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working without continual direction and control


using the internet to get small donations from many people to start a business


quick response

Crowd sourcing

solicits online input from consumers

collaborative consumption

sharing products rather than owning them individually


popular voice over internet protocol (VolP)

computer literate

someone who is familiar enough with computers to understand their capabilities and limitations


commands that instruct a computer what to do


unwanted or junk emails

information technology

field of study focused on handling and automatic retrieval of information

Data mining

process of searching huge amounts of data seeking a pattern

ex of data mining

netflix providing you a list of videos you might enjoy

used to help create digital art

Corel painter

goal of biomedical research

provide technological solutions to physical and health related problems

biomedical chip implants

provide sight to the blind

computer forensics

analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence

augmented reality

normal sense of the world around us enhanced with digital information

affective computing

recognizes and simulates human emotion

crisis mapping

tools gather information from sources such as e-mails, text messages, and tweets and make the information instantly and publicly available for use in emergencies.

social networking

tools enable groups of people to connect and exchange ideas.

digital divide

gap between those who have easy access to the Internet and technology those who do not

All of the following factors lead to greater motivation EXCEPT


cognitive surplus

results when leisure time and tools allow us to engage in creative acts.


feeling confident and excited about learning new skills

Autonomy is the feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing your own skills progress.


Purpose is the simple understanding that you are working for something larger than yourself.


Cognitive surplus is the combination of leisure time and creativity tools.


Zipcar is an example of ownership.


Crowdfunding is asking for large donations from a few people.


The AT and T mobile app that lets customers report locations where there are gaps in service is an example of crowdsourcing.


A virus is electronic junk mail.


You cannot be computer literate unless you have knowledge of higher-level computer skills, such as computer programming.


Hardware refers to the programs that give instructions to the computer.


Computer forensics analyzes computer systems in gathering potential legal evidence.


Hospitals use nonimplant versions of identity chips on the wristbands of all patients.


Affective computing is a field of study focused on the managing, processing, and automatic retrieval of information.


Mastery of software programs, such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter, is essential to creating digital art.


Information technology is the study of managing, processing, and the automatic retrieval of information.


Examples of information technology careers are telecommunication and software deployment.


VeriMed can be used to keep Alzheimer’s patients safe


The National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime database enables detectives to analyze information about similarities between crimes.


Data warehousing is the process of searching large datasets to find patterns.


Computers use ________ language consisting of 0s and 1s.


In binary language, each letter of the alphabet, each number, and each special symbol is made up of a unique combination of eight ________.


Which of the following is the smallest unit of measure?


Apple’s OS X and Microsoft Windows are examples of

operating system

Which of the following computers supports many simultaneous users and manages large amounts of data?

mainframe computer

embedded computers

specially designed computer chips that reside inside other devices such as a car.

A keyboard and mouse are examples of

input devices

Which of the following is NOT a system used with touch screens?


screen resolution

The number of pixels displayed on the screen

The most common type of monitor is a(n


Inkjet printers and laser printers are examples of

nonimpact printers

________ printers have tiny hammer-like keys that strike the paper through an inked ribbon.



contains the central electronic components of the computer.

network interface card (NIC)

enables your computer to connect to other computers or to the Internet.


abbreviation for the place in the computer where the programs and data the computer is currently using are temporarily stored.

RAM is a ________ storage location.



area that holds all the instructions the computer needs to start up when it is powered on

A(n)________ CPU has two processing paths, allowing it to process more than one instruction at a time.

dual core

All of the following are examples of nonvolatile storage EXCEPT


Dropbox is an example of ________.


All of the following are names for a flash drive EXCEPT ________ drive.


Flash drives plug into a(n) _______

USB port

Which of the following optical storage media has the greatest storage capacity?


Universal serial bus (USB)

most common port found on today’s computing devices


a peripheral device can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanged between it and the operating system.

Which computer port can transmit uncompressed audio and video?


All of the following are ways to avoid injuries when working on computers EXCEPT ________.

placing a monitor 12" from the eye


concerned with the design and arrangement of machines and furniture to avoid uncomfortable or unsafe experiences.

Information is data that have been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion.


A smartphone is a computer.


The operating system provides the means for users to interact with a computer.


The terms data and information can be used interchangeably.


Processing is manipulating, calculating, or organizing data into information.


On a keyboard, Num Lock and Caps Lock are both toggle keys.


Laser printers are used in stores to print receipts and in airports for electronic ticketing.


The arithmetic logic unit (ALU) controls all of the functions performed by the computer’s other components and processes all the commands issued to it by software instructions.


Joysticks and steering wheels are examples of game controllers.


Keyboards that display on screen when input of text is required are known as virtual keyboards.


Starting a computer when it is powered off is called a warm boot.


Brightness ratio is the difference in light intensity between brightest white and darkest black produced by a monitor.


The area that holds all of the instructions the computer needs to start up is the RAM


External hard drives are often used to back up data that are contained on the internal hard drive.


Today’s CPUs run at speeds measured in kilohertz.


The Internet is ________.

a large network of networks

The concept of the Internet was developed in response to the ________ War


The World Wide Web was based on a protocol developed by ________

Tim Berners Lee

The "fathers" of the Internet are Vinton Cerf and ________.

