Developing Muscular Strength and Endurance- Practice

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List each FITT principle and describe what they represent.

Frequency: How often is the exercise completed? Intensity: How difficult is the exercise? Time: What is the duration of the exercise? Type: What kind of exercise is being completed, and how is it beneficial?

Which suggested change would cause the greatest increase in the amount of overload in your weight-training workout?

A. adding more weight and increasing the distance over which the weight is moved

When attempting to use the maxing out method to assess muscular strength, you would need a calculator, chart, book, or online resource to complete the necessary calculations.


Discuss two ways to determine your muscular strength. Explain their advantages

Maxing out means to lift the heaviest weight possible for one repetition while maintaining proper form. The advantages of maxing out include it being easy and not requiring calculations or estimates. Determining one RM: One uses percentages of weights and reps to determine one RM, calculations or books, and online resources available. The advantages of this method include resources being available in books or online and having no worry of injury or miscalculation from selecting the wrong maximum weight on the trial.

Shawna is trying to figure out the best weight to increase her muscular strength. She has chosen a weight and can lift it two times. What should she do to get the BEST workout?

C. decrease the amount of weight until she can do five reps

When using the max out method to determine muscular strength, you must first do a warm-up set and a complete set before attempting your one rep max.


The BEST weight to use for weight training in order to increase strength is one that __________.

A. is challenging but still allows for proper form

What are the components of an effective weight-training program?

B. overload, progression, specificity, regularity, recovery, balance, and variety

Your friend does not think that it is necessary to follow the seven important elements of a weight-training program. Prepare an argument that will convince your friend of the seven elements’ importance.

Answers will vary greatly but should include the seven elements: overload, progression, specificity, regularity, recovery, balance, and variety. The answer should also include some advantages of using this method, such as increased muscular strength, prevention of injury, and prevention of boredom

If asked to give your friend advice about a muscular fitness program, the most accurate response would be that __________.

C. a well-designed muscular fitness program involves a commitment to training at least three times a week, allowing for days of rest in between

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