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Which diskpart command removes any partition or volume information from the selected disk?


Where is the bootmgr file stored on the hard drive

in the root of the system partition

This is the first operation of the system startup.


It is important to run the Last Known Good Configuration early in the troubleshooting process, because:

You might accidentally overwrite a good Last Known Good with a bad one as you attempt to log on with the problem still there.

What is the name of the Boot Manager program in a UEFI system?


Which Windows RE tool is the least invasive and should be tried first to fix startup problems?

Startup Repair

The Boot Loader executes and starts the memory paging process. At this point it turns startup over to _______________________.


What is the name of a lean operating system that can be launched to solve Windows startup problems and provides a graphical and command-line interface?

Windows Recovery Environment

This acronym identifies the boot folder on the system partition.


Can Windows 8 boot from a DVD?

Yes, under certain circumstances.

The easiest way to reset a PC is from the ____________.

Recovery partition

Which tool can you to check for hardware errors and disable recently installed devices?

Device Manager

Which command in Windows RE can you use to rebuild the BCD file?

bootrec /rebuildBCD

If at startup you see absolutely nothing on the screen and can’t hear any noises at all, which of the following steps should you try first?

Check power connections and switches

Where is the MBR partition table on a hard drive found?

first sector of the hard drive

Hard disk errors often first appear to be which of the choices shown?

Any of these

Which registry hive is loaded first during Windows startup?


Which option provides the best assurance that the physical memory will be cleared?

Power switch on rear of case

During the system startup the BootMgr reads this file.


Which command will verify system files at the command prompt?

SFC /scannow

System Restore is useful for most repairs but NOT for _______________.

memory errors

Whatever the Windows startup problem is your objective is to make as few changes to the system as possible in order to solve the problem without wasting a lot of time to return the system to normal. You therefore have to decide which tool will be the least ___________ to use, yet still will fix the problem.


After reading the Boot Configuration Data file the BootMgr will look for this.


For System Restore to be useful you must have an exact date for the start of the problem you are analyzing.

It is helpful but not essential.

Which command will launch System Restore at the command prompt?


A system froze and you can’t restart it. Task Manager will not open. Which of the following should be your first troubleshooting measure?

Try a reboot of the system.

Which of the following is performed by the Windows Boot Loader?

loads into memory the system registry hive

Which boot file applies Group Policy settings?


What is the name of the log file that is created when you enabled boot logging on the Windows 8 Startup Settings menu?


A shortcut to access Windows RE from within Windows is to go to the sign in screen and hold down the _____ key while you click the Power icon and choose Restart.


Windows 7 Last Known Good Configuration has been replaced in Windows 8 by this.

System Restore

If you are having a problem with a driver, which of the following is the least invasive solution?

update the driver

Which boot file would you suspect if the Graphical interface did not load a boot?


What command in Windows RE gives you the opportunity to manage partitions and volumes installed on the system?


New to windows 8 this tool allows you to use a bootable USB flash drive to access the system.

Recovery drive

In Windows 7, which key do you press to launch the Advanced Boot Options window during Windows startup?


What test does startup UEFI/BIOS perform when you first turn on a computer to verify it can communicate with essential hardware devices?


When you see the Microsoft progress animation appears during the boot, you know the ______________ is running.

Session Manager

A stop error halts the system while it is booting, and the booting starts over in an endless loop of restarts. How can you solve this problem using the Windows 8 Startup Settings screen?

Press F9 or 9 to disable automatic restart on system failure

Which of the following options would you choose when you are going to give away or recycle a computer in order to format the volume and reinstall Windows?


On a Windows 7 System you should try this choice before System Restore.

Last Known Good Configuration

An application froze and will not restart. Which of the following should be your first troubleshooting measure?

Download updates or patches for the application.

If at startup you see absolutely nothing on the screen which of the following would you suspect of malfunction first?


Which command will verify the file system at the command prompt?

Chkdsk /r

This is the first sector on a hard disk.


Your system will only boot to Safe Mode and offers the System Restore option. You are not sure of the cause. What is the appropriate next step?

Use System Restore

Which program would provide the simplest way to open, view, and edit the Ntbtlog.txt log files?


Which log file contains a list of items examined and actions taken by the startup repair process?


Which of the following is likely to display the error message "Hard drive not found"?


