Drafting the Constitution

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What was the main issue of the Constitutional Convention?


Which statement about the Virginia Plan is accurate?

It inspired the creation of the New Jersey Plan.

How did the Great Compromise resolve the dispute about representation?

It created balance by blending the Virginia and New Jersey plans.

Which statement about the northern states in the 1780s is accurate?

They generally had less enslaved labor than the southern states.

Which statement about the Great Compromise is accurate?

It merged the ideas of multiple delegates’ plans.

The issue of slavery at the Constitutional Convention was actually an issue about


Once the delegates determined the Three-Fifths Compromise, what issue did they tackle next?

the presidential process

Why was the issue of slavery so important to the delegates of the Constitutional Convention?

Both regions recognized that how enslaved people were counted would significantly affect representation.

Which statement about the delegates at the Constitutional Convention is accurate?

The delegates considered each one of their states to be independent.

The act of formally approving something is known as


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