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What percentage of genes do humans share with bananas?


What is the message is that has gotten passed from the first form of life?

The secret to life

Describe how the DNA looked in the test tube.

A piece of a wet cotton string.

Humans have only twice as many genes as a

fruit fly

What are the four bases in DNA?

Adenine, thymine, guanine, cytosine

Every baby born is 99.9% genetically identical to

every other baby

How many years did it take to find one marker for breast cancer?

15 years

What was the diagnosis of Hayden and what does the disorder do?

Hayden’s disorder was tay-sach and caused him to not develop regularly. It caused him to not be able to walk, talk, see, and for him to have seizures.

What change in the DNA causes Tay-Sach’s?

The change of one letter in genetic code

How long did the government originally think it would take to complete the Human Genome Project?

15 years

What company did Venter create?

Venter created Celera Genomics, The Institute for Genomic Research.

Where did Celera get some of their information on the human genome?

A website

Where did the DNA that the government was using come from?

5 volunteers

What was the celebration for?

Finding a billion base pairs of DNA

Identify the gene that has been patented.


What did Riley test positive for? What is characteristic about this disease?

Riley tested positive for cystic fibrosis. It results in less proteins in his DNA, and affects his lungs and his proteins are misshaped because 3 base letters are missing.

What is the protein normally supposed to do? What happens to this protein in cystic fibrosis?

Protein normally are supposed to be three dimensional and have a curled and twisted shape. proteins in cystic fibrosis are misshapen and are missing genes.

How many genes do humans have?


Why would it be better to test for a gene within a family line?

It would be better to test for a gene within a family line because they have similar genes to the ones being tested.

Why is Iceland a good place to study the location of genes in the DNA?

Because the small population and most of them are closely related to vikings and each other.

What gene did they use to create glowing mice?

They used the genes from a firefly to create glowing mice.

Which organization finally finished sequencing the human genome first?

Celera and government labs finished sequencing the human genome at the same time.

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