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Macro photography should be done in color, not in black and white as this hides detail.


Adults’ hands can be photographed engaging in a favorite activity or holding hands with someone.


The amount of magnification gained from the extension tube depends on the focal length of the lens.


Lighting becomes less important with macro photography since you are so close to the subject.


Many amateur photographers use a macro lens.


Only pretty objects should be used in macro photography.


You can create a backdrop for a macro flower photograph with a piece of paper.


What is the magnification on a true macro lens?


What is a disadvantage of using a macro filter?

It can degrade the quality of the image.

In extreme close-up photographs what background works best?

Blurred background

What is true of extension tubes?

They are hollow.

Which of the following is true of macro photography with people?

People are not good subjects for macro photography.

Macro photography often involves what type of depth of field?


Close-up photography is another word for what?

Macro photography

What lighting direction can make a flower’s petals almost glow?


It is very difficult to enter the field of photography as a career.


Many professional photographers take business courses or training to help them run their businesses.


The need for photographers is decreasing in the United States.


Photojournalists may be employed by newspapers and magazines.


Many photographers work non-traditional hours, such as weekends.


Professional photography is a competitive job field.


A college degree is required for professional photographers.


Photographers who own studios are responsible for what costs?

All of the above

A scientific photographer concentrates on which subject?


What is the educational path for professional photographers?

There is no uniform educational or training path or requirements

A commercial photographer concentrates on which subject?


What do professional photographers who own their own business have to do to be successful?

All of the above

What is the first step in becoming a professional photographer?

Having a passion and interest for photography

Forensic photographers photograph which of the following?

Crime scenes

Some buildings are also copyrighted, so it’s a good idea to check if you plan to license a photograph with a famous building in it.


A model release can be either oral or written down.


A model release is a document that spells out under which conditions a photographer may use a photograph of someone.


Commercial use is typically defined as the use of an image for advertising purposes.


It is always legal to license or sell a photograph with a person in it.


Photographers may photograph into someone’s house as long as they are standing in the street.


What a photograph will be used for impacts its legal and ethical position.


Which word describes a photograph that is considered for editorial use?


The copyright symbol looks like which of the following?


What permits the copying of a photograph in certain circumstances?

Fair use

Where might photography be banned?

Military bases

Which convention automatically transfers copyright to the producer of a work of art?

The Berne Convention

Which amendment in the United States protects the freedom of speech?

First Amendment

When do you need a model release?

The person is recognizable in the photograph, and you want to be able to license the photograph for commercial use.

The idea of copyright dates back to when and where?

1500s and Great Britain

In 1941, Alfred Eisenstaedt worked for the War Relocation Authority to document the forced evacuation of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast to relocation camps.


Edward Weston had a beach named after him.


Eisenstaedt’s work illustrates the need for photographers to be ready for those perfect spontaneous moments that create great photographs.


Weston’s "Print of the Month" club brought him financial stability.


Ansel Adams is best known for his black and white photographs of national parks.


The government celebrated Lange’s documentation of the relocation process in Japanese American camps.


Dorothea Lange helped to co-found the photography magazine Aperture.


Annie Liebovitz is known for her photographs in which area?


Which photographer was known for his/her work as an environmentalist?

Ansel Adams

What group did Ansel Adams and Edward Weston help to found?

Group f/64

Which photographer produced iconic images of the Great Depression?

Dorothea Lange

Which photographer was born in Germany?

Alfred Eisenstaedt

Annie Leibovitz worked at which publication?

Rolling Stone

Which of the following celebrities have been photographed by Annie Leibovitz?

All of the above

Which photographer had a "Print of the Month" club?

Edward Weston

Which tool or feature is a sort of transparency or overlay that is placed over the top of an image to change that image in some way?


Which filter would you use to take a close-up of a flower?


Which is the best image editing software program?

Whichever program works best for the individual photographer’s needs and preferences

The ND of the ND filter stands for which of the following?

Neutral density

What should you do when taking a black and white photograph?

Look for active skies.

Which of the following photo editing software programs is free?

GNU Image Manipulation Program

When doing black and white photography, which file format should you use if possible?


Why would photographers want to process their film in the darkroom?

It gives the photographer greater control over the print.

Which of the following was a famous photographer who specialized in black and white photographs?

