheel


The steering wheel shoud be adjusted upward


When using the accelerator and brake pedal, the heel of the foot should remain on the floor


The rearview mirror should be adjusted to frame to back windshield


Cruise control

Allows a driver to select and travel as a set speed, works at apeeds above 25 mph, should not be used on slippery surfaces

Head restraints are designed to help reduce

whiplash injuries

The horn should not be used to

show anger

The panic button on a wireless remote door control

causes the horn to blow and the lights to flash

Pedal extensions are available to allow short drivers to maintain a safe distance from the steering wheel


When backing, the driver should turn the steering wheel to the right in order to back to the left


If the driver needs to adjust the defroster, he/she should place the steering hand at the top of the steering wheel temporarily


When securing the vehicle, the parking brake should be set before placing the vehicle in park


Gears below drive, provide more engine power


Position one on the ignition switch allows you to use accessories with the engine off


All vehicles have adjustable head restraints


The turn signal will always cancel after a turn


When the daytime running lights are in use, the tail lights are not on


Safety experts recommend the use of headlights whenever the vehicle is moving


There are two separate levers to open the hood


Weight transfer from side to side is known as


Vehicle balance is maintained through

precise steering, smooth acceleration, controlled braking

Steering input to the left will result in weight transfer


Acceleration results in weight transfer


Weight transfer forward or backward is known as


Braking results in weight transfer


Braking just short of lockup is known as

threshold braking

Weight transfer resulting from loss of traction to the rear is known as


The steering technique best suited for mainting vehicle balance is


The lane position for a right turn is


In traditional mirror settings, there is a blind spot

over the right and left shoulders

Blind spots are areas you cannot see on either your mirrors or peripheral vision


Blindspots are greatly reduced by using the contemporary mirror settings


Reference points are the same for all drivers


When backing straight you should look over your right shoulder


The horn should only be used to communicate presence


When pulling into traffic, the following is a crucial consideration

visibility, time, space

When parking or turning beyond an instersection, you should signal left or right

After you have entered the intersection

The gap between vehicles to give you time and space to make a safe lane change should be

4 seconds

You should prepare for a turn approximately _______ before you make it

8 to 12 seconds

Normally, the correct lane to make a left turn is

the lane furthest to the left

When you are making a left or right turn, it is correct to turn your wheels

when you actually begin the turn

When making a right turn into traffic, the gap in traffic approaching from your left should be

8 to 11 seconds

When making a left turn, must yeild the right-of-way to


When backing up, one of the points most likely to hit something is

the front side of the vehicle opposite the direction in which you are turning

The easiest and safest methor of making a turnabout it

driving around the block

The first thing to do when moving your vehicle into traffic is to

plan your move

Changing lanes requires planning in advance and

executing your maneuver

When making a turn, you should use your turn signal as least

150 to 200 feet in advance of a turn in urban areas

When backing up, you must

look behind your vehicle, not just un the rearview mirror

A 2-point turn is when you use a driveway

to reverse your direction

The best remedy for driving fatigue is


The vision that enables you to detect movement to the side is

peripheral vision

Gives 3-dimensional perspective to objects

Depth perception

Estimating distance between yourself and an object

distance judgement

Ability to see clearly

visual activity

What you see looking straight ahead and at an angle to the left and right

field of vision

Vision clearest in a narrow cone-shaped area directly in front of you

Area of central vision

The alcoholic content of a glass of wine, a mug of beer, or an ounce of whisky is

about the same

The way to sober up a person who has had too much to drink is to

give the alcohol time to wear off

A regulatory sign that has a red circle with a red slash means


If you come to a stop sign and there is no white stop line,

stop even with the stop sign or just in front of it

To determine whether or not to suspend a driver’s license, most states use

a point system

A certificate of title proves

who owns a car

When turning left at an intersection

yield to all oncoming vehicles until you have the time and space to turn

The air conditioner is used to

lower humidity

The function of an odometer is to

keep track of the number of miles the vehicle has been driven

You set your car’s automatic choke by

pressing the accelerator once to the floor and then releasing it

Locking your wheels in an emergency braking situation

decreases braking effectiveness, can make you go into a skid, increases your stopping distance

The friction point is

the point where, as you let up on the clutch pedal, the trnamission and engine engage

The first thing to do before changing lanes is

signal your speed

You should signal for a turn at least

150 feet before the turn

A driver turning right

must yield right of way to cross traffic

When parallel parking you

need a space as least 5 feet longer than your car

When an oncoming vehicle’s headlights are too bright, you should

look at the right edge of the traffic lane beyone the oncoming car

In a snowfall, you should drive in the tacks of the vehicle ahead of you so you

can get better traction

Of all the collisions between cars and pedestrians, most

occur in urban areas

At dusk, there is more danger of hitting a deer because

deer move around to feed at dusk

After passing a truck, you should not pull in closely in front of it because

you will block the truck driver’s vision of the road

A banked curve is one that

is higher on the outside of the curve than the inside

The first thing to do in the event of brake failure is to

pump the brake pedal rapidly

If your engine stalls

your power brakes and power steering won’t work very well

If your engine is flooded, you will probably

smell gasoline

An advantage to selecting a car with an automatic transmission is

it is easier to drive

Uninsured motorist insurance protects you if

you are hit by an uninsured driver or you are a victim of a hit-and-run driver

The wheels that receive the power from the engine are called

the rear wheels

The function of the differential is to

allow each of the rear wheels to turn at a different speed when turning a corner

Using a gasoline that has a high octance rating

will not increase engine power

when you pack your car for a long trip, the heaviest items should be

in the bottom of the trunck

Ideally, the in-vehicle test should be taken in

the same vehicle you have practiced in

For the test, your state may require you to present

Your dirver’s permit, the vehicle’s registration, the vehicle’s insurance identification card

To make sure no one is about to enter your driving path, you should always look to the sides at


While driving look at least _______ down the road

20 to 30 seconds

Assumptions are

events you think might happen

A choice

is the selection between two or more possible options

Before you can successfully respond to a driving event, you must have adequate


The total time needed for a person to determine his or her options and choose on is known as

human-perception time

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