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In a clearly defined series of steps the major components are identified and then described before being removed. Which step is incorrect?

3- Remove Processor fan

In all parity memory uses

9 bits

Which of the choices provided can operate in a frequency band other than 2.4 GHz?


Which wireless standards does NOT operate at the 5.0GHz frequency?


Your PC has an on-board HDMI port. Until now you have been using the DVI connection. Now you have purchased and connected an HDMI monitor. There is no display. The power light comes on and the whole screen gets a bit lighter, but no image. With no display how can you determine if HDMI is enabled?

Hook back up to the DVI

Which of the Intel socket types is also known as an Intel LGA1150?

Socket H3

Your laptop is plugged into an outlet that provides AC current. What provides the DC current the laptop requires?

AC adapter

How many instances of L3 cache will be present in a quad core processor?

One Shared

In the processor chip, registers work in way very similar to which of the following?


What type of device is a touchscreen?


What is the best way to clear dust out of a PC?

compressed air

the input/output unit manages data and instructions entering and leaving the


Your processor contains four ALUs. Four L1 and four L2 Cache, A single I/O unit and a single Control unit.

Quad core

All PCI-X revisions are backward compatible with conventional PCI cards with this exception.

5 volt

Which of the choices indicates the highest frequency?

1600 MHz

This network type covers very large areas. Cellular networks and the Internet are good examples.


This device manages traffic leaving one network and bound for another.


Which of the following constitutes a domain name?

What interface format would you use when setting up a HTPC display?

10-foot UI

Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipsets move the graphics and memory controller to the


How many physical disks are required to implement RAID 5?

3 or more

Of the choices provided which has the highest maximum speed?


The connector type used for laptop keyboards is known by this acronym.


Why would you need to protect against ESD when working on a cell phone?

None of these choices apply

A tablet PC with telephony capabilities is sometimes referred to as this.


You encounter a dead PC. Upon examination everything is correctly plugged into a power strip. What should you do?

All choices apply: Try the switch in another outlet. Check the power strip for a reset switch. Check the outlet the power strip is plugged into. All choices apply

Best described as the proportional relationship between width and height. For example a resolution of 800 by 600 (800×600) demonstrates an _________ of 4 by 3 (4:3).

Aspect ratio

How many pins did the first ATX P1 connector use?


You are having trouble with a FireWire 400 DVD burner. It is an intermittent issue. You check it in Device Manager and it has a Yellow exclamation point in a triangle next to it. What does that mean?

Device has a problem

If access is needed to a location where it is impractical to conventionally network which is the best, if not perfect solution?

Ethernet over Power

Tin addition to the power supply fan it is not unusual to find fans on the devices shown EXCEPT the

Hard drive

In a cell phone the battery is considered ______.

All choices apply: Field Replaceable FRU Recyclable

To obtain new IPv6 leases for your machine what would you type?

ipconfig /renew6

When you remove an expansion card you are advised to do all but which of the following?

Rock card from side to side

An inkjet printer output is streaked. What would you do?

Clean the print heads

What is the purpose of the additional 4 pin connector on your new power supply?

+12V to processor

Your Intel system plays one long and 2 short beeps during post and there is no display. What is the issue?

Video problem

The Packet InterNet Grouper command sends a series of echo requests to the target. The responses indicate the condition of the target and the connection statistically. What would you type to see if the address is reachable?

ping -a

You have been asked to build an Audio/Video editing workstation. What optical drive would be primary?

Dual-layer double-sided DVD burner

Made up of a large aluminum block with an attached fan. This component obscures the view with the system’s


Which of the motherboard connection choices provided would prevent the PC from booting if not connected?


When selecting the motherboard for an AMD based gaming system that will use dual NVIDIA video cards which of the compatibility choices listed should you choose?


Your system is running slow and not always responding to key strokes immediately. What would cause this?


Your sound card has 5 color coded output jacks. To which would you connect the microphone?


A user calls you and is quite annoyed. They are locked out of their Notebook and are supposed to be in a web meeting. You try to calm them to get information but they keep saying, "Still locked out. I need to be in there NOW!" You explain that you are resetting their password, but you could better solve the problem if you knew how they got to this point. They say they understand but then exclaim, "Bam! Still locked out. Did you do ANYTHING yet? All I get is this stupid error and told to try again." You ask about the message and they tell you "Error says "NUMLOCK is on" whatever that has to do with anything." You tell them to press the NUMLOCK function keys once and try again. You then explain, "The NUMLOCK function being enabled made the machine think you…" The customer interrupts, states "I’m in," and hangs up. What have you accomplished?

Fixed the problem

What happens to the data on a solid state drive when the power is lost?

None of these choices apply: The data is lost. Some data is retained based on user settings. The data is cached on magnetic media.

What is the first item you will need before opening a computer case?

ESD Strap

This magnetic hard drive component controls the speed and rotational stability inside the unit.


You are installing a Pentium LGA 1150 processor. After inserting the processor there is a silver hinged plate and a lever. What is the correct term for the plate?

Load plate

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

SDHC and SDXC slots are backward compatible with SD cards.

If the web services on the server are down where in the path between the sender and recipient will the communication fail?

OS level on recipient unable to pass traffic

Of the cable types shown which has the shortest cable length?

100 BaseT

Which component is likely to be damaged if hooked into a live circuit?

Cable tester

Your system is showing signs of overheating. What is the first thing you check?

Check airflow in and out of case.

Your new laptop has USB 3.0 port. How will this affect the operation of your USB 2.0 devices attached to it?

The USB port will operate at 2.0.

How many pins does an internal SATA data connector have?


This twisted -pair cable type can operate at frequencies up to 600 MHz.


Which protocol can be used to encrypt transmissions like FTP?


What system manages devices essential to boot before the OS loads?


To see the IP configuration of all adapters on your machine what would you type?

ipconfig /all

Your network adapter operates at this layer of the TCP/IP model.


When selecting components for a new build which of the choices provided is the primary consideration?

Form factor

From the run dialog box, which command would you use to bring up the System Information utility?

From the run dialog box, which command would you use to bring up the System Information utility?

This technology measures key parameters of a drives performance like spin up time on a magnetic drive or the number of write operations on an SSD, which would help predict when a failure will occur.


During the condition phase of the laser printing cycle a uniform electrical charge is applied to the surface of the drum. What is the value of this voltage?

-600 V

RDP applications listen on this port.


A unicast IPv6 message is used to send a messages to which of the following?

All choices apply: Link-local addresses Unique local addresses Global addresses

Which laser printer component is not part of the cartridge?

Erase lamps

USB 3.0 is a considerable advancement over its predecessors. Different cabling is required to support the higher throughput. Given this, what will you use to identify the USB 3.0 B-Male connector?

All choices apply: Shape Size Color

You are upgrading your laptop to a new 2.5" SSD drive replacing the existing drive. What hardware issues will you need to address?

There is no obvious problem here.

To quickly find which keys to press to access BIOS you should?

Follow onscreen instructions

Which technology requires filters to be placed on analog phones?


Machines that get their IP addresses assigned differently each time they log on get their addresses from this server.


You encounter a system that does nothing when power button is pressed. What do you check first?

Power to the unit

A motherboard can use dual channels to improve performance with which of the following memory types?


Which of the AMD socket types listed has 941 holes for pins (PGA)?


When calculating your power requirements the power supply should be rated ____ higher than your expected needs


This type of hard disk typically has between one and three internal platters that can have data written to, stored on, and read from.

Magnetic hard drive

A router using this technique is able to allow hosts using private internet addresses to connect to the public internet.


For which processor does Intel recommend using a liquid cooling system?


Which installation step is out of order? You are installing a PCIs x16 video card.

Attach supplemental power connector.

When reassembling your PC what does the text recommend as the first step?

Install power supply

What is the simplest RAID implementation?


Which LCD monitor technology produces its own backlighting?

Neither of these: IPS TN

When disassembling a PC which part is removed first in the majority of cases?

Side panel

Complete the formula for processor frequency. SYSTEM Bus Frequency X________ = Processor frequency


The onboard Ethernet network adapter has failed in your laptop. It is not under warranty. What is the path of least resistance to a workable solution?

Obtain an external USB Ethernet adapter.

On a _________ printer, removing and gently rocking the cartridge will temporarily resolve an uneven print problem.


How would the front panel motherboard connector for the Power Indicator be labeled?


Which AMD socket type has 905 holes for pins (PGA)?


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