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According to the text, modernism consciously rejects tradition and insists on radical experimentation as the way forward


Which of the following best explains why it is the case that nowadays, older works are performed in concert halls whereas newer works are only heard by a small number of people?

Modern composers do not have audience pleasure as their goal, and their works have become incomprehensible to wider audiences.

The following threnody by Krzystof Penderecki was dedicated to the victims of which WWII event

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan

The following Gymnopedie was written by which composer?

Erik Satie

Which of the following composers catapulted to the top of the 20th-century avant-garde after composing Firebird, Petrushka, and Le Sacre du Printemps?

Igor Stravinsky

Which composer wrote a light-hearted Ninth Symphony (below) that Soviet leader Stalin deemed inappropriate for the occasion of celebrating the end of WWII? Hint: he was denounced by Pravda, the unofficial mouthpiece of the Communist Party, as a young man


Which composer traveled the countryside recording and transcribing in great detail the music of rural and small-town people


Given the primitive flavor of this example, which of the following is the composer?


Which composer invented the revolutionary "method of composing with twelve tones related only to each other"

Arnold Schoenberg

Given the atonal nature of this example, which of the following is the most likely composer?


What is the title of the following movement from Maurice Ravel’s Violin Sonata in G Major?


Sergei Prokofiev was a composer who enjoyed state support under Stalin when he returned to Russia in 1936, but at the cost of freedom of expression. Which famous work did he compose while in Russia as a way to avoid scrutiny?

Peter and the wolf

Which of the following places holds an annual summer school for new music that was influential in the development of total serialism and the use of electronic music?

Darmstadt, Germany

The following piece was written by a leading figure of the post-WWII German avant-garde. Identify this composer. (1:01)

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Nadia Boulanger was a prominent music teacher who taught some of the most influential composers of the 20th century, including Aaron Copland, Philip Glass, and Walter Piston


The above piece, Ionisation, is notable for being the first piece of Western art music composed for percussion alone. Who wrote it?

Edgard Varèse

The three-movement Symphony of Sorrowful Songs features a different text for each movement. Its second movement (below) concerns the plight of a young Polish prisoner seeking the protection of the Queen of Heaven. Who is the composer of this piece?


The above etude, named after a sculpture by Brâncuşi, is titled "Coloana fara sfarsit" (Infinite column). Who wrote it?

György Ligeti

Which of the following statements best describes the role of technology with regard to art music in the Contemporary period?

Technology has enabled art music composers to experiment with and change the way that they create music.

In 1945, Aaron Copland won a Pulitzer Prize for a work about a pioneer celebration in Pennsylvania, set in the 1800s. What is the name of this work?

Appalachian Spring

The polytonality and polyrhythms in the above Country Band March was inspired by the composer’s experience hearing two bands marching around a park playing different tunes. Who is the composer?

Charles Ives

Which one of these composers wrote music for prepared piano

John Cage

The above movement from Amores was written by which composer?

John Cage

The above excerpt is based on a poem of violence and terror by Federico García Lorca. What is the name of the piece?

Canción del Jinete, 1860 (Song of the Rider, 1860) by George Crumb

The following piece by Charles Ives appeared in his collection of 114 Songs. What is its name?


The above excerpt comes from a work titled Vox Balaenae and was inspired by the singing of humpback whales. Who wrote it?

George Crumb

The above piece from Rodeo incorporates a number of traditional fiddle tunes. Who wrote it?

Aaron Copland

What compositional technique is illustrated by the following excerpt?

New ways to manipulate a traditional instrument

Which of the following is the composer for this excerpt 2:49


Which composer, known for his ability to combine the sounds of jazz and Western art music, wrote the above piece?

George Gershwin

The above excerpt comes from which larger work? 3:05

Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story

The above excerpt comes from which larger work? 7:29

John Adams’ Nixon in China

The above prelude to the opera Akhnaten, which premiered in Stuttgart, Germany in 1984, was written by which composer?

Philip Glass

The Deer Hunter featured the above piece as its theme. Which of the following pieces is it?

Stanley Myers’ Cavatina

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