Defining Communicable Diseases

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It is safe to swim in pathogen-contaminated water as long as you do not swallow any of the water.


This single-celled organism may cause disease, but it is also essential to important life processes like decomposition.


Bacteria reproduce by injecting their genes into other cells.


Pathogens cannot be passed from one individual to another through contact with infected blood.


Pathogens can be given off and carried in the air when an infected individual __________.

coughs or sneezes into the air

It is not possible for an airborne pathogen to travel very far.


Because protozoan infections are highly variable, doctors often use a different medication for each that is highly specific and effective against the certain type of protozoan.


If you contract a contagious illness by coming in contact with infected blood, this would be considered contraction through direct contact.


If the doctor confirmed that a patient had herpes, the most likely prescription would be __________.

antiviral drugs

Which statement is TRUE regarding contagious infections?

Treatment for fungal infections varies depending on their location and severity.

Which of the following is NOT a way diseases are spread?


Fungal infections are more common than bacterial or viral infections.


Which of the following lists different kinds of viruses?

influenza, chicken pox, and colds

Which of the following types of infections is typically treated with antibiotics?


Bacteria respond better to medications that attempt to eradicate the contagious illness than viruses do.


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