Ansel Adams

What is the difference between light and dark called?


Photo editing can transform any image into a great photograph.


Light can make or break a black and white photograph.


Digital cameras are less susceptible to UV light.


A filter is a camera accessory that is mounted on the optical path of the lens.


The first flexible photographic film was developed by Kodak Eastman in the 1960s.


Filters can only be used on film cameras.


Images are immediately visible to the naked eye on film once they have been taken by a camera.


Darkrooms require very little training to use or stay safe in.


Macro filters are used to add saturated colors to landscape photographs.


GIMP does not have a traditional support department or customer service.


Tonal contrast is the difference between highlights and dark tones.


To develop a print, you’ll need ten trays of chemicals.


Professional photographers often use the lowest quality settings on their cameras since this can be reversed in Photoshop.


While developing a print, it is important to gently agitate the trays.


Many of the changes added by filters can be duplicated by photo editing software.


Stock agencies are often concerned about what?


Early displayed photographs often had what characteristic?

They were mounted on plywood without frames.

Noise is the presence of what in a photograph?

Color specks

Where is the photographer’s signature generally located?

In the lower right-hand side below the photograph.

Who is often credited with displaying the first fine art photographs?

John Jabez Edwin Mayall

For product photography, which background is often preferred?


A product photograph is mostly likely to be used in which of the following situations?

With a stock agency

Many stock photographs are meant to convey what?

A particular concept

Stock photographers typically use which file format for their images?


What can cause noise?

All of the above

Whereas traditional stock agencies showcase the work of professional photographers, anyone can submit to microstock agencies, provided that the images meet the criteria that the microstock agency has set up.


It is best to position a product directly next to the background to eliminate glare.


Fine art photography overlaps with a number of other areas of photography.


When displaying photographs in a gallery, museum, or other location, photographers should check with the location itself about any presentation guidelines.


In addition to, or in place of, a front signature, many photographers sign and date the back of a photograph.


The presentation of a photograph does not really add or detract from the photograph and should not be a concern for photographers.


Model releases are needed for stock images when a person is recognizable in them.


Noise in a photograph can appear for different reasons, including using a high ISO, using a long exposure, or heat in the image generator itself.


Light boxes and tents are typically used for fine art photography.


When you are photographing a product, it is important for the product to be clean, defect-free, and in good condition.


Fine Art and Commercial photography have little in common.


Snapshots taken on vacations and during family outings are often popular stock images.


The beginnings of fine art photography can be dated back to the Victorian era.


When photographers wish to use a stock photograph, they generally pay a fee to license the image for a particular product, such as a brochure, for a particular amount of time.


Few fine art photographs are sold today.


Photojournalists may carry several different cameras and lenses to help them get different shots.


Due to the internet, photojournalism is declining rapidly.


Photojournalists help to record and provide proof of events such as genocide, massacres, and natural disasters.


A telephoto lens is rarely used by photojournalists.


Photojournalists should never introduce themselves to the people they are photographing.


Law enforcement and emergency personnel always respond positively to photojournalists.


Photojournalists typically earn the most out of all photography areas.


Photojournalists often work in pressure-filled situations.


There is usually little need to assess a situation before photographing.


Photojournalists should always photograph the most emotionally loaded scene that they can find.


Photojournalism plays an important role in the world today by documenting events and situations.


Photojournalists should feel free to manipulate their images with photo editing software in order to tell the story, even if that means deleting or adding things.


Photographers generally have unlimited access to sporting events.


Whereas journalism records written information, photojournalism records visual information.


As recorders of information, photojournalists need to be mindful of presenting the world as they see it, without manipulating the scene or telling half-truths through the visual image.


Which of the following is a good tip for documentary photography?

Shoot with your heart 

What depth of field do you generally want in sports photography?


To introduce more drama to an image, a photographer might include which of the following?


Photojournalism helps to gather and record which of the following?


What responsibility does a photojournalist have?

To record accurately

When panning, your camera should move in which direction?

Parallel to the subject

What is one technique that can help a photojournalist capture a great candid photograph?

Anticipate what might happen.

Documentary photographers strive to produce what type of image?


What can help photojournalists get a close-up shot when they are positioned away from the scene they are shooting?

Telephoto lens

To get a great sports photograph, you need to do what?

Anticipate the action

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