CompTIA Linux+ Ch2

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​Which two filesystems below perform journaling?

ext4; REISER

The Linux kernel exists as a file named:​


When a user interacts with his computer, he interacts directly with the kernel of the computer’s operating system.


When using command-line terminal, specific letters that start with a dash ("-") and appear after command names are considered to be:


Under the root directory in Linux, which directory contains system commands and utilities?


In the past, SATA hard disks were referred to as Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE).​


What is the recommended size for the /home directory?


In order to switch between terminals in Linux, a user can press what two keys in combination with the F1-F6 keys?​

Ctrl + Alt

What two disk systems allow for the use of more than four hard drives or SSDs in a single system?​


What directory under / contains the log files and spools for a Linux system?​


What installation media source is the most common source for Linux packages?


A hard drive or SSD can be divided into partitions. What is the maximum number of primary partitions that can be used on these devices?


The apropos list command produces the same results as which command below?

man -k list

After logging into a terminal, a user will receive an interface known as which option below?


At minimum, Linux typically requires only two partitions to be created: a partition that is mounted to the root directory, and a partition for virtual memory.​


What is the minimum number of user accounts that must be created at install time?


What metacharacter can be used to issue two commands to be run in consecutive order, without piping or redirecting output?


Which Linux command can be utilized to display your current login name?


A swap partition contains a filesystem.


​What two commands below will halt a Linux system immediately?

​shutdown -H now, halt

Some Linux distributions have the ability to boot an image from install media and run entirely from RAM. What is the name for this kind of image?​

live media image

What metacharacter indicates background command execution?


Prior to performing an installation of Linux, the hardware components of the target system should be checked against what known compatible list below?​

​Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

After a shell is no longer needed, what command can be given to exit the shell?


By default, Fedora 20 allows the root user to log into the GNOME desktop.​


What term describes the physical hardware and the underlying operating system upon which a virtual machine runs?

virtual host

Which two filesystems below do not perform journaling?

VFAT; ext2

In Fedora 20, what terminal is used for graphical login?


Select the utility below that when run will start and perform a thorough check of RAM for hardware errors:​


A calendar for the current month can be shown on the command line by issuing which command?


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