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the modern computer developed from?

enemy rivalries during WW2

A decline in the number of US manufacturing jobs was in part the result of?


How did Clinton attract voters in 1992?

promoted himself as a centrist

One victory of the Clinton administration was?

the passage of the Brady Bill

For participating countries, NAFTA called for?

the gradual removal of trade restictions

President Clinton sent military trrops to Bosnia to

stop ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Croats

What did the No Child Left Behind Act do?

tied schools’ federal funding to students’ academic success

What person of group was removed frompwer as a result of US invasion of Afghanistan?

the Taliban

Where do most immigrants to the US come from today?

Latin America and Asia

Which of the following helps explain the trend in life expectancy in America?

Satellites brodcast televisionaround the world

The first modern computer was designed to benefit?

the military

Which company developed the first commercially successful computer?


The Internet is directly responsible for?

creating a huge database and research tool

what is one way that globalization has affected the American economy?

loss of manufacturing jobs

the growth of the service economycaused

a decline in US union membership

President Bill Clinton signed which piece of legislation aimed at deterring gun violence?

Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act

Which statement about CLintions impeachment is true?

It was clear from the beginning of the impeachment trial tha there were not enough votes in the senate to convict

President George H.W. Bush helped Bill Clinton win the presidencey in 1992 because Bush:

broke his promise and increased taxes

What did the Family Medical Leave Act guarantee to most full-time employees?

12 weeks of unpaid leave a year

President CLinton failed to bring about a change in

health care

What was the main effect of the Contract With America?

Republicans took control of Congress

Clinton was impeached because he admitted to

lying under oath about an affair

What did Bush mean when he referred to terrorist regimes as an "axis of evil"?

the regimes coordinated efforts to seek and provide weapons for use in attacking the US and its allies

What action eventually occurred as a result of speeches such as Bush’s State of the Union Address?

US and British forces invaded Iraq

Clinton supported free trade blocs becuase:

they theoretically increase the prosperity of paritcular countries

What was one positve effect of economic globalization?

People have been exposed to new ideas and technologies

US military intervention failed to end a civil war in:


In Norway, Clintion tried to negotiate an end to conflicts between the Palestinians and the


Why did Osama Bin Laden form al Qaeda in the late 90s?

to end American involvement in the Middle East

Which state’s voting results were key to determining the winner of the 2000 presidential election?


What finally decided the outcome of the 2000 presidential election?

the US supreme court

In his 1st term, Bush cut taxes to:

stimulate the economy

What group was directly responsible for the terrorist attacks on the US on 9-11?

al Qaeda

During his 2nd term, Bush faced criticism as a result of:

budget defecits

What is the largest immigrant group in American society in recent years?


Immigration supporters argue that immigrants:

perform jobs that others do not want

the US experienced the most population growth at the beginning of this century in the:


Which of these correctly describes how American society is changing?

Life expectancy is increasing

What did the 1994 Violence Against Women Act do?

increase resources to prosecute men guilty of violent acts against women

a wealty, independent president candidate in 1992

H. Ross Perot

a trade agreement among the US, Canada, and Mexico


broadens government’s powers to monitor suspected terrorists

Patriot Act

law that gave resident status to some illegal immigrants

Immigration and Control Act of 1986

an agreement designed to reduce tariffs and promote free trade


Republican who opposed President Clinton

Newt Gingrich

law that eased immigration restrictions

Immigration Act of 1990

an Afghannistan Islamic fundamentalist govn’t


technological solutions to living organisms’ problems


the process of intergrating different nations’ economies and cultures


Who made Microsoft?

Bill Gates

Who made Apple

Steve Jobs

Who made Dell Computers?

Michael Dell

Who made

Jeff Bezo

Why was the 2000 election historic?

it was so close

Who won the popular vote?

Al Gore

Who won the electoral college vote?


When did Gore concede?

Dec. 12 2000

When was the World Trade Center bombed?


Who was resposible for the bombing of the WTC?

Al Qaeda

Who was the leader of the Al Qaeda?

Osama Bin Laden

The bombing of the Embassies was in?

Nairobi, Kenya, and Tanzania

Who was New York’s mayor at the time of 9-11?

Rudy Giuliani

Barack Hussein Obama was the ___th president


Who is Obamas VP?

Joe Biden

Obama: born on August 4th 1961 in

Honolulu Hawaii

Which state was he senator of?


What state was Clinton the governor of?


what was the centrist view?

reconcile liberal and conservative ideals

Who ran in the 1992 Election?

Democrats- Clinton and Gore Republicans- Bush and Quayle Independent- H. Ross Perot

who was the Butcher of the Balkans?

Slobadan Milosevic

who ran in the 2000 election?

Democrats: Al Gore and Joe Lieberman Republicans: George Bush and Dick Cheney

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