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With landscape photography, which depth of field do you normally want?


Representational landscapes are photographs that record what?

A picture close to reality

When will the reflections on the water be best?

A calm day

In a landscape photograph, you want to be sure to include which of the following: frontlighting, a perspective from eye level, a focal point, or all of the above?

A focal point

What is included in a cityscape?


What is a challenge in photographing forests?

Large variations in light

If you are photographing in a coastal area, it may be helpful to obtain information on what?

The tide times

What can draw you into a picture of a prairie landscape?


True or False: Coastal areas can be particularly hard on cameras, lenses, and tripods with the corrosive salt water and spray.


True or False: A photograph of a plain or prairie can also be turned into something quite interesting with active skies.


True or False: If you want to photograph fog in a forest landscape, you can watch the weather report for information on when it might be most likely.


True or False: Ocean photographs can contain motion to add interest.


True or False: Landscapes are one of the easiest types of photographs to take.


True or False: Landscape photographs are generally best when there is some focal point within the picture.


True or False: A prairie photograph with a winding path in it can help draw the viewer into the photograph.


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