Creative Photography Online 05.07 Lighting Quiz

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True or False: Midday is a good time to take a portrait outside.


True or False: One benefit of a continuous light source is that you can see the shadows and highlights that it creates before you take the picture.


True or False: Strobe lighting tends to create hot spots and can make a portrait uncomfortable for the individual.


True or False: Reflectors are used to reduce shadows and bring more light to certain areas of a photograph.


True or False: Most photographers use only continuous source lighting in their studios.


True or False: You may need to use a fill-flash or a reflector to eliminate shadows if you are using backlighting.


Early in the day, light tends to be what color?


Photography is all about what?


When should you try to photograph reflections on bodies of water?

A calm day

Which of the following is not a common color for photography umbrellas: white, yellow, silver, or translucent?


What is true of softboxes: they have an umbrella on the front, the insides of the softbox are gold, they pass light through a diffusing material in the front, or they let light out both the front and the back of the device?

They pass light through a diffusing material in the front.

Flash lights are also known as which of the following: continuous source, battery powered lights, light packs, or strobe lighting?

Strobe lighting

Fluorescent lights tend to emit less of what color?


When the sun is at the back of the photographer, it is known as what?


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