Discovering Computers, Chapter 4

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End-user license agreement


The illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted software

Trojan horses

Used as keyloggers to steal passwords and online accounts. Usually disguised as programs like utilities

device drivers

Usually run in the background of a system whenever needed

utility programs

Widgets or gadgets that appear on the desktop and display little pieces of information such as a calendar


Operating system system that manages computer hardware and software


Created by hackers to intentionally damage computers by deleting files, erasing hard drives, stealing information, or slowing computer performance

font type

This defines what text characters look like

text effect

Shadowing and reflection are examples of this

font size

What you need to change to make words appear bigger on the page


The document formatting feature you use to make paragraphs line up with the left side of the page

line spacing

You adjust this to control the amount of white space in between rows of text


Types include flatbed, sheet-fed, pen, and handheld

computer-aided design software

Used by architects, scientists, interior designers, and engineers to create highly detailed and technically accurate drawings


A Web site where you can download graphics and photos for a fee


The clarity or sharpness of an image

lossless compression

When TIFF, PNG, and GIF files can be compressed so the files contain all of their original data when uncompressed


All of the fields for a single database entry


A data retrieval tool that finds specified data within a database


A data entry tool you use to input data into a database


The display format that you choose when working with a database object on the screen


A collection of records

portable software

Applications that are stored on and run from removable storage devices like CDs, DVDs, or flash drives

local software

Applications that are installed on your computer’s hard drive

mobile software

Applications that run on smartphones and tablet computers

Web-based software

Applications that you access over the Internet

disk cleanup utility

Removes unused files like temporary Internet files from your hard drive


Displays unsolicited advertisements in banners or pop-up windows

disk defragmenter

Reorganizes the data on a magnetic hard drive so that you can access files more quickly

Recycle Bin

Not emptying this lets files remain on your computer and take up space

virus protection

Software that scans incoming messages and programs to protect your computer

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