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If you possess an alcoholic beverage that has been opened, has a broken seal, or has had some of the contents removed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, __________.

you will be charged with a large fine

The effects of alcohol are________.


Operating a vehicle in the state of Maryland is considered as giving legal consent to __________.

perform a chemical test

Most state vehicle codes state that you shall not drive after taking a substance that __________.

alters the central nervous system

If you refuse to take a chemical test when directed to do so by a police officer, __________.

your license will be suspended for 120 days

If you are taking a prescribed drug and are going to drive, __________.

conduct a self-inventory of all drugs consumed and their side effects

If you notice someone driving erratically behind you, you should __________.

let him or her pass you and position your vehicle with plenty of space behind the bad driver

Possible penalties for driving under the influence in Maryland include:

all of these are correct

Men can dilute alcohol faster than women, as a rule, because their bodies contain more __________.


Once in the brain, alcohol affects ALL of these critical skills EXCEPT

blood flow

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