Conflict Management-Practice

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A problem at work must be handled the same way as a personal conflict.


Unless each step in the conflict resolution process is followed precisely, a conflict cannot be resolved.


Conflicts arise when __________.
values differ or are questioned
power is used to manipulate
perceptions vary
all of the above

D. all of the above

Restate the sentence, "You are not telling me what is going on!" to avoid assigning blame and make it a more neutral.

"I feel like we are not communicating as well as we could," or, "I hope we can both start communicating our thoughts better," are possible answers.

Which of the following is NOT an example of a personal attitude toward a conflict?
level of importance
future goals

C. future goals

What is the benefit of using neutral arguments to express oneself while in a conflict?

Neutral arguments avoid using "you" statements and, therefore, can assist in avoiding being perceived as offensive or indicating that you believe your opponent is unreasonable. It is best to use "I" statements rather than "you" statements, because it helps keep the tone of statements neutral, which avoids escalating the conflict.

Briefly describe the factors that can lead to conflict.

The first factor is one’s needs; when those things essential to personal well-being are being denied or taken away, conflict is likely to follow. Another factor is one’s perceptions, such as when there is more than one way of looking at a situation. Power is another factor, which includes taking advantage of others or taking power away from others. Values can contribute to conflict when beliefs and principles are at odds. Finally, feelings or emotions can lead to conflict when emotions are ignored or if they differ.

Briefly describe the factors and characteristics that influence conflict resolution.

Personal attitudes play a role in conflict resolution and include prejudices, biases, prior experience, and the level of importance of a topic to the parties involved. It is important to note that you can control your own attitude, but you cannot control the attitudes of others; it is necessary to focus on your attitudes and assumptions before you address the other party’s. Next, you need to know what the nature of the conflict is, or what the conflict is about. It is necessary to know how severe the conflict is, how easily it can be resolved, how much sacrifice it will take to overcome, and how heated it is likely to get. Lastly, one needs to understand the capabilities of the people involved. Is everyone on the same level and do they have what they need to work on the conflict, i.e. money, time, and support?

How can you adapt strategies for conflict resolution to your own personal life when a problem arises with friends or family?

When a problem arises I can try to use the steps in conflict resolution: define the problem, propose a solution, listen carefully to the other person, agree on shared values, and brainstorm together. We may need to compromise, use arbitration as a solution or a mediator, or agree to disagree.

Which of the following is an indication that Bill is listening carefully during his conflict resolution process?
He is taking lots of notes.
He is listening passively.
He is correcting mistakes immediately.
He is avoiding eye contact studiously.

A. He is taking lots of notes.

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