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A person who was injured in a war and lost a portion of his leg is considered to have which of the following?


Which of the following is NOT part of the ICF model?


If a disabled person is unable to board the bus in a wheelchair, what does the Americans with Disabilities Act require?

that alternative transportation that can accommodate the man and his wheelchair be made available

As a result of education and law enforcement, negative attitudes toward the disabled are rare in society today.


What aspects of life is not generally affected by a disability?

family size

Social stigmas can prevent children with disabilities from getting treatment.


If a disabled person is traveling by airplane and cannot enter the airplane or buckle the seatbelt without assistance, what does the Air Carrier Act require from the airline?

that an employee of the airline assist the disabled person in preparing to take off

Developmental disabilities cannot be cured.


Which of the following is NOT a disability protected by law?

blurred vision that is a symptom of eye surgery

A person who was born with a mental disability and cannot perform some of the functions required by everyday life is considered to have which of the following?

activity limitation

Which of the following is NOT a disability law?

Veteran Readjustment Act

If a company that has 18 employees interviews five people for a position and chooses to hire the person with the second best qualifications because the building may not be able to accommodate the wheelchair of the most qualified candidate, who is disabled, which act is the employer violating?

Americans with Disabilities Act

Which of the following laws requires that information technology in any federally funded program be accessible to the disabled?

Rehabilitation Act

Many automobile companies have custom options available for disabled people.


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