Composite Risk Management Army-Civilian

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0. What is the definition of Risk Management?

A: The Army’s primary decision making process, used by employees and managers, for identifying hazards and controlling risks

1. What is the five step process?

A: Identify hazards, assess hazards, develop controls and make risk decisions, implement controls, supervise and evaluate.

2. What are the factors that cause accidents?

A: Environment, human, material

3. Which of the following represents a principle of risk management?

A: Risk management must be applied cyclically and continuously

4. What are the three basic categories of control?

A: Educational/awareness, physical, hazard elimination

5. How do you implement controls?

A: Ensure controls are communicated to those involved in the activity.

6. Once controls are implemented, how do you supervise and evaluate?

A: (incorrect answers) 1.Supervisors delegate the implementation of controls; 2.Managers & Supervisors ensure that controls are integrated into local policy.

7. What is a Risk Assessment Matrix?

A: A matrix that defines the level of risk based on the probability and severity of a hazardous event.

8. What is probability?

A: The likelihood of an event taking place.

9. What is severity?

A: The degree to which an incident will impact task achievement or organizational readiness.

10. What is risk?

A: The chance of something going wrong, resulting in injury, damage, or loss.

11. What is a risk decision?

A: A decision based on what constitutes an acceptable level of risk.

12. Situation: You have been told that your office will be moving. You check out your new area and notice that the LAN connection for your printer is across an aisle and there is only one outlet in your area. You have numerous electrical devices that must be…

A: Possible electrical surge due to overloading socket

13. In which step of the five steps RM process is the METT-TC analysis conducted?

A: Identify hazards

14. Situation: Your section is playing water basketball as a team building activity at the company picnic. As the game starts, teenagers began running along the pool deck and jump into the pool. The leadership decides to continue the game and let the incident

A: Alert the lifeguard to the injury, and report the injury to your supervisor.

16. Situation: You are an inexperienced driver tasked to reposition trailers at night. There are other vehicles moving in the small area, but you cannot see them very well in the dark. Your boss told you to get the job done within a specific amount of time,

A: Notify the supervisor you cannot accomplish the mission without help.

17. Situation: You and your family are cleaning up the yard. Your spouse is ready to begin edging the sidewalk with a gas string trimmer. You observe your spouse wearing sandals and shorts. You determine this is dangerous and stop your spouse to discuss the

A: Identify hazards

18. Which of the following is a DA Civilian’s primary reference for risk management?

A: (incorrect answers) 1. ar385-10; 2. OSHA

19. Situation: Your roommate, who works with you, just received some bad news that his engagement is off. He seems very depressed, and after drinking heavily he gives some of his cherished possessions to you. What action do you take?

A: Notify your supervisor.

20. Situation: Your supervisor informs you that you are on a team with him and one other person to support a company located in New Orleans tasked to rebuild equipment needed in Iraq. The distance to the company is over 1100 miles, which will take approximate

A: Go to the management and notify them of the supervisor’s plan because it is unsafe and violates safety regulations for driving.

21. What type of error or factor is the leading cause of accidents?

A: human

22. How do you identify hazards?

A: You observe an actual or potential condition, situation, or event that can result in injury.

23. Situation: You are planning a ski vacation and will travel on a snowy winding road to the ski resort. One of the hazards identified is vehicle rollovers. The probability of this happening is seldom and the severity of it happening is catastrophic. What is…

A: high

24. You reassessed the two hazards; the first hazard’s probability of happening is now seldom and the severity of it happening is catastrophic. The second hazard’s probability of happening is now likely and the severity of it happening is critical. What is the…

A: high

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