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The type of cover letter written in response to a posted job opening

Application letter

The type of cover letter written to inquire about possible job openings

Prospecting letter

Jeffery completed his cover letter and ran his word processor’s spell check feature. Why is it still important for Jeffery to read through his letter, even after making the spelling corrections?

Jeffery may have used incorrect words in certain situations, but as long as they were spelled correctly, they wouldn’t have been brought to his attention for correction by the spell check.

The same networking letter can be sent to every member of a job network.


If an e-mail program has the ability to enhance the overall appearance of a cover letter, the author should take advantage of using interesting fonts and colors to show their personality.


Why shouldn’t applicants to job openings send their cover letter as an attachment in an e-mail? When would it be acceptable to send a cover letter as an attachment?

The employer may block e-mails with attachments. This may be part of their e-mail filtering system to block junk mail or spam.

The type of cover letter written to request assistance and support from the author’s job network:

Networking letter

Which of the following types of cover letters would assist an applicant in landing a job interview?

All of the above

What may happen if the line length of your electronic cover letter exceeds 65 characters?

the message may appear uneven and difficult to read on the receiver’s screen.

four things about the format of cover letters

The background to the cover letter should be white. The font color of the cover letter should be black. The font should be a basic font that is easy to read. The line length should be limited to 65 characters/line.

Electronic cover letters should still follow a business letter format, even though e-mail is a less formal type of communication.


Electronic cover letters are longer than traditional paper cover letters.


How long should an electronic cover letter be?

about 150 words

When writing a networking letter, respect your recipient by

being concise

Remy is applying for a job where the employer asks that a cover letter and résumé be submitted. Remy should:

Submit only the cover letter and résumé

Which of the following statements about electronic cover letters is true?

Cover letters that are sent electronically should always have a brief but informative subject line which catches the reader’s eye.

Which of the following subject lines would be best to use when applying for a position as a high school teacher?

Educator with 8 years of classroom experience

An electronic cover letter should be

simple and basic

A cover letter may be searched for keywords.


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