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An _____ uses mechanical operations to perform calculations.

Analog computer

A digital computer uses ____ that represent data in the form of code.


____ refers to the amount of data that a computer can process and the speed at which it can be processed.

Computing power

A _____ is a computer with the ability to perform trillions of calculations per second.


What type of computer is sometimes arranged into computer clusters?


Computer clusters joined together with custom connections are referred to as…

render farms

A ____ is a computer whose central processing unit (CPU) might be housed in a tower configuration or, in some cases, within the monitor, as with the Apple iMac.

desktop computer

This type of computer is also known as a notebook computer.


Today, larger ____ are designed as replacements for desktop computers.


This category of small, easily portable computers became popular in the early 2000s and today have largely been replaced by tablets and ultrabooks.


Very lightweight laptops are referred to as…


Laptops weight less today than they ever have before because most no longer include…

an optical (CD or DVD) drive

A newer development in the design of laptop computers is the inclusion of…

touchscreen monitors

___ are portable computing devices with a touchscreen interface.


This new form of tablet debuted in 2010 and essentially replaced Tablet PCs

Apple iPad

____ is a term that described the tendency of technical devices to take on each other’s functions.

Technical convergence

One of the most prevalent examples of converged device is the ____, which has over 2 billion users across the globe.


Chapter 1 lists the top ten activities of mobile device users. What is the most frequent activity of smartphone users?

Sending a text message to another phone

Ubiquitous computing is also referred to as _____ technology.


Which of the following is an example of ubiquitous computing?

homes with sensors that read your body’s heat temperature and automatically adjust the heat

People working in this field may design software, solve problems such as security threats, or come up with better ways of handling data storage.

computer science

A ___ professional considers who needs what data to get work done and how it can be delivered most efficiently.

information systems

Workers in this field make sure the technology infrastructure is in place to support users. This may include setting up a network or making hardware and software recommendations.

information technology

Which of the following fields involve the writing of software programs?

Software engineering

This field involves the study of computer hardware and software systems and programming how devices interface with each other.

Computer engineering.

Programming websites, developing the text and visual content, and explaining how clients can use tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) falls into the domain of this area of computing careers.

web development

____ is what you put into a computer; ___ is what you get out of it.

Data; information

In Chapter 1, this image is used to illustrate…

the binary system

There are eight ____ in a _____

bits; byte

Which of the following is NOT one of the four parts of the information processing cycle as described in Chapter 1?


Peripherals such as the scanner pictured here are considered ____ devices.


The ___ is the component in your computer that interprets instructions and performs the processing of data.


The speed of a processor is measured in…

hertz (Hz)

A processing speed of the two gigahertz (GHz) represents _____ cycles per second.

two billion

Processors can be ___ or ___, which is an indicator of how much data the processors can handle at a given point in time.

32-bit; 64-bit

Which is it processing data, where does a computer temporarily store both the data and the instructions from the CPU?

in random access memory (RAM)

Cache memory is an area of computer memory between _____ and ____ that serves as a holding area for the most frequently used data.

RAM; the processor

The peripheral shown here is considered an ____ device. (Monitor)


Pixels is short for ____ and is a measure of ____.

Picture elements; resolution

Today, an increasingly storage medium is ____ storage, which involves storing information on the web.


The device shown here provides an easy way to get extra…

storage capacity

The basic unit of storage for data is the ____, which might contain a report, spreadsheet, picture, etc.


What part of the information processing cycle is addressed by the component shown here?


Because the files and programs reside on the web, ____ lets you access your files and programs from anywhere in the world via the internet.

cloud computing

Microblogging sites such as _____ are pushing the boundaries of citizen journalism as participants often send out updates on current news stories before new agencies do.


The illustration above depicts a smartphone….

scanning QR code

The ______ is the world’s largest computer network.


The Internet is made up of ______.

Switches, routers, and transmission lines.

If the internet is a pathway for information, the web is….

one type of content that travels along that path.

_____ marks a change from people simply reading information online to people interacting by both reading and writing online content.

Web 2.0

Which phrase of online usage is marked by collaborative content that is connected in meaningful ways?

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is also called the ……

Semantic Web

Which continent has the highest number of internet users?


An _____ is a company that charges a fee to let you use its servers and software to connect to the internet.


Which method of connecting to the internet uses a regular phone line?


What type of internet connection uses this type of hardware?

cable modem

____ are essentially portable modems about the size of a USB drive.

Mobile broadband sticks

Which of the following types of internet connection is slower than the others and ties up your phone line?


Mobile devices use web browsers designed to…

display web pages on smaller screens

Which of the following represents an accurate example of an IP address?

This organization keeps track of IP addresses around the world.


The new standard for IP addresses is known as _____ and uses addresses with _______ groups of hexadecimal characters separates by colons.

IPv6; eight

Rather than entering an IP address into our browser, we use a text-based address known as a….


The first (left-most) part of a URL is called a….


In the URL pictured here, which component is known as the top-level domain?


In a URL, what element is just to the left of the top-level domain?

the domain name

Which of the following is NOT considered a generic top-level domain (gTLD)?


Which top-level domain suffix does the US Army use for its website?


A _____ describes a destination within a web document and can be inserted in text or a graphical object such as a company logo.


A website’s starting page is called the….


A _____ catalogs and indexes web pages for you.

Search engine

The search text you type in at a search engine’s website is made up of _____ or _____.

keywords; keyword phrases

What does a metasearch engine do?

Searches keywords across several websites at the same time

When this character is used in a search text, the search engine uses it as a placeholder for any possible work.

asterisk (*)

Some multimedia components on a web page may require that you install a _____ on your computer to view or hear content.

plug-in or player

What plug in- or player is required to read and print PDF files?

Adobe reader

When gauging the accuracy of online content, what are the 3 Ws?

Who, What, and When

By what other name is the invisible web known?

deep web

Which of the following is NOT of on of the 3 e-commerce business models discussed in Chapter 2?


Facebook is an example of which type of business model?


Chapter 2 cites which of the following websites as a place where C2C e-commerce activity takes place?


Chapter 2 advises that while making an e-commerce transaction, you should make sure the URL prefix reads_____, indication that you have a secure connection.


Chapter 2 cites which of the following as a popular web-based email service?


The keyboard on a desktop computer is considered a _____ device.


The ____ is the primary circuit board in your computer.


Which of the following correctly identifies the motherboard slots in this illustration?

A= RAM slots B= CPU slots C= expansion slots

A CPU is a thin wafer or _____ made up of semiconducting material, such as silicon.


Read-only memory is considered….


During the computer’s boot-up sequence, the ____ checks devices such as the memory, monitor, keyboard, and disc drives.


While some computers have built-in sound or graphic cards, others include them as….

expansion cards

This type of port is built into the computer, connects a peripheral device to the serial bus, and typically accepts a 9-pin plug.

serial port

The USB port has become the most popular way to attach devices to a computer. What does USB stand for?

universal serial bus

This type of port was introduced on Apple’s MacBook Pro in 2011


Which type of port transfers data using light waves?


What technology is making IrDA ports obsolete?


Which of the following is NOT an example of an optical disc drive?

hard disk

This type of optical drive is used mostly for high-definition movies and games.


USB sticks or thumb drives use ____ memory to record data.


A ____ is essentially a flash-based replacement for an internal hard drive.

solid-state drive

Which of the following is NOT one of the cloud storage services discussed in Chapter 3?


the devices pictured above are _____ devices? (keyboard and mouse)


Printers, speakers, and monitors are considered _____ devices.


The software program that controls the keyboard and interprets keystrokes is called a ….

device driver

This devices is also referred to as a pointing device.


A stylus is an _____ device used in conjunction with a ______.

input; touchscreen

Wired data gloves are used as an input device for….

virtual reality systems

Devices such as the one shown above primarily use _____ as input devices.


______ technologies include a variety of devices and methods that enable a physically challenged computer user to control their computer and provide input.


_____ readers optically scan a set of lines to identify a product.

Bar code

Keystroke logging software is a kind of….


A computer monitor is an _____ device.


Which of the following is the most prevalent type of monitor today?

TFT active matrix LCD

A _____ printer heats specially coated paper to produce an image.


Laser printers were introduced in _____ and inject printers were introduced in ____.

1974; 1976

What type of document would typically be printed on a plotter?


The industry using this printing technology reached over $5 billion in sales in 2015 and is projected to the top $20 billion by 2020.

3-D printing

Chapter 3 discusses three devices that are used to project computer content, including all of the following EXCEPT….


This type of device pictured above is represented by several brands, including each of the following EXCEPT….


The devices pictured here are a part of a ____system.

virtual reality

Chapter 3 lists several activities that require a computer with higher levels of speed and performance, including all of the following EXCEPT…

creating word processing documents with large amounts of formatted text.

The speed of a computer’s processor is measured in…


RAM access speed is measured in…

megahertz (MHz)

Chapter 3 states that adding _____ to your computer is simple to do and is one of the least expensive ways to improve the speed of your computer.


This operating system comes in different "flavors" such as Mint and Ubuntu


The instructions your computer uses when you turn on the power are stored in ROM and are referred to as…


As described in Chapter 4, system software is made up of….

the operating system and utility software

The ____ provides you with an interface to work with your computer hardware and applications

operating system

The operating system and utilities are typically combined in an operating system package such as….

UNIX, Windows, and Linux

Chapter 4 describes the utilities including in an operating system package as _____ but not _____.

Useful; essential

The process of starting your computer, called ____, is handled by instructions that reside on the BIOS


Starting your computer when the power is turned off is called a….

cold boot

A new specification for booting your computer, called _____, is just the beginning to be adopted and could make the booting process much quicker.


In the first step of the booting process, the ____ sends signals to the ______.

power supply; motherboard

The software that allows and operating system to interface with hardware is called….


This operating system was developed by AT&T Bell Laboratories in the 1970s and was written in the C programming language.


The graphical user interface replaced the ____ interface of earlier operating systems.


The screenshot above shows an example of output from this operating system.


Which of the following is an open source operating system?


The term _____ is used to describe the combination of hardware architecture and software used to run applications.


A Mac operating system isn’t designed to run on a Windows computer. This is called platform…..


Which of the following operating systems is NOT one that runs on tablets?


This software package, which is included in OS X, allows you to run on Windows on a Mac.

Boot camp

Which operating system desktop is pictured above?

Linux Ubuntu

_____ was initially a graphical user interface layered on top of the DOC operating system?


According to Chapter 4, these industries have been historically strong markets for Macs.

graphic design and photo imaging

Which version of the Mac OS X is newest?

El Capitan

UNIX is primarily a _____ operating system.


UNIX uses a _____ interface.


To a great extent, Linux is based on…..


The penguin image shown here is the logo of the _____ operating system.


Chrome OS is a _____ operating system meant to appeal to people who work primarily in _____ applications.

Linux-based; web-based

A ____ is what you see when you look at your computer screen.

user interface.

Your computer’s _____ is like home base for your computer, from which you use an interface to run applications.


Most devices today work with a feature called ____, which recognized the devices you plug into your computer (for example, into a USB port.)

plug and play

Chapter 4 states that your computer’s performance is largely determined by each of the factors listed below EXCEPT the…..

refresh rate of your monitor

When running several programs at once, your operating system places data that will not fit into RAM into _____ memory.


When your computer moves data into virtual memory, the file it moves Is referred to as a ______ file.


_____ memory is a dedicated holding area in which the data and instructions most recently used by the processor are temporarily stored.


Cache memory can be accessed quickly because it sits on the…..


Your computer’s OS keeps track of the physical location where a document is stored by maintaining a ____ table.

file allocation

In the image above, the element labeled with an A shows the….

document path

_____ features allow you to enter information about a file, and the operating system helps you locate the file.


What type of device runs on a mobile operating system?


A mobile operating system is stored in…..


This Apple-developed iPhone and iPad OS is based on Mac OS X


The widespread use of mobile devices such as tablets has resulted in employees bringing their own devices into the workplace and connecting the devices to company networks. This is referred to as…..


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