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C: denotes a(n) ________ directory that is at the top of the filing structure of a computer.


The Mac OS was the first commercially available OS to incorporate ________.

point and click technology

OS X is the operating system developed by ________.


All of the following are examples of network operating systems EXCEPT ________.


Which of the following is the name of a Microsoft Excel file?


Which of the following is NOT a user interface?

application programming interface (API

Which utility temporarily removes redundancies in a file to reduce the file size?

file compression

The two major types of system software programs are utility programs and the ________.

operating system

Using hard disk space to temporarily store data or instructions from RAM is referred to as the ________.

virtual memory

When using Windows File Explorer, which view provides the most information at a glance?


The basic input/output system (BIOS) is stored on a ________ chip.


Most smartphones use operating systems developed by ______________

google and apple

The location of a file is specified by its ________.

file path

You can use the Windows ________ to check on a nonresponsive program.

task manager

Windows 10 uses a(n) ________ account for easy access and storage of online files.


Which of the following operating systems are used on most tablets?

Android and iOS

All of the following can be used in an OS X file name EXCEPT ________.


Which of the following is NOT a Windows utility program?


All of the following are terms related to part of the boot process EXCEPT ________.


Which of the following Windows utility programs arranges pieces of files on your hard drive to allow for faster access?

Disk Defragmenter

In the late 1980s, computer specialists were concerned that proprietary software had too many ________, so they started working on open source projects.


Which of the following capabilities of UNIX is FALSE?

it is only for super computers

C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\protocol is an example of a file ________


Each device attached to your computer has a special program called a(n) ________ that enables the device and operating system to communicate with each other.

device driver

Deleted files on a Mac computer are moved to the ________.


The ________ utility automatically creates duplicates of your libraries, desktops, contacts and favorites to another storage location.

file history

The ________ of the operating system enables users to communicate with the computer system.

user interface

Which of the following is the first step in the boot process?

The BIOS is activated by turning on the computer.

Most supercomputers use the ________ operating system.


Which of the following is a proprietary OS for desktop and laptop computers?


There are ________ levels of cache memory in the Intel i7 processor.


Windows uses a memory-management technique known as ________ to monitor which applications you use most frequently. It preloads them into your system memory.

super fetch

All of the following are part of the machine cycle EXCEPT ________.


A ________ uses electronic memory and has no motors or moving parts.

solid-state drive

The amount of RAM storage is measured in ________.


To securely erase data, the U.S. Department of Defense suggests that data be ________.

overwritten multiple times

Which statement pertaining to system reliability is FALSE?

An accumulation of temporary Internet files has no effect on your computer’s overall performance.

Which of the following activities is carried out by the ALU?

Performs arithmetic calculations

Which of the following ports is NOT used to connect to a video card?


RAM is an example of ________ storage.


Which of the following is the lightest computer


The processor market for desktop and laptop computers is dominated by ________.


Which of the following does NOT determine processor power?

Speed of the motherboard

The rule of thumb that predicts that the number of transistors on a CPU will double every 2 years is called ________ Law.


The CPU consists of which two parts?

The control unit and the arithmetic logic unit

The control unit is one component of the ________.


To remove all the changes made to your system, the Windows ________ utility returns your computer to the state it was in when it came from the factory.


Which of the following is NOT a permanent storage option?

Random access memory

Running the CPU at a faster speed than the manufacturer recommends is called ________.


In most current systems, ________ is the type of RAM used.


To speed up the display of graphics, a(n) ________ is installed on some video cards.


A ________ enables the computer to drive the speaker system.

sound card

How many channels are in a Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound System?


When referring to hard drives, access time is measured in ________.


Running the Disk Defragmenter utility will ________.

make the hard drive work more efficiently

Running the Disk Cleanup utility is a quick way to ________.

clear out unnecessary files

________ provides high-speed information processing by enabling a new set of instructions to start before the previous set is finished.


How do optical discs store data?

A laser burns tiny pits onto a platter.

Some of the cache memory of a CPU is ________.

inside the CPU, itself

The ________ has the largest capacity of any storage device.

mechanical hard drive

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