computer ch. 9

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What job title is used for the person who uses the server operating system to add and remove users, install software, and administer network security?

network administrator

You have just written a new app to intercept documents form the operating system that are to be printed and place them in the queue. What is this app called?

print spooler

A piece of software you use i privately owned and limited to a speific vendor. What is the term for this kind of software?


You have been developing an embedded operating system fro a new product at your company, but a colleague of yout has been referring to it by another name. What is that name?


Yuo are using a technology to enable two devices to share contacts when they touch. What si the name for this technology?


YOu want to shrink the size of a file. What do you use?

file compression

What is an open source operaitn system?


What is a proprietary mobile operating system specifically made for Apple’s mobile devices?


What is ot true about operating systems designed to work wiht a server on a network?

client computers cannot function unless they are connected to the network because they cannont access a operatin system

With virtual memory, when an operating system spends much of its time paging, instead of executing application software, is it said to be trashing?


What is another term for the operating system a computer uses?


What is the first step in the startup process of a computer?

The power supply of battery sends an electric Al current to circuitry I the computer or mobile device

What statement is not true about user interfaces?

Most computers today use a command-line interface

What is the definition of open source software?

Its code is provided for use, modification, and redistribution

What type of operating system allows two or more programs or apps to reside in memory at the same time?


What is not a name of an android release?


What can you use to identify a problem with resources so that you can try to resolve any problems?

A performance monitor

What program is used to start and shut down a computer or mobile device, provide a user interface, manage programs and memory, and provide file management, among other functions?

An operating system

When you run an app in windows, it appears in an on-screen work area app. What is this called?


What is at the core of an operating system that manages memory and devices, maintains the internal clock, starts programs, and assigns the computer’s resources?

The kernel

You want to remove unnecessary files from your computer. What do you use?

Disk cleanup

What is the purpose of memory management?

To optimize the use of RAM

Do command-line interfaces give a user less control to manage detailed settings?


What happens when the computer is trashing?

The operating system spends too much of its time paging, instead of executing application software

What is least likely to be a capability of the new server operating system you firm has developed?

Providing touch screen technology

You are looking for a product developed by Microsoft to enable your organization to manage applications and websites either onsite or on the cloud. What product will you use?

Windows server

You want to remove a program from your computer. What do you use?


The company for which you work has just released an updated device driver version. What is least likely to be the reason fore the release?

To manage new internet connevitty issues

What process sends documents to a buffer instead of sending them immediately to the printer?


What is the term for the variety of forms in which Linux is available/?


While waiting for devices to become idle so that they can receive additional instructions, where does the operating system place items?


You want to run another operating system on your computer in addition to the one already installed. What will let you do that?

Virtual machine

You are having a hardware problem and want to detect and check connected hardware devices. What are you most likely recommended to us?

Cold boot

You want to purchases a server operating system for your small business. What is NOT an example of an operating system you can purchase?

Apple iOS

What is the term for the are of the hard disk used for virtual memory

The swap file

When using an interface, the set of instructions centered into a computer is called what?


What is an alternative to a password you can use on youth new mobile device?

Swiping areas of the screen in a specified order

What is the definition of nonresident in terms of parts of the operating system?

Instructions that remain on a storage medium until they are needed

What term refers to an operation that the processor manages, one example of which is sending data to the printer as shown into he accompanying figure?


An application you won will run on a new version of your operating system. What is the term for this kind of application?

Upward compatible

You are using a Linux-based operating system designed by Google to work primarily with web apps. What is it called?

Chrome Os

You want an open source, Linux-based mobile operating system for a new smartphone your company is developing. What will you use?


What is an error in a program called?


When a computer is running multiple programs concurrently, what is the program that is in the foreground called?

Active program

Which of the following statements is not true about device drivers?

Devices on a computer care drivers

With is virtual memory?

A portion of the hard disk designated to function as additional RAM

What is the term for using a set of conditions to measure the performance of hardware in your networks?


What can you use if the computer cannot start from its boot disk?

Recovery media

You are running the latest version of Windows but you require an app that runs only in a pervious version of Windows. What can you use to clove this problem?

Virtual machine

What is the term for the kind of interface where a user types commands or presses special keys on the keyboard to enter data and instructions?

Command-line interface

What does the hibernate mode option do?

Saves any open documents and programs to a hard drive before removing power from the computer or device

You want to clear the memory on your mobile device. What is sufficient??

Warm boot

What is a segment of memory or storage such as the disk in the accompanying figure, in which items are placed while waiting to be transferred from an input device ot to an output device?


You are designing software that will allow users to interact with it through ordinary, intuitive behavior. What are you using?


To prevent unauthorized users form reading data as it travels over a network, what process should the administratior specify?


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