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Where could an identity thief access your personal information?

While on public wifi at your neighborhood coffeeshop.

The primary goal of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is:

To protect consumers by regulating financial products and services

It is generally safe to provide your Social Security Number to:

Verified trusted sources that need it

Consumer protection laws are meant to:

Prevent unfair or deceptive business practices

Which activity might require you to provide your social security number?

starting a new job.

Which of the following describes an effective strategy for protecting yourself against identity theft?

Avoid using unsecured wireless networks

In which of the following situations should you expect to provide your Social Security number?

Applying for federal student aid

You may have been a victim of identity theft if…

You look at your credit report and notice accounts you didn’t open, You notice charges on your bank account that you don’t recognize and You notice charges on your bank account that you don’t recognize.

Which action will be least helpful if you’ve been the victim of identity theft?


Which new password is the strongest alternative to the weak password: "ilovedogs"?


Which document puts you at the LEAST risk of identity theft?

cash receipts

If you’ve been a victim of identity theft, what should you do after contacting the company that reported the suspicious charge and issuing a credit fraud report?

order a credit report

The best way to investigate fraudulent transactions on your credit card is to:

review your recent credit card statements

Identity thieves can use your personal information to:

open a credit card, sign up for electricity service

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