computers ch. 4

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Your new calendar aplication alows you to make sure that youy mobile device and yur corpoation’s server both have the latest version f any updated information. What si the term fro this capability?


What is the real-time exchange of messages, files, audio, and/or video wih another online user called?

instant messaing

IF someone you know is purchaninsg word processing software, what features can she expect to find in the software?

wordwrap, spell checker, clip art

What does a disk cleanup utiliy do?

searches for and removes unnecessary files

if you follow the advice of your instructor and use CBT to learn about programming languages, how would you learn?

You would employ self-paced instruction to use and complete exercises presented on your computer

Wat performs calculations on the data worksheet and displays the resulting value in a cell?


What was the original purpose of a screen saver?

to prevent images from being permanently etched on a monitor’s screen

When a word porcessing program user formats a document, what does the user changes?

the document’s appearance

When using spreadsheet software, what are the rows and columns collecivel called?


Who can effectively use web page authoring software?

user of all skill levels

What term is used to describe a program that hides in a computer and allows someone from a remote location to take full control of the computer?


Aprogram has been placed on yuor smartphone wihtout your knowledge and it is collecting personal information about you. What kind of application is this?


What kind of file does Adobe Reader allow you to view?


Windows, Mac OS, and which other operating system constitute three desktop operating systems?


What kind of program protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any computer vruses found in memory, on storage media, or on incoming files?


If your friend recently has participated in e-filing, what has she been doing?

filing her state and/or federal tax returns online

As you edit some photos from your summer vacation, you choose to make a beach photo much smaller in terms of its file size in order to be able to email it to your friends. Which tool will you use for this?


An advertisement on a web site touts that the software fro sale enables users to enter typed text, handwirtten comments, drawings, or sketches anywhere on a page and then save the page. What kind of software is this ad selling?

note taking software

In a spreadsheet rogram, how is data organized?

in rows and columns collectively called a worksheet

Your friend has been assigned the task of creating visual aids to communicate ideas, messages, and other information to a sales group. What type of software should she use to complete this task?

presentation software

During the infection stage, what three actions does a computer virus typically perform?

replicate itself, conceal itself, activate when condition or event occurs

You have recieved an email that is directing you to a phony website that looks like the website fro your mortgage company. What kind of message is this?


Which of the following features is offered by WBT?

self-directed, self-paced instruction

What is a payload as it pertains to compter crime?

the destrucive even of prank the virus is intended to deliver

When a document contains text displayed in 10-point Cambria, to what does the 10-point refer?

the font size

As you edit some photos from your summer vacaton, you decide to remove a blurry area of one of your photos. What tool wil you use for this?


You need to purchase a new application on behalf of your company, one that wll track product inventory and manage shipping status. Which kind of software will you buy?

distribution software

Why is a fragmented disk slower than one that is defragmented?

a fragmented disk has many files stored in noncontigous sectors

Which of the following terms is used to describe a program that cpies itself repeatedly, using op resources and pssibly shutting downt he compter or network?

a worm

Which of the following are valid steps toward virus protection?

purachse a reputable antivirus program, update antivirus definitons regulaly

Are all of a worksheet’s columns and rows displayed on teh screen at one time?


MAy worksheet cells contain a number that can be used in a calculation. Wat is the name for this?


You are using a tool on your computer to organize a variety of files in folders. What i the term for this kind of tool?

file manager

You ahve heard that it is possible to imrpove your computer’s performance by storing all related files for a partiular program together. What is the term for this?


What is product activation?

a technique to ensure software is not installed on more computers than legally licensed

You have a new word processing program. What is least likely to be a feature in the program’s spelling checker?

the capability to check the arithmetic in a table of calulations

Which of the following are you, as a marketing manager, most likely to use to schedule the processes required in a new advertising comapgin you are running?

project management

When data in a spreadsheet program is changed, what occurs?

alll calulations can be recalculated

You recently lsot some files that were important to you so you have resolved to back up the contents of your hard disk on a series of rewrittable DVDs. What kind o software will you use to do this?

disc burning

You are working for a book publisher and devising the height of the pages that will be requirrred to print a given book. The text for the book is about 10 points. What will be the approximate height of each character in the book?

one-sixth of an inch

which type of software has no restrictions form the copyright holder regarding modifications of the software’s internal instructions and its redistributions?

open source software

Anitvirus programs look for a specfic pattern of virus code. What is this pattern called?

virus signature

What typre of softwaare can your parents cuse to create a will without visiting and attorney?

legal software

When you purchase a digitial camera, what type of software often is included wiht the purchase?

photo editing software

To manage day-to-day interactions wiht customer, including phone calls and e-mails, what type of software would a company use?

cstomer servcie software

you have a variety fo helpful apps o your smartphone, including ones that allow you to reotely start your car or calclate a restaurant tip. In what category do these apps fall?


What are ises fro application software?

to make users more productive

You ave created a specific named loaction on your hard disk to hold some songs you have purchased. What is the term fro this loaction?


You are experiencing some porblems wiht your operating systm on your sektop and want to repir some porblems wiht your hard dirsk. What will you use?

PS maintenance tool

inreference to search utilities, what does an index do?

stores information about a file, including its name, date created, and author name

What types of software do engineers, architects, and scientists se to create designs?

computer-aided design software (CAD)

YOu compase an new song and you have exclusive rights to sell your song. What is this an example of?


An engineer who needs to manage new product development might use what type of software?

porject management software

As you edit some photos from your summer vacation, you decide to shrink one fo your favorite photos to produce a wallet size. Which tool will you use for this?


You are en expert in devising product activation schemes for software publishers. What is not one of teh techniques you have used in the past?

you create the appliaction to be available for download only

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