CompTIA A+ (220-901) – Chapter 15

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This twisted -pair cable type can operate at frequencies up to 600 MHz.

ping -a

To use the ping command on to display the hostname and verify DNS is working what would you type? What would you type to see if the address is reachable?

ping -t

To use the ping command on and continue pinging until you manually break the command what would you type?

Ethernet over Power

If access is needed to a location where it is impractical to conventionally network which is the best, if not perfect solution?


What technology is used when power is transmitted on a network cable?

Making sure both ends match

Biggest obstacle when making RJ-45 cables


Rarely seen in modern networks this RG-6 coaxial cable uses this connector.

Check the activity lights

First thing to do when troubleshooting a network issue


What device is considered just a pass-through distribution point, without regard for what kind of data is passing through and where the data might be going?

netdom add

What command would you use to add a workstation to an Active Directory domain?

Loopback Plug

Which tool can you use to verify that a network port on a computer is good?


When choosing a fiber-optic cable with maximum performance in mind which would you choose?

toner probe

Which tool can help you find a network cable in the walls of a building?


The T586B wiring standard has which colored pair using pins 1 and 2?

ipconfig /release

To release all of the IP configurations from your machine what would you type?


To use the ping command on what would you type?

TV Coaxial

Which type of cable uses an F connector?

ifconfig -a

Using the Linux OS how would you display a list of active and inactive network interfaces?

Loose buffered

When choosing fiber-optic cable for outdoor use this type of cable is generally used.


Which tool is used to firmly attach an RJ-45 connector to a network cable?


This twisted -pair cable type can operate at frequencies up to but not exceeding 100 MHz.

ipconfig /release6

To release specifically the IPv6 addresses from your machine what would you type?


Which TCP/IP utility can be used to display TCP/IP configuration information?

Use a PoE injector.

If your Ethernet cabling reaches an area that is without power what is your best option?


Which wiring standard is required for all U.S. government installations?


This twisted -pair cable type is used primarily for phone lines.

base station

A cellular network or cellular WAN consists of cells, and each cell is controlled by which of the following?


Which twisted pair category can support 10Gig Ethernet?


This fiber optic cable connector type can be used with multi-mode fiber-optic cable.


This twisted -pair cable type can operate at frequencies up to but not exceeding 250 MHz.


What type of connection is often used by employees when they telecommute to connect to the corporate network by way of the Internet?

Electrical closet connection
Cable if both ends are accessible
All choices apply
PC port

What can be tested with a loopback plug?

Is it T568A?
Is it 10BaseT or 100BaseT?
You should have all of this information.
Is it T568B?

When making RJ-45 cables with a crimper what must you know?

crossover cable

Which type of cable is used to connect two like devices such as a hub to a hub?

Reverse lookup

Performing a nslookup using the target’s IP address is known as a _________.


Which of the following broadband technologies offers equal bandwidth for both upload and download?

Sends frames only to the destination device.
Broadcasts to all ports only if address is unknown.
Keeps a table of MAC addresses.

A switch is smarter than a hub for the following reasons:

100 BaseT

Of the cable types shown which has the shortest cable length?

4G Cellular

Which technology provides the highest bandwidth?

100 meters

What is the maximum length of cable on a 100BaseT network?

ipconfig /renew6

To obtain new IPv6 leases for your machine what would you type?

ipconfig /renew

To obtain new IP leases for your machine what would you type?

net use

Which command can be used to connect or disconnect a computer from a shared resource or can display information about connections?

Cable tester

Which component is likely to be damaged if hooked into a live circuit?

ipconfig /all

To see the IP configuration of all adapters on your machine what would you type?

Can’t reach DHCP server

You used the ipconfig command on your machine and it displayed an APIPA address. What does that mean?


This Ethernet device transmits every signal it receives to every port on the device.


Which type of cabling uses a covering or shield around each pair of wires inside the cable?

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