You are troubleshooting a machine that at startup displays the error message "Invalid Boot Disk". A step to find out more in this situation would be to check _____________.


there are two ways to boot a computer. Using the power switch is called a ________ boot.


This text menu appears when F8 is pressed during Windows 7 startup.

Advanced Boot Options

The Windows Advanced Boot Options menu appears when a user presses ______ as Windows is loading.


When the kernel has completed its configuration it starts the ________ in user mode.


During the Windows Boot the Boot Manager reads the settings in this file.


For a normal startup Windows Boot Loader loads which of the following into memory?

All of these get loaded

What is the command to use the System File Checker to restore critical Windows system files?

sfc /scannow

What is the key to success with a recovery drive?

Create it before you need it.

Using the Settings Charm to access Change PC settings then Update and recovery and choosing Recovery does NOT provide which of the options shown?

Reset to original factory settings.

Before recycling a PC you should do this to ensure your data is gone and a fresh copy of Windows is installed.

Reset the PC

The completely assembled app including all of its parts are wrapped into a single file with this file extension.


What is the name of Android’s graphical user interface (GUI)?


Which of the following terms best describe a group of tools that developers use to write apps?

Software Development Kit

iOS app development is more stringent and an app needs to be approved before it is offered to the public through the App Store. To get an app published you have to get a(n) _______ from developer.apple.com.


Email apps are generally pre-installed on the device and can be automatically set up by entering your __________ and your password.

Email address

An IMAP server that is secured and using SSL uses this port.


Who is the sole distributer of apps for iOS?


This internal component can interpret the position of the device, for example whether it is upright or sideways.


What company provides and oversees the Android Play Store?


Which of the Mobile Operating Systems prohibits third party software from being used?


Applications, games, and utilities are OS specific and you through a single approved source. Where do you get iOS apps?

App Store

Which type of network connection requires that two devices pair before the connection is completed?


Your iPhone is locked up. How can you reset the device?

Press and hold the Wake/Sleep and the Home button for 10 seconds.

Touch screen navigation on mobile devices differs from PCs, but it also differs between mobile devices and even versions of the OS within the same brand. With this in mind how would you access the Notification screen on an iPad mini?

Swipe down from the top of the screen.

On a Windows Phone what is the name of your online storage location?


Windows Phone operation bears a lot of navigational similarities to the Windows Operating System when it comes to running applications. To launch an application on the Start screen which of the choices will accomplish this?

Tap the live tile that represents the app

Which of the following is true about iOS?

iOS is proprietary

Which email protocol uses port 143 for unsecured communication?


What process gives the user root or administrative privileges to the OS and the entire file system?


A unique number that identifies each mobile phone or tablet device worldwide is known as which of the following?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

To add a new account to the email client in an iOS device you would follow which instruction set shown?

Tap Settings, tap Mail, then Contacts, then Calendars and finally Add Account

You need to briefly disable all communications to and from your phone. Which Choice will give the best result?

Turn on Airplane mode

Which of these devices use an iOS based on Mac OS X?

All of these use the iOS described

In order to use iCloud to back up your data you must be running _________.

All choices apply

Which programming language is used to write most Android apps?


Which of the following is NOT an antenna type you would find on an iOS mobile device?


What technology is available on both Windows Phone and Android to mirror the phone’s display through a wireless connection with a TV?


Tethering does which of the choices shown?

Allows a laptop access to the Internet through a mobile phone.

This is a set of tools software developers use to create products


You are having intermittent problems with your touch screen. Sometimes it responds, other times it is non-responsive. Which of the choices do you try first?

Clean the screen with a soft damp cloth

Your phone’s applications appear to be running slowly. What is the quickest way to free up resources for the OS?

Reboot device

Although subject to change, at the time of this writing the MOST popular operating system for mobile devices is___________.


When adding an email account to a Windows Phone which choices are available?


In the broad sense of terms software can be classified as either "open source" meaning free, if you observer the terms of use, or proprietary (closed source) requiring some type of compensation to the author(s). Which mobile OS is open source?


What type of network connection would you NOT expect to find on a cellphone?


Closed source software has a distinct advantage over open source in what respect?

All choices apply

This email protocol allows you to manage your messages on the server.


The operating system used on a mobile device is installed here.

The Factory

Which email server application uses ActiveSync to sync all emails, contacts, and calendar updates on the server and mobile devices?

Microsoft Exchange

Of the choices shown, at the time of this writing, which is LEAST popular?


Beginning with iOS 7 iPhones and iPads, these devices can transfer files between devices belonging to you or someone else. Bluetooth and W-Fi are both used to support this activity. What is the name of the program?


Which email protocol uses port 110?


Which email protocol uses port 110 for unsecured communication?


Apple is pretty tough when it comes to what you can and cannot run on their phones. But in 2010 the practice of installing third party software on your personal phone became federally protected practice. You break your license agreement and forfeit your warranty coverage, but you can run whatever apps you like. This practice is known as _______________.


What type of device contains a disc that is free to move and respond to gravity as the device is moved?


Which security protocol is used to encrypt outgoing email messages and includes a digital signature, which validates the identity of the sender of the email message?


Which feature can be used to easily transfer files between iOS devices?


If you want to be able to manage email on the server using Outlook with your mobile device, which email protocol should you use?


Location services use which of the choices to determine your location?

All choices apply

Which protocol is used to download messages to your device?


Which antenna type is NOT disabled when Airplane Mode is turned on?


The Open Handset Alliance is led by this technology company


Applications, games, and utilities are OS specific and you through a single approved source. Where do you get Android apps?

Google Play

When you get a new iOS device if you press and hold the Home button you will launch Siri. Siri is your ________________.


What makes NFC a less desirable mobile payment service choice when compared to Apple Pay?


The Windows Phone runs on an OS that is a simplified version of the Operating System designed to run on _____________.


Which of the following is true about the Android OS?

Android is based on the Linux OS

What process disables all wireless network antennas and can help conserve data usage or battery power when your battery is low?

airplane mode

How is the Action Center accessed from the Start screen on a Windows Phone?

Swipe down from the top of the screen

Applications games and utilities are OS specific and you obtain them safely through a single approved source. Where do you get iOS apps?


What is the default setting for the Internet Explorer Security zone?


Two methods of sharing can be implemented in Windows workgroups. One applies to network users and has no bearing on local users. It covers folders but not files. These are known as _______________________.

Share permissions

If you are using only NTFS permissions and there is a conflict which permission is used?

The most liberal one is applied.

In which cloud computing category do customers rent hardware, operating systems, and some applications that might support other applications the customer may install?

PaaS Platform as a service (PaaS) or application platform as a service (aPaaS)

Which Internet Options Tab provides access to your browsing history?


User accounts can be created using which of the following utilities?

Control Panel

What do you assign to a user account to give the user certain privileges on the system such as the ability to change the system date and time?


This feature allows specific network activity to power up the PC.


VPN connections are generally set up using the Network and Sharing Center. Which Internet Options tab could also be used to create a VPN?


There are many Cloud computing configurations available. You will see varying levels of responsibility for hardware and software. At its core, however, you will see five key elements. Sometimes described as uptime or on demand this term shown refers to the percentage of time during a given year that services were available without disruption.

Service at any time

What type of permissions can be applied to individual files?


This Internet Options provides access to parental controls, certificates used by web sites, and the AutoComplete feature.


What is the command to open the Group Policy console?


There are six levels of permissions that allow some type of file and folder access. Which permission level allows the user to only create a folder or file and change attributes?


Which type of server can function as a firewall?


What command can be used to pull a list of all the groups a user belongs to?


To disable the Sharing Wizard you access Folder Options and do which of the following?

Uncheck Use Sharing Wizard

When Internet security is set to Medium-high ActiveX controls that are not signed by Microsoft are _________.


Gmail is an example of what type of cloud computing service model?


What type of permissions does a folder receive from its parent folder?


There are many Cloud computing configurations available. You will see varying levels of responsibility for hardware and software. At its core, however, you will see five key elements. Sometimes described as metering or metered service this term shown refers to the usage of resources from the provider.

Measured service

Which of the choices is NOT an available setting for the Internet Explorer Security zone?


Remote applications are installed and executed on the server and managed by server software. Windows server versions prior to 2008 call this software Terminal Services. Server versions 2008 and later call this software ________________.


What protocol do Web servers use to secure HTTP transmission to and from the Web server?


In this cloud model referred to as Anything as a Service or Everything as a Service the configuration is set up top to bottom to meet the customer’s exact needs.


Which type of permissions apply only to network users and work on NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT volumes?


Which type of user group provides backward compatibility with Windows XP?

Power Users

Two methods of sharing can be implemented in Windows workgroups. One applies to local and network users. It covers folders and files but only in one particular filesystem. The permissions are configured using the Security Properties tab. These are known as _______________________.

NTFS permissions

If you use both permission types and there is a conflict this permission will be applied.

The most restrictive one is applied.

What should you configure in Internet Explorer if you want another computer to intercept web browser requests and pass those requests along using its own IP address?

a proxy server

A padlock in the web browser address bar indicates this protocol is in use.


A shared folder in a homegroup will display this icon in the status bar.

A pair of heads

Windows _______________ editions do not include Local Users and Groups.


Which Internet Options tab provides access to the Pop-up blocker settings?


Computer users are classified by what they need to do their job. This is called the principle of ________________.

Least privilege

What should you do if you want to change the rights first assigned to a user?

change the groups to which the account belongs

Which of the following is true about Remote Desktop?

the client computer can be running any version of Windows

Which of the following is true about permissions?

permissions set manually override inherited permissions

How many groups can a single user be a member of?

As many as necessary to do their job

To upgrade your browser from IE10 to IE11 which of the choices would you use?

Windows Update

Your username is Bill. Where are your private files and folders stored by default?


Which port would you check on your firewall and router if Remote Desktop will not connect?


What group would you assign a user to if you wanted the user to have a temporary profile that is deleted when the user logs of?


The default HTML editor can be set on this Internet Options Tab.


It is a good practice to delete your browsing history frequently. When doing so what happens to cookies related to web sites in your Favorites?

They are retained.

It is easier to assign permissions to a group than to each user individually. To facilitate this Windows lets you create________________________.


There are six levels of permissions that allow some type of file and folder access. Which permission level allows the user to only read folders and contents?


Which keystroke will display the menu bar in Internet Explorer?


When a permission is passed from a parent to a child it is referred to as this.

Permission propagation

What type of permissions must be used on a FAT volume?


What type of file can a user send a technician in order to get help remotely, when using Remote Assistance?

invitation file

Which of the choices listed is a common Client/server application?

Internet Explorer

There are six levels of permissions that allow some type of file and folder access. Which permission level does NOT permit the user access to the files in a folder?

List folder contents

If a computer is having trouble navigating to a website when entering the URL, but is able to access the site when entering the web server’s IP address, which server available to your network should you make sure is functioning correctly?


Which choice is NOT one of Windows built in user groups?


Using the Sharing Wizard you will see three specific options then a list of users. Which of the option choices will you see?

Stop Sharing

On this particular network all users have exactly the same access. You would use this.


There are various deployment models for cloud services. Google and Yahoo! Email are examples of which deployment model?

Public cloud

These are permissions that are attained by the child from the parent.

Inherited permissions

You are attempting to access a resource on a network share. When you click on the folder you are prompted to provide a username and password before access is granted. What is the proper term for this process?


What is the first step in troubleshooting a network shared printer?

Check if printer is online.

Which object listed cleans the laser printer drum of its electrical charge?

Erase lamps

How is a network printer identified on the network?

by its IP address

In which of the seven steps of laser printing does a laser beam discharge high charge down to a lower charge, but only in places where toner should go?


You have been asked to build an Audio/Video editing workstation. Where can you NOT afford to compromise from the best available?

Video outputs

What happens when you send a document to the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer?

an XPS file is created on your computer

What type of printer is most dependent on the quality of paper it uses to get the best printing results?


Which laser printer component is not part of the cartridge?

Erase lamps

You have been asked to build a graphics workstation. What type of motherboard memory support will you require?

Quad channel

You are building a virtualization workstation. Where will you maximize your spending?

CPU cores and RAM

Which of the following is an application that is graphics intensive and might be used on a CAD/CAM system?


You have been asked to build a graphics workstation. How much memory will you use?

The maximum amount supported by the motherboard

When designing your HTPC which of the choices are important?

All choices apply

Windows 8 does not support which wireless printer connection option?

ad hoc Wi-Fi mode

What type of force is used to deposit toner on the paper in the laser printing Transfer cycle?

Which of the following is a reason to use an impact printer?

Which of the following is a reason to use an impact printer?

tractor fed paper is needed

Which feature should be enabled on a computer that is sharing a printer to allow remote users to use the printer if the computer is asleep?


You have been asked to build an Audio/Video editing workstation. What monitors would you get?

A pair of largest LED IPS rated ones affordable.

