Digital Photography Unit TWO (The History of Photography) Quiz

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The collodian process used wet plates, which were glass plates that had been covered with a mixture of chemicals before being placed in the camera for the exposure.


Royalty free images are those in which the price of the license is determined by the use of the image.


Richard Maddox created the first 35mm camera.


The first glass negative was invented in 1934.


Count Sergei Lvovich Levitsky invented which of the following?

Bellows camera

Who created the first photograph?

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

The first commercially available digital camera was which of the following?

Kodak DCS 100

The pinhole camera was invented in 1811.


What substance was the first photograph made from?


In 1884, George Eastman created a dry gel on paper, or what we think of as film.


When did stock photography agencies begin?


What was the first commercial photography process?


Autochrome Lumiere was which of the following?

A color process

Most stock agencies do not have their images online because of privacy issues.


The technology that contributed to digital cameras came from spy satellites used during the Cold War.


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