CS113 – Ch07 Review – File Handling and Applications

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Each file must contain the same record layout.

Each file used in the merge must be sorted in the same order based on the same field.

Describe what is required to merge more than two files.

Text File

Contains data that can be read in a text editor.

Binary File

Contains data that has not been encoded as text.


A database holds related file data in _____.


When the records in a file are sorted in order from lowest to highest values, the records are in _____ order.

Performing the same tasks with many records, one after the other.

What does the term batch processing mean?


To generate a control break report, your input records must be organized in _____ order based on the field that will cause the breaks.


_____ is the more general item for an entity that organizes files.


_____ applications require that a record be accessed immediately while a client is waiting.


A(n) _____ file holds more temporary data than a master file.

Read in records from a sorted sequential file so that all records that belong to a specific groups are stored together in sequence.

Process each record, checking to determine if it still belongs to the same group as the previous record.

Pause for special processing whenever a new group of records is encountered.

Why might programmers use a control break program?


Files exist on _____ storage devices, such as hard disks, DVDs, USB drives, and reels of magnetic tape.

Nonvolatile Storage

Is not lost when a computer loses power.

Volatile Storage

Is lost when the program ends or the computer loses power.


Thousands of bytes.


Millions of bytes.


Billions of bytes.


Letters, numbers, and special symbols, such as "A", "7", and "$".


Single useful data items that are composed of one or more characters.


Groups of related records.

Master File

Holds complete and relatively permanent data.

Random Access FIle

A file in which records can be located in any order.


When you ____ a file, it is no longer available to your application.


A(n) ____ is a small unit of storage that, for example, holds only one character in a simple text file.


Directories and ____ are organization units on storage devices.


To write a program that produces a report of employees by department number, the records must be grouped by department number before you begin processing.


The saved version of a master file is the ____ file; the updated version is the child file.

Backup File

A ____ is a copy that is kept in case values need to be restored to their original state.

Each has a filename, a specific time associated with it, and occupies space on a section of a storage device.

List and describe three characteristics that all files have in common.


When you write a program that stores a value in a variable, you are using ____ storage.

Direct Access

Because they enable you to locate a particular record directly (without reading all of the preceding records), random access files are also called ____ files.


You can easily merge files even if each file contains a different record layout.

Computer File

A ____ is a collection of data stored on a nonvolatile device in a computer system.


Images and music are contained in binary files.

Sequential File

When a program uses a ____, it reads all the records in the file from beginning to end, processing them one at a time.


When you copy data from a file on a storage device into RAM, you are ____ from the file.


When you store data in a computer file on a persistent storage device, you ____________________ to the file.


____ storage is not lost when a computer loses power.


Characters are made up of smaller elements called ____.


You can easily merge files even if each file contains a different record layout.


The keyboard and printer are the default input and output devices.


When businesses store data items on computer systems, they are often stored in a framework called the data ____ that describes the relationships between data components.


____ files involves combining two or more files while maintaining the sequential order of the records.


The ____ file holds temporary data that is used to update the master file.


Programmers usually use the word "write" to mean "produce hard copy output."


Files in which records must be accessed immediately are sometimes called instant access files.

Open The FIle

In most programming languages, before an application can use a data file, it must ____.


The terms "parent" and "child" can refer to file backup generations, but they are also used for a different purpose in object-oriented programming.

Single-Level Control

A ____ break is a break in the logic of the program that is based on the value of a single variable.

Batch Processing

____ is processing that involves performing the same tasks with many records, one after the other.


The combination of the disk drive plus the complete hierarchy of directories in which a file resides is its ____.


____ are groups of fields that go together for some logical reason.


You can merge more than two files.

Software that establishes and maintains relationships between fields in tables.

What is a database?

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