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Which words are prepositions?

At Under Near From

Which word is a preposition?

"When she arrived at the concert hall, the singer walked through a crowd of cheering fans."


Which sentence requires no revision?

Which bench will you be sitting on?

When a sentence uses _________, the subject of the sentence performs the action of the verb.

The active voice

The best reason for the writer to revise this sentence to be in the passive voice is to emphasize

"The famous artist and sculptor Michelangelo sculpted the statue David in Italy in the early 1500s."

The statue

Which sentence contains a split infinitive?

Young children seem to thoroughly enjoy playing with soap bubbles and shaving cream.

"Someone sang a solo during the holiday concert."

The best reason to revise this sentence using the passive voice is that __________

The name of the singer is unknown.

Which statement best explains why a writer might revise the second sentence to use passive voice rather than active voice?

The writer does not know the name of the person who painted the mural.

Which revision to the second sentence of the passage changes active voice to passive voice?

Some artist painted the mural last year.

"The mural was painted last year."

Which sentence best emphasizes the idea that one should eat a good breakfast before school every single day?

Mom says that it is best to always eat a good breakfast before school.

Which sentence must be revised to eliminate the preposition at the end?

I don’t know where Carlos is staying at.

How could a writer best revise the above sentence to avoid overly formal language?

"Cassidy does not know for which course she will register."

Cassidy does not know which course she will register for.

Which sentence must be revised to eliminate the preposition at the end??

NOT The top steps are fine, but be careful of the slippery stairs below.

Which sentence best uses a split infinitive to create emphasis?

NOT Young drivers must remember to fully focus on driving when they get behind the wheel.

Which sentence must be revised to eliminate the preposition at the end??

The museum had the throne where the king sat on.

Which revision changes the sentence so that it uses the active voice?

"A decision was reached by scientists about when the experiment would begin."

Scientists reached a decision about when to begin the experiment.

Which sentence contains an infinitive?

It is normal to make mistakes.

Which sentence best creates emphasis specifically on water safety through the use of a split infinitive?

You will have to watch the children really at the beach because the current is very strong.

Which sentence uses passive voice?

NOT Calm music played quietly in the dentist’s office.

What is the best explanation for why the writer would revise this sentence to use passive voice?

"Jameson dropped and broke the cookie jar while his parents were on vacation."

NOT The writer does not know who dropped the cookie jar.

Which sentence contains a split infinitive?

Swimmers must be sure to completely follow all of the team guidelines.

Mr. Richardson is shopping for the perfect shelf on which to display his bowling trophy.

NOT By inserting an adverb between the two parts of the infinitive

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