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another term for the system unit

system unit

is a case on a desktop

system board

is the main circuit board of the system unit

computer chip

is a small piece of semiconducting material, usually silicon, on which integrated circuits are etched

clock speed

is measured by the number of ticks per second

one gigahertz GHz

one billion


most common type of volatile memory

Flash memory

type of nonvolatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten

Plug and Play

mans the computer automatically can configure cards like the one in the accompanying figure and other peripherals as users install them


unit of measurement for the clock speed


battery life depends

It is a single chip with two or more separate processor cores

What is unique about a multi-core processor.

Intel and AMD

The two leading manufactures of personal computer processor chips

binary system

numbering system uses only the numbers 0 and 1

terabyte (TB)

largest amount of memory storage

the type of software you plan to use

When determining the amount of RAM necessary for a computer you wish to purchase, what should you consider?

digital security risk

is any event or action that could cause a loss of or damage to computer hardware, software, data, information, or processing capability

script kiddie

has the same intent as a cracker, but does not gave the technical skills and knowledge


someone who uses the Internet or network to destroy or damage computers for political reasons.


computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and rootkits


term for a program that performs a repetitive task on a network


users entering a private combination of characters associated with a user name that allows access to certain computer resources.


to read encrypted data, the recipient must decipher into a readable form

secure site

website that uses encryption techniques to protect its data

backing up

making a copy of a file

They restore the files

In the case of system failure or the discovery of corrupted files, what do users do to the backed-up files when they bring the files o their original location on a computer?

intellectual property

the rights to which creators are entitled for their work


a small text file that a web server stores on a user’s computer


a scam in which a perpetrator sends an official looking email that attempts to obtain a user’s personal and financial information


Internet advertising uses to collect information about users web browsing habits

Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)

laws that provides the same protection that covers mail and telephone communications to electronic communications such as voice mail

content filtering

the process of restricting access to certain material on the web


someone who access a computer or network illegally with the intent of malicious action

Information kept on an organization’s premises has a higher security risk than information transmitted over networks

Statement not true about Internet and network attacks

a worm

term that describe a program that copies itself repeatedly, using up resources and possibly shutting down the computer or network

a rootkit

term that describes a program that hides in a computer and allows someone from a remote location to take full control of the computer


general term for programs that act without a user’s knowledge and deliberately alter the computer’s operations

The term payload, as it pertains to computer crime, is define as

the destructive event or prank the program is intended to deliver

the term, botnet, means

a group of compromised computers connected to a network that attacks other networks

the term back door, as it refers to computer crime is

a program or set of instructions that allows users to bypass security controls when accessing a program, computer, or network

The term firewall is

hardware and/or software that protects a network’s resources from intrusion

digital forensics

describe the discovery, collection, and analysis of evidence found on computