CTS115-L6B-Fall-2017 Unit 9

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Your business has a web server that has suddenly become unresponsive. When you study the server’s logs there are a huge number of requests from what appear to be legitimate computers. The problem is likely because of _____.

a denial-of-service attack

Someone who violates computer or Internet security maliciously or for illegal personal gain is known as a(n) _______.

black hat hacker

There has been a data breach at your business and the business has lost some customer data. It has led to angry customers who have filed charges. What is a recommended course of action to prepare for future events?

activate the forensics analysis team and prepare documentation

This harmful malware is triggered by a specific event, such as Friday the 13th.

Logic bomb

Which of the following shortcoming may be revealed during an IT security audit?

whether only a limited number of people have access to critical data or not

Which of the following laws covers false claims regarding unauthorized use of credit cards?

Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Access Devices Statute

These days, the biggest threats to IT security are from ________.

organized groups that have ample resources, including money and sophisticated tools, to support their efforts

A company’s risk assessment process can include numerous threats to the computers and networks. Which of the following can be considered an adverse event?

Harmful virus ​Distributed denial-of-service attack Email attachment with harmful worm All of the above

Which of the following is a vendor of popular anti-virus software?


Which of the following security incidents is least costly to fix?

defacing of web pages

Once a _____ is installed, the attacker can gain full access to the computer.


Which of the following subject areas does the USA Patriot Act cover?


You wish to use your personal laptop computer at work. However, the IT department folks are unwilling to allow you. The likely reason is ______.

your non-work related use of the laptop could increase vulnerability

Which of the following is NOT a popular vendor of firewall software?

Red Hat

A botnet is a ____.

network of computers that send out access requests to servers repeatedly

A hacktivist is someone who _______.

hacks computers or Web sites in an attempt to promote a political ideology

The second phase of an Advanced Persistent Threat attack is _____.


You have been hired as the new Information Security consultant at XYZ Inc. Which of these employee behaviors would be a top security concern?

Leaving laptop computers unattended in public spaces

In a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the perpetrator ____.

instructs the zombie computers to send simple access requests to target computers

You work for a company that is growing. Originally, all the users in all departments had access to all the data in the database. It is considered a security risk. What is an appropriate action to reduce the risk?

Assign roles and privileges to users so that only job-relevant data is accessible to the user.

On the back of a credit card the three-digit number above the signature panel is used to _____.

verify the card is legitimate and not a stolen card number

Assume your organization is experiencing an intruder attack. You have an intrusion detection system (IDS) set up. Which of the following events occurs first?

The network router sends traffic to the firewall as well as to the IDS

Which of the following is the correct description of a firewall?

It is a software and hardware combination that limits the incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

The purpose of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) usually is to ____.

steal data

You had used an online service to apply for a credit card. As part of the process, you submitted your personal information such as SSN, date of birth, employer information, etc. Soon after you started receiving bills for items you did not purchase. You have become a victim of ________.

identity theft

Which of these organizations offers guidelines on developing security policies?


The US-CERT incident reporting system is used to ____.

alert the Department of Homeland Security about information security incidents

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