Wheels In Motion Answers (quiz 1 – 6 and exam)

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Quiz 1

did not record the answers sorry 🙁 usually the "all of the above" option if there is one

Q2: Approximately what percentage of roadside litter flies out of the back of pick-up trucks?

almost half

Q2: A diamond symbol on the roadway indicates a:

HOV lane

Q3: According to Terry Kline, what is one of the highest-risk maneuvers that you do as a driver?


Q2: When entering a lane of oncoming traffic to pass a vehicle, it is generally safe to make your pass when:

the oncoming car looks like it’s not moving

Q2: Even with a green light, it is illegal to go through an intersection if:

cars are blocking your path

Q2: You should do which of the following when you need to exit a freeway or highway?

exit at a safe speed

Q2: Diamond shaped sings are:

warning signs

Q2: Approximately what percentage of crashes at railroad crossings takes place at crossings that do not have automatic gates and flashing lights?


Q2: several questions about your own driver’s license

idk you have to answer that yourself

Q3: When approaching another vehicle at night:

turn off your high beam headlights

Q3: If you absolutely must drive in fog, use your:

low beam headlights

Q3: **<b>I guess I didn’t copy the question but I do have the answer copied – something about "when driving at night… dr. van"</b>**

increase the space cushion around your vehicle

Q3: It is dangerous to drive in the rain, because:

both traction is reduced and it is more difficult to see

Q3: A car can hydroplane:

even on a thin layer of water

Q3: The force that causes objects in a moving car to keep moving forward even when the car itself has stopped is:


Q3: Stopping distance depends on which of the following?

both speed and road conditions affect stopping distance

Q3: According to this section, when we are behind the wheel, which of the following registers in our brain?

only things we expect to see

Q3: A driver in a skid can recover more quickly if they:

focus on a far-away object

Q4: Nine out of every ten pedestrian fatalities occur during which weather conditions?


Q4: You can make car/pedestrian crashes less likely if you are which of the following?

either the driver or the pedestrian

Q4: Which of the following is a safe assumption while driving?

assume that no one sees you

Q4: Marc Miller had a cycling collision in which of the following?

on a blind curve

Q4: You should keep a space cushion:

on all sides of your car

Q4: One out of how many traffic fatalities involves a big rig or large truck?


Q5: The most important thing to do in a driving emergency is which of the following?

both stay calm and remember what you have learned

Q5: If your anti-lock brakes go out, you should:

apply a firm, steady pressure to the break

Q5: When jumping a dead battery, remove jumper cables in which order?

the REVERSE order that you placed them

Q5: If you are about to be in a collision, remember to do which of the following?

both sound your horn and look for the path of least resistance

Q5: Eighty percent of the traffic deaths in the US happen in cars traveling less than how many miles per hour?

40 mph

Q5: When an airbag deploys, how long does it take to inflate, protect the driver, and deflate?

one tenth of a second

Q6: Which part of the body removes alcohol from the body?


Q6: The student organization at William Howard Taft High School that promotes safe driving practices is named:

project YIELD

Q6: What is the result of mixing alcohol with other drugs called?


Q6: Which of the following will reduce the amount of alcohol in your body?


Q6: The bump-bump-bump technique involves:


EXAM: so most of the exam questions are just the quiz questions, but some where new so I included them.. they also may be from quiz 1 because I didn’t copy those down


Who was found responsible for the car crash in Mark Woods’ story?

both drivers

Robyn’s husband, Officer Phil Konstantin, does NOT believe that fatigue:

only happens to bad or inexperienced drivers

What distance is required for a train to stop when traveling 50 miles per hour?

one and a half miles

What is always taking place when driving?

laws of nature

The bump-bump-bump technique involves:


Which of the following senses is NOT used when driving:


When do more than six out of ten pedestrian fatalities happen?

at night

Pedestrians should do all of the following, EXCEPT:

walk with the flow of traffic

In recent years, seat belt usage in the US has:


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