What causes a ghosted image on a printout?

the drum is not fully cleaned

Toner is placed onto the drum where the charge has been reduced during which step of laser printing?


The first four steps of laser printing use the printer components that undergo the most wear. To make the printer last longer, these steps are done inside a removable _________ that can be replaced.


You have been asked to build an Audio/Video editing workstation. What optical drive would be primary?

Dual-layer double-sided DVD burner

You have been asked to build a graphics workstation. What type of processor will you require?

Both memory and cache

When troubleshooting printer problems it is best to begin by ______________________.

eliminating any connection issues

Poor print quality can be caused by which of the choices?

All choices apply

The pages coming out of your laser printer have loose toner on them. This indicates a problem with the __________ unit.


Streaking on a Laser printer is usually caused by this.

Dirty developer

The print spooler for the local printer is found in the __________ console.


When servicing a heavily used laser printer how should you clear out excess toner?

Toner vacuum

Which printer cleaning tool is made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity and easily attract toner?

extension magnet brush

After printing more than 50 to 75 pages a dot matrix print head will be _______.


Which of the following is true regarding a virtualization workstation?

a hypervisor manages multiple VMs

If you are building an audio/video editing workstation, which of the following components should you probably include?

16 GB of RAM

Why should you make sure the paper being used in a printer is dry and not damp?

damp paper can cause paper jams

On a _________ printer, removing and gently rocking the cartridge will temporarily resolve an uneven print problem.


An inkjet printer output is streaked. What would you do?

Clean the print heads

Which term describes the laser printing stage where the toner is attracted to the drum to make up the image?


Which type of printer uses an imaging drum?


What interface format would you use when setting up a HTPC display?

10-foot UI

What is likely the problem when a portion of a complicated page with lots of graphics does not print?

printer does not have enough memory

What technology is found on most processors today that must be enabled in UEFI/BIOS?


Which type of printer has a print head that moves across the width of the paper, using pins to print a matrix of dots on the page?


What is the best method of eliminating the printer itself when resolving print problems?

Print a self-test page using printer controls.

Which of the following choices best describes duplex printing?

Printer prints on both sides of the paper automatically.

During the condition phase of the laser printing cycle a uniform electrical charge is applied to the surface of the drum. What is the value of this voltage?

-600 V

When designing a Home Server what needs to be maximized?


Which laser printer component is not part of the cartridge?

Transfer roller

When installing a network printer on a 64-bit server what should you do to ensure maximum usability?

Install both 32 and 64-bit drivers

If there are budgetary constraints regarding the selection of hardware for a custom PC build, you should always ____________.

All choices apply

You are building a custom PC. Which components do you select first?

Motherboard and processor

Which object listed contains the ink for a dot matrix printer?


What is the recommended way to clean inkjet print heads?

Distilled water and cotton swab

You are designing a high end gaming machine around a LGA2011socket processor. What type of cooling would you use?

Liquid cooling

A printer that is attached to a computer using a USB port is referred to as which of the following?

local printer

In Laser printing a faint ghosted image can appear after the text on the page. The problem is caused by a problem with the cartridge or the ______.

Image drum

A correctly conditioned laser printer drum will be charged at -600 V. What is the charge on the written areas of the drum?

-100 V

Which of the following is an easy way to eliminate the printer as the problem when troubleshooting printing problems?

print a self-test page

You have been asked to build a graphics workstation. What type of video card will you require?

All choices apply

An electro-photographic printer is more commonly known as which of these choices?


Which printer type listed is an impact printer?

Dot matrix

Which command is used to manage permissions for files and directories in Linux?


A decent Tablet PC will work as a __________.

Thin client

What is VDI?

the use of server-side virtualization to provide virtual desktops

Which Linux command can be used to create a blank file in the current directory?


Which of the following is true about the hardware requirements of using virtualization?

many hypervisors require HAV support on the motherboard and processor

Which Client-side desktop virtualization model represents an application running on a machine that the application is not installed on?

Application virtualization

Which OS X feature is similar to the Start screen in Windows because it shows all apps installed on the computer?


What is the Linux command to find out which shell you are using?

echo $SHELL

Which type of client-side virtualization creates a virtual environment in memory for an application to run on a client machine?

application virtualization

The Apple Menu is always available. What would you click on to close an unresponsive program?

Force Quit

What is the Linux vi editor command to save your changes and exit the editor?


If you want to check your network status, type_______.


Which type of virtualization client is also called a dumb terminal because it does not have an operating system?

zero client

In which of the situations shown would a Type 2 Hypervisor be favored?

All choices apply

In server-side virtualization three categories of clients are identified based on the amount of resources available on the client. Which choice is incorrect?

Skinny client

When setting up your VM you’ll see a series of settings, all crucial at some point. One of the first will be to…

set the amount of memory.

This term represents one physical machine hosting multiple activities that are normally done on multiple machines.


In this Virtual machine configuration a virtual desktop is provided for multiple clients with all of the clients receiving their infrastructure from the server.

Server-side virtualization

Which of the following installs in a host operating system as an application?

Type 2 hypervisor

PC running VMs need more RAM because they may need to run a(n) ________ to simulate a completely different Hardware configuration. It may build a Phone!


Which is the most critical element when looking at hardware for a VM platform?

Processor/Motherboard HAV support

In which directory are you likely to find logs created by applications running Linux?


Linux calls its text based interface the ____________. It’s just like the command prompt in Windows, more or less.


Which of the choices is a form of SaaS cloud computing?

Presentation virtualization

Which hypervisor must be installed on machine before the Operating System?

Type 1

If you find you have insufficient privileges you’ll have to substitute your current user for root, the most powerful. You want to use the command along with the new user root. What will you type?

su root

In Linux, when logged in as a normal user with root privileges, which command must precede the apt-get command in order to install a program?


Which of the choices is NOT a version of client-side virtualization?

Fat client

How much hard drive space (minimum) should you plan for per VM?

20 GB

In OS X, which of the following appears at the bottom of the screen and contains shortcut icons to access frequently used applications?


Mac’s search app is named ________.


Comparing hypervisors, which of the statements are true about Type 1?

All of these are true.

In this virtualization method a PC provides multiple virtual environments for applications.

Client-side virtualization

In server-side virtualization this client possesses the LEAST amount of resources.

Zero client

Why would a developer favor the Type2 hypervisor?

Copies of a fresh install can be saved and duplicated.

Which app manages multiple desktop screens in OS X?

Mission Control

What OS X utility allows you to install and run Windows on a Mac computer?

Boot Camp

Which virtualization model represents software running on a machine that manages virtual machines?

Client-side desktop virtualization

As a student what is the advantage of using hypervisors?

All of these are distinct advantages

By what other name will you see a zero client?

All of these terms represent zero clients

What is a major advantage of VMs running under a Type 1 hypervisor?

VMs are isolated from each other so if one gets infected, other VMs will not be affected

Which statement is the most accurate?

After a Type 1 hypervisor installs it partitions the hardware to support multiple VMs.

Comparing hypervisors, which of the statements are true about Type 1?

None of these are true.

What file format is used for OS X disk images?


When creating a VM you will probably need a virtual copy of the DVD to do the install. You will direct your virtual DVD to an .iso file. This is called ________________ the drive.


Which app provides tools for customizing the Mac interface?

System Preferences

When you first log into Linux, what is the current working directory?


Which term accurately describes software installed on a machine to manage any number of virtual machines?

All choices apply

When setting up your VM you’ll see a series of settings, all crucial at some point. Subsequent to the boot order will be to…

select the processor and number of cores you’ll need.

If you want to send ICMP packets to a host <address>, like ping in Windows, what would you type?

ping <address>

Planning the platform PC that you will be running the VM’s on (the host) how much memory should you plan for?

More than a normal system due to VMs.

Why is the hypervisor a preferable network security option?

You can create a Honeypot server farm on one machine.

What is the main advantage of a zero client?


Congratulations! You have installed Linux as your first VM. The GUI is nice and you’ll get the feel for it quickly (unless you already have it!). You will become a fan of VMs once you break something. Remember from earlier right after installing make a copy or more of the _____ file. That’s your hard drive!


What is the name of the Linux boot loader used to manage a dual boot?


What is the main advantage of a thick client?

Can be used as a standalone PC

A Type 2 hypervisor installs in the host OS as which of the choices shown?


To look around, first and foremost, remember Linux is case sensitive at the command line. This will burn you a lot in the beginning. To see the contents of your present working directory instead of dir you would type this.


When setting up your VM you’ll see a series of settings, all crucial at some point. Subsequent to the RAM you would…

set the boot order.

Which Client-side desktop virtualization model represents a remote application running on a server and controlled by a local machine?

Presentation virtualization

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