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The idea that opportunities and roles are determined based on age is referred to as _____.

age stratification

Children who are terminally ill fear that death means they will be _____.


In what way are older Americans the LEAST politically active?

volunteering on political campaigns

According to Erikson, integrity versus despair is the focus of _____.

late adulthood

Typically, who does more housework after retirement than before?

both men and women

According to Kübler-Ross, the first stage of dying is _____.


Xander and Josephina have been married for 60 years. When asked to share their secret to a long marriage, Xander replied _____.

"We have learned how to disagree"

In late adulthood, attitudes about death shift. Anxiety _____ while hope _____.

decreases; increases

An important function of the mourning process is to _____.

allow expression of grief publicly

Silas and Ruth have been married for 50 years. Silas is healthy and active, and through his life’s work as the owner of a business—work he deeply loved—he saved well for retirement. Based on this, which of the following is most likely TRUE?

Ruth has a high level of well-being because her partner has a high level of well-being

The tendency for older adults to perceive, prefer, and remember positive images and experiences more than negative ones is the positivity effect.


A DNR order _____.

allows a natural death

The view that elderly people need to remain active in a variety of social spheres is called _____.

activity theory

Earl, age 50, is terminally ill. He is primarily focused on _____.

a fear of leaving something undone

Alden and Elyse have lived in the same house for over 40 years. They raised their children there and were actively involved in the neighborhood. As they age, their children want them to move to a nearby small apartment. Like many other older adults, Alden and Elyse _____.

prefer to age in place

Which of the following is a sign of a humane setting for long-term care?

individual choice in activities

Today, most never-married older adults are _____.

about as happy as people in long-term marriages

A longitudinal study of older married adults in Detroit found that widows and widowers who were depressed for years after the death of their spouse _____.

had also been depressed before the death of their spouse

Grandparents who are active in the daily lives of their grandchildren are said to be _____ grandparents.


A living will is written to indicate _____.

what medical intervention should be used if the person is not conscious when a decision needs to be made

How should adults deal with a child who has encountered death? They should _____.

listen to the child with full attention when the child talks about the death

Many developmentalists believe that one sign of mental health in older adults is _____.

accepting mortality

The style of grandparenting that is the most common in developed nations is the _____ style.


A person whom a dying person designates to make his or her medical decisions if he or she is unable to do so is a(n) _____.

health care proxy

Eventually, about _____ of older adults will be frail before they die.


Dave’s ex-wife died suddenly. Although their two children were included in the memorial service, Dave was intentionally excluded. Because he still cared about his ex-wife, he experienced _____.

disenfranchised grief

Nilda has just been evaluated by medical professionals. She cannot move any part of her body, except for her eyes, but brain waves are still apparent. The doctor explains that Nilda is not dead but _____.

has locked-in syndrome

A person who is in a state of deep unconsciousness from which he or she cannot be aroused _____.

is in a coma

As he ages, a professional musician begins to limit his repertoire, to practice more before concerts, and to change the way he sits when he plays. He is _____.

using selective optimization with compensation

Of the reasons Oregon residents gave for requesting physician-assisted suicide, the LEAST common reason was _____.


Tanaye’s husband was flying a small plane when it disappeared above a wooded mountainside. His body was never recovered. In this loss, it is likely that Tanaye is experiencing _____.

incomplete grief

The public and ritualistic expression of bereavement is called _____.


Mrs. Reginald has been diagnosed as terminally ill, but she insists that she will recover and believes that her laboratory results were mixed up or misinterpreted. Kübler-Ross would say that Mrs. Reginald is in the stage of _____.


Medication that relieves pain but also slows respiration _____.

has a double effect

In one study, the researchers found that the brains, bodies, and behaviors of adults diagnosed with _____ were more like those of younger adults.

late-life depression

Across cultures, a result of near-death experiences is _____.

a sense of hopefulness

Palliative care _____.

provides relief from physical pain

All of the following workers are quite likely to remain in the paid labor force after age 60 EXCEPT _____.

a unionized mechanic at a local factory

An individual’s worldview tends to turn more cynical and negative with age.


The elderly are less likely than younger generations to attend religious services, but their faith and praying increase.


A family of many generations but with only a few members of each generation is called a _____ family.


Luisa and Mark are respected and obeyed by their grandchildren even though they see them only on holidays. They would be described as _____ grandparents.


The difference between ADLs and IADLs is that _____.

IADLs require some intellectual competence

A caregiver who uses restraints and overmedication when taking care of an elderly person is omitting elder abuse.


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