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The scope of an information system includes which of the following?

All of the above

A(n) _____________ is a group of people working together to accomplish a goal.


Which type of problem requires human intuition as the basis for finding a solution.


Most modern transaction processing systems use ________ processing—a real-time method in which each transaction is processed as it is entered.

D:none of the above|A:batch|B:online

A transaction processing system is characterized by its ability to:

all of the above

Which of the following is not a characteristic of a management information system?

Produces routine and on-demand reports|C:Increases managerial efficiency|A:Collect, display, and modify transactions

The process of designing, entering, and testing the rules in an expert system is referred to as __________.

knowledge engineering

Which ecommerce classification encompasses online storefronts selling merchandise and services to consumers?


Which ecommerce classification encompasses consumers selling merchandise and services to each other?


A key component of an ecommerce application is an online _________.


A(n) ___________ is the sequence of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer.

supply chain

_______ applications provide optimal information when they encompass customer support, marketing, and sales.


Which of the following is not a core CRM system?

payment gateway

In addition to sales, CRM, and SCM, ERP modules support business activities such as _____________.

product planning|A:product planning|D:all of the above

The goal of the planning phase for an information system project is to create a(n) ____________.

system development life cycle|C:project development plan

The planning phase of a SDLC includes all of the following except _________.

A:assembling the project team|C:justifying the project|D:producing a project development plan

Which of the following is not included in Michael Porter’s Five Forces model?

Supply chain efficiency

Which business practice is a technique initiated by top management that involves all employees and all departments, and focuses on quality assurance in every product and service offered to customers?


Industry standard tools for scheduling and project management include PERT, WBS, and ________.

Gantt charts

Which of the following is not part of the analysis phase of a SDLC?

Develop a project schedule

The current standard for object-oriented documentation is referred to as ______.


The design phase of a SDLC includes all of the following except _________.

Write requirements report

The implementation phase of a SDLC includes all of the following except _________.

C:Test applications|B:Purchase or contract for hardware and software|A:Obtain approval

After unit and integration testing are completed, _________ testing ensures that all hardware and software components work together.


The maintenance phase of a SDLC includes all of the following except _________.

Convert data

Three key concepts ensure good quality of service include all of the following except _______ .


Dark data centers are an extension of ___________, which allows system administrators to monitor and manage servers using remote control software.

lights-out management

Which type of security measure reduces the effect of an attack by using data backups, disaster recovery plans, and the availability of redundant hardware devices?

A:Corrective procedures|B:Preventive countermeasures

Which type of security measure reduces the likelihood of a deliberate attack?

C:Corrective procedures|B:Detection activities|D:Deterrents

Which of the following is not a step that a data breach victim should take?

A:Change your passwords|B:Activate a fraud alert|D:Purchase a new computer or device

Companies such as IBM and Sperry Rand launched the computer industry when they brought the first mainframes to market in the ________.


The __________ is made up of businesses that focus on digital equipment, software, communications technologies, and related services.

ICT industry

Worldwide, the ICT industry directly employs about _____ of the total workforce in jobs such as computer manufacturing, programming, and data security.


In economics, _________ are things that can be used or consumed, whereas _________ are intangible actions performed for a consumer.

goods, services

Most economists regard goods and services as a continuum, with intangible goods, such as __________, in the middle of the continuum.


_______________ are two of the world’s largest exporters of ICT services.

India and Ireland

From the perspective of a business that creates and sells a technology product, the ____________maps the expected profitability of a product from its inception to its demise.

product life cycle

A proprietary model called the __________ represents the position of a product during its life cycle of publicity.

Gartner Hype Cycle

Which of the following would not be considered a disruptive technology?

Computers that run OS X replacing computers that run Windows 8.

_________ is the monetary value of all the goods and services produced by a nation’s workforce on an annual


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security identifies six national security functions supplied by the ICT sector. Which one of the following is not one of them?

Provide disruptive technologies

Based on existing laws governing international conflict, the ______________ sets out rules for conducting and responding to cyberwarfare.

Tallinn Manual

A(n) ____________ calculator is a device that assists in the process of numeric calculations but requires the human operator to keep track of the algorithm.


Which of the following i would be considered a mechanical calculator?

all of the above

The ____________ was designed to tabulate the 1890 census and used cards with designated areas representing data fields.

Hollerith Tabulating Machine

________ was designed to calculate trajectory tables for the U.S. Army.


_____ was the first commercially successful computer.


Most computer historians agree that computers have evolved through _______ distinct generations.


________ computers, such as UNIVAC, can be characterized by their use of vacuum tubes to store individual bits of data.


_______-generation computers became possible by the development of integrated circuits.


Which of the following would be considered a third-generation computer?

IBM 360

A key feature of the Apple Lisa was its use of _______________.

graphical user interface

Telegraphy remained the major technology for intercontinental communication well into the ________.


The first telephone was invented and patented by Alexander Graham Bell in ________.


Which of the following would not be considered a common carrier?


A(n) __________ is a device that uses a low-power radio transmitter to carry out two-way voice communications.

cellular telephone

What generation of cell phone technology was the first to offer true mobile broadband?


Which of the following job descriptions best matches that of a systems analyst?

Investigates the requirements of a business or an organization, its employees, and its customers in order to plan and implement new or improved computer services.

Which of the following descriptions best matches that of computer engineering degree?

Focuses on the design of computer hardware and peripheral devices, often at the chip level.

Which of the following descriptions best matches that of computer science degree?

Focuses on computer architecture and how to program computers to make them work effectively and efficiently.

Which of the following options offer self-study training to career-minded individuals who might not have the time or means to complete a traditional degree program?


Which of the following options is a useful format for your resume?

all of the above

Which of the following is not an example of an Information Technology Law?

The Espionage Act of 1917

Which of the following information technology laws makes it illegal to circumvent copy-protection technologies, such as those used to prevent unauthorized copying of software CDs, music CDs, and movie DVDs?

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Many employment contracts contain a(n) ______________ designed to prevent employees from divulging proprietary information to competitors or opening competing businesses.

non-compete clause

A(n) _________ is a set of guidelines designed to help professionals thread their way through a sometimes tangled web of ethical on-the-job decisions.

code of ethics

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