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A class specifies the ________ and ________ that a particular type of object has.

fields; methods

A constructor is a method that:

Performs initialization or setup operations.

A constructor:

Has the same name as the class.

After the header, the body of the method appears inside a set of:

braces, {}

Another term for an object of a class is:


Class objects normally have ________ that perform useful operations on their data, but primitive variables do not.


For the following code, which statement is not true?

y is available to code that is written outside the Circle class.

It is common practice in object-oriented programming to make all of a class’s:

Fields private.

Java allows you to create objects of this class in the same way you would create primitive variables.


Most programming languages that are in use today are:


One or more objects may be created from a(n):


Overloading means multiple methods in the same class:

Have the same name, but different parameter lists.

Quite often you have to use this statement to make a group of classes available to a program.


The scope of a private instance field is:

The instance methods of the same class.

This is a group of related classes.


This refers to the combining of data and code into a single object.


Two or more methods in a class may have the same name as long as:

They have different parameter lists.

What is stored by a reference variable?

A memory address

When an object is passed as an argument to a method, what is passed into the method’s parameter variable?

The object’s memory address

Which of the following statements will create a reference, str, to the string, "Hello, world"?

(1) String str = new String("Hello, world");
(2) String str = "Hello, world";

1 and 2

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