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When a program runs on a computer, the part of the computer that carries out the instructions is called the


When a program runs on a computer, it is stored in


At each step of its operation, the input to a Central Processing Unit is

an instruction

RAM, random-access memory, is called that because

you can pick any two random locations and it will take the same time to access the data

When a program is not running, it is stored on a


An operating system allocates resources like _____ to _______

memory…..programs that are running

Application Software is any software that runs with the

support of the operating system

Monitors, printers, and status lights are all examples of ________ devices


Mice, trackpads, keyboards, scanners, and joysticsks are all examples of _______ devices


A bit is

a binary digit, like 0 or 1

Flash drives, CD’s, and external disks are all examples of

external memory

A byte in memory is identified by a unique number called its


A programmable language allows us to express

an algorithm

Is HTML a programmable language?


The ability of a language to let a programmer develop a program on computer system that can be run on other systems is called


The code that a programmer writes is called

source code

True or False: machine languages can be used to write programs that can run on any macine


A compiler translates

source code into executable code

True or False: An algorithm allows ambiguity


The rules that govern the correct order and usage of the elements of a language are called the


Words that have a special meaning in a programming language are called

key words

True or False: Key words are case sensitive


True or False: Indentifiers may start with a number


A location in memory used for storing data and given a name in a computer program that can be changed is called a


An identifier that cannot be used as a variable name is known as a

reserved word

True or False: int is a reserved word


True or False: public is a reserved word


True or False: main is a reserved word


True or False: static is a reserved word


True or False: void is a reserved word


The purpose of running a program with different combinations of data is to expose ______ errors and ______ errors.


In object-oriented programming a class is

a model or template from which objects are created

In object-oriented programming a method is

code that allows access to an objects attributes or that carries out some other action for the object

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