Creating the Constitution

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The 55 delegates who attended the convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1787

Fathers of the Constitution

George Washington James Madison Alexander Hamilton Robert Morris Ben Franklin George Madison

Why did the Farmers of the Constitution meet in private?

They did not want the public to review their ideas before they were finished


(of a legislative body) having two branches or chambers.


Between or connecting two states


Goods bought in the U.S from foreign countries


Goods sold and shipped to foreign countries

Virginia Plan

a plan proposed by Edmund Randolph, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention in 1787, that proposed a government with three branches and a two-house legislature in which representation would be based on a state’s population or wealth

New Jersey Plan

a plan of government proposed at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 that called for a one-house legislature in which each state would have one vote

Why were the smaller states in favor of the New Jersey plan?

They wanted equal representation with the larger states

The convention delegates,who came from different states

had similar ideas about the new government

What was the connection between the three-fifths compromises and taxes?

Three fifths of all slaves were counted to figure how much states owed the federal government in taxes

Why was James Madison known as the "Father of the Constitution?"

He contributed more ideas to the Constitution than any other delegates

What conflict did the Great Compromise resolve?

How state would be represented in congress

what issue was addressed by the Three-Fifth Comprise?

how the slave population would be counted

What did all of the Framers of the Constitution agree to before the convention?

too work in secret

What statement is true about the Constitutional Convention?

not all of the delegates were willing to sign the Constitution.

How would states be represented in congress under the New Jersey plan?

they would be represented equally

The Virginia plan called for members of the Senate to be

Convention delegates from smaller states were in favor of

A federal executive of more than one person.

What two plans of government did the delegates consider?

The New Jersey Plan and Virginia Plan

What did the delegates finally agree to about how much power Congress would have over trade?

Congress was given control over trade between the states.

The northern states wanted all foreign trade controlled by?


The Farmers all agreed

That the country needed a new national government

Which compromise combinded parts of the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan to make the legislature like it is today?

The Connecticut Compromise

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