CTS 115 Fall 2017 Information Systems Unit 6

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Data within the data cube has been ______ by specific dimensional values.


The goal of business intelligence is to _____.

support and improve decision making

Mastery over which subject is NOT required for being a data scientist?​


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a data scientist?

business leadership skills

What is the projected shortage of data scientists in the USA, according to a McKinsey & Co. report?

100,000 to 200,000

What determines the size of words in a word cloud?

frequency of occurrence of the word in source documents

Which of the following is NOT considered business intelligence practice?​

Transaction processing

Suppose management wishes to start a BI project at your new job. Which of following will you recommend as the first step?

Clarify business goals and design a project plan

Which of the following is a potential disadvantage with self-service BI?

Can lead to over spending on unapproved data sources and business analytics tools.

One of the goals of business intelligence is to _________.

present the results in an easy to understand manner

Suppose your employer has four manufacturing units, each with its own data operations. They are considering using BI tools. Which of the following is a valid recommendation regarding the BI initiative?

Create a data warehouse so that data from the factories are combined for BI analysis

Suppose you have access to quantitative data on populations by ZIP code and crime rates. You wish to determine if there is a relationship between the two variables and display the results in a graph. Which BI tool will be most useful?​

Data visualization tool

Which of the following is NOT a commonly used BI tool?

automated customer service

During modeling of the CRISP-DM method, we would ______.

apply selected modeling techniques

From which vendor is the BI product Business Objects available?


____ is the last phase of the six-phase CRISP-DM method.


The coefficient of determination, r squared, is ____.

a number that indicates how well data fits the statistical model

Which of the following will be a ‘fact’ measure in a data cube used at a chain retail business?

Sales revenue

_____ is used to explore large amounts of data for hidden patterns to predict future trends.

Data mining

Which of these analysis methods describes neural computing?​

historical data is examined for patterns that are then used to make predictions

Which of the following is NOT a component of a KPI (key performance indicator)?


The graphical representation that summarizes the steps a consumer takes in making the decision to buy your product and become a customer is called _____.

a conversion funnel

Which of the following is NOT considered a BI and analytics tool?​

Online transaction processing

_________ encourages nontechnical end users to make decisions based on facts and analyses rather than intuition.​

Self-service analytics

Which of the following is NOT a core process associated with data management?​

process for gathering BI requirements

Which of the following is IBM’s BI product?


Which of the following is NOT true about linear regression?

​the technique implies causality between the independent and the dependent variables

You are to advise XYZ so that their BI efforts are fruitful. Which among the following is the most crucial advice of all?

There must be strong commitment from the management

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