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Blaire rushed into the house after school and announced to her parents, "My personality is _____! So many genes make me who I am!"


The worldwide effort to map the complete human genetic code was called the _____.

Human Genome Project

The critical factor in attaining the age of viability is _____.

attaining advances in neurological functioning

During the germinal period of prenatal development, some cells become part of the brain, some become part of the leg, some become part of the stomach, and so on. The term for this process is _____.


Almost every trait is _____, which means it is affected by many genes.


Babies born under 1,000 grams (2 pounds 3 ounces) are considered _____.

extremely low birthweight

In the third stage of labor, the _____.

placenta is delivered

The phenomenon in which fathers experience symptoms of pregnancy and birth is known as _____.


The longest period of prenatal development is the _____ period.


During mid-pregnancy, the brain increases about six times in size and develops many new neurons in a process called _____.


Brittany was two weeks past her due date. The doctor decided it was best to _____ labor because the fetus was growing too large.


Compared with vaginal births, c-section births _____.

increases risk of complications after birth

Each molecule of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is stored on a(n) _____.


A variation that makes a gene different in some way from other genes for the same characteristics is a(n) _____.


Dizygotic twins have _____ of their genes in common.


Males have one X and one Y chromosome on _____.

the 23rd pair of chromosomes

A baby whose birthweight is significantly lower than expected given the time since conception is referred to as _____.

small for gestational age

Anoxia refers to _____.

a lack of oxygen

The most common extra-chromosome condition is _____.

Down Syndrome

Postpartum depression _____.

can be reduced by successful breast feeding

Each human has about _____ genes.


As part of embryonic development, the neural tube will become the _____.

CNS (brain and spinal cord)

At around 38 weeks after conception, the _____ starts the sequence of events that prepares the fetus for delivery and starts labor.

fetal brain

The instructions for making amino acids are on about 3 billion pairs of chemicals called _____.

base pairs

A variation that makes a gene different in some way from other genes for the same characteristics is a(n) _____.


_____ are more likely to be carriers of X-linked traits, and _____ are more likely to express them.

females; males

Josephine just had a baby and now is experiencing a sense of inadequacy and sadness. She may have _____.

postpartum depression

A baby born three or more weeks early is called _____.


Which female is more likely to naturally conceive dizygotic twins?

a woman from America

The germinal period ends approximately _____ after conception.

2 weeks

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