Diversity in sports

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Field hockey is one of the most popular female sports.


Australian Rules Football can trace its roots to __________.


Athletic ability will always guarantee success in sports.


Which of the following is NOT a way to build on your strengths?

only participating in sports you are good at

Gauging yourself against others is acceptable in competitive sports.


All of the following are ways to work with your athletic abilities EXCEPT:

playing at a higher level of competition

Over-encouraging lesser skilled players can lead to embarrassment.


Which of the following sports is most popular worldwide?


Which of the following statements about cricket is NOT true?

The game is played on a rectangular field.

Rotating teams more frequently is an example of __________ of the game to keep things fair.

modifying the rules

Which of the following statements about Australian football is TRUE?

Goals are scored by kicking the ball through goal posts.

Positive reinforcement can only be given to friends.


Competitive games can __________ those with limited skill.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the United States.


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