Robert Kahn

web browser

Software that enables you to display and interact with text and other media on the web

The web is based on the ________

hypertext transfer protocol


A computer connected to the Internet that asks for data

The unique identification number assigned to your computer when you connect to the Internet is known as all of the following EXCEPT ________.


A(n) ________ system requires a program, such as Microsoft Outlook, to be installed on your computer, and when the program is opened, your e-mail is downloaded to your computer.

email client

Podcasts enable you to ________.

deliver audio/video files via RSS

Adobe Reader, Flash Player, and QuickTime Player are examples of software programs called ________.

plug ins

________ media are continuously fed to your browser so you do not have to wait for the entire file to completely download before listening to or watching it.


All of the following are types of e-commerce business EXCEPT ________.


social commerce

A subset of e-commerce that uses social networks to assist in marketing and purchasing products

Which of the following is NOT a precaution to take when shopping online?

Pay with a debit card, not a credit card.

The "s" in "https" stands for ________ socket layer


A Microsoft ________ account allows you to store and share files in the cloud.


Which of the following is NOT a feature of the most popular web browsers?

tacked browsing

tab isolation

The browser feature where tabs are independent of each other


unique address for a particular website

In the URL, the portion labeled ".com" is the ________.

top level domain

In the URL, the portion labeled "surface" is the ________


In the URL, the portion labeled "http" is the ________.


breadcrumb trail

navigation aid that shows the path you have taken to get to a web page or where the page is located within the website.

Which of the following is a feature of Live bookmarks?

Adds RSS technology to bookmarks

AND, OR, and NOT are examples of ________ operators.


The Internet was developed to ensure faster delivery of communications such as mail.


All popular social networking sites have privacy policies but you still need to follow certain precautions when using their sites.


E-mails are completely private.


With a client-based e-mail account, you are able to view your e-mail only from the computer on which the client program is installed.


A universal chat client allows you to chat with users who are using a different IM service than you are.


iphones and iPads use Flash to play videos.


When shopping on the web, it is better to pay for your purchase with a debit card rather than a credit card.


Using the browser feature tab isolation, you can drag an open tab away from its current window and open it in a new window.


You can use breadcrumb trail to see the path you have taken to get to a web page, or where the page is located within a website.


Tagging enables you to share your favorite websites with others.


A browser’s bookmark feature makes it easy to return to a specific web page.


A metasearch engine searches other search engines.


When evaluating a website, testing the relevancy of a site means checking to see whether the information on the site is current.


A subject directory is an outline of websites organized by topics.


________ software helps run the computer and coordinates instructions between other software and the hardware devices.


You can obtain software through ________, in which a vendor hosts the software online over the Internet and you do not have to install it on your computer.

Software as a Service

Using applications on smartphones and tablets to buy and sell products is known as ________ commerce.


Which of the following is NOT an example of a general productivity software application?

image editing

Apache OpenOffice is an example of a(n) ________ productivity suite.

open source

Web-based application software is software that ________.

is stored completely on a web server instead of your hard drive

All of the following are examples of software suites EXCEPT ________.

Microsoft OneNote

The appropriate software to use for creating research papers is ________ software.

word processing

________ software is used to perform calculations and numerical analyses.


When using a spreadsheet, the expression =D8-D17 is called a ________.


When using a spreadsheet, SUM in the expression =SUM(B10:B16), is called a(n) ________.


The intersection of a row and column in a spreadsheet program is known as a ________.


All of the following are tips for a great presentation EXCEPT ________.

use a variety of animations on most slides to keep audience attention

In databases, a category of data is called a ________.


All of the following are examples of database software EXCEPT ________.


________ software helps you manage e-mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks in the same application.

Personal information manager

QuarkXPress is an example of ________ software.

desktop publishing

Peachtree is an example of ________ software.


Dreamweaver is an example of ________ software.

web page design

Software that manages "back office" functions such as billing, production, inventory management, and human resources management is called ________ software.

enterprise resource planning

All of the following are types of multimedia and entertainment software EXCEPT ________.

productivity software

Computer-aided design software is used by ________.

architects to create virtual models

Software designed for real estate agents is an example of ________ software.

vertical market

Multimedia software includes all of the following EXCEPT________.

utility software

To remove red eye from a digital image, you would use software such as ________.

Adobe Photoshop

Which of the following is the most common audio compression format?


A(n) ________ software installation copies all the most commonly used files and programs from the distribution disc to your computer’s hard drive.


A(n) ________ software installation enables you to decide which features you want to install on the hard drive.


Unwanted or unneeded software included by manufacturers on new computers is called ________.


Application software helps run the computer and coordinates instructions with the hardware.


Using your mobile devices to make purchases is more risky than making purchases with your computer on the web.


Software as a Service (SaaS) hosts web-based applications.


Coordinated colors and styles used in a document are known as themes.

true is an example of open source software.


Most word processing programs come with a search-and-replace tool that enables you to locate and replace specific text.


In a database, a table can be defined as a data category.


You can use PowerPoint to trim video clips without having to use a separate video-editing program.


A CD stores the same number of songs in uncompressed format as in MP3 format.


Wizards are step-by-step guides for performing complicated tasks in application software.


Adobe Photoshop is a drawing software application used by graphic artists.


Desktop publishing software enables you to create newsletters and annual reports.


All web-based software is free.


A full software installation enables you to choose which program features you want installed on your hard drive.


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