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A ____ expression is one that represents only one of two states, usually expressed as true or False.


The keyword that is NOT included in a single-alternative selection is ____.


The ____ clause is the part of the decision that holds the action or actions that execute when the tested condition in the decision is true.


____ operators require two operands.

Data type

Both operands in a comparison expression must be the same ____.


Usually, ____ variables are not considered to be equal unless they are identical.


When you ask multiple questions before an outcome is determined, you create a ____ condition.


A(n) ____ decision is a decision in which two conditions must be true for an action to take place.


A series of nested if statements is also called a ____ if statement.


Most languages allow you to use a variation of the decision structure called the ____ structure when you must nest a series of decisions about a single variable.

First ask the question that is more likely to be false

For maximum efficiency, a good rule of thumb in an AND decision is to ____.


Most programming languages allow you to ask two or more questions in a single comparison by using a(n) ____ operator that joins decisions in a single statement.


The conditional AND operator in Java, C++, and C# is ____.

Truth tables

____ are diagrams used in mathematics and logic to help describe the truth of an entire expression based on the truth of its parts.


When creating a truth table, you must determine how many possible Boolean value combinations exist for the conditions. If there are two conditions, ____ combinations will exist.

True and True

In a truth table, the expression ____ is true.

Short Circuit

____ evaluation is when each part of an expression that uses an operator is evaluated only as far as necessary to determine whether the entire expression is true or false.

First ask the question that is more likely to be true

For maximum efficiency, a good rule of thumb in an OR decision is to ____.


When you use the logical ____ operator, only one of the listed conditions must be met for the resulting action to take place.

True and False
False and True
False and False

In a truth table, the expression ____ is false.


C#, C++, C, and Java use the symbol ____ as the logical OR operator.


You use the logical ____ operator to reverse the meaning of a Boolean expression.

Range Check

You can perform a ____ by making comparisons using either the lowest or highest value in a range of values.


When you combine AND and OR operators, the ____ operators take precedence, meaning their Boolean values are evaluated first.


You can use ____ for clarity and to override the default order of operations.

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