Composite Risk Management

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What is CRM (Composite Risk Management)

Is intended to provide Soldiers, Army Civilians, Commanders, and Managers with the training, tools, and guidance to effectively integrate Composite Risk Management into missions, jobs, and off-duty activities. Composite Risk Management is the Army’s primary decision-making process to identify hazards, reduce risk, and prevent both accidental and tactical loss.

The 5 steps in CRM Process

1. Identify Hazards 2. Assess Hazards 3. Develop Controls & Make Decisions 4. Implement Controls 5. Supervise & Evaluate

Hazard Probability catagory for CRM

Frequent Likely Occasional Seldom Unlikely

Serverity catagorys for CRM

Catastrophic critical marginal Negligible

CRM levels

Extremely High High Moderate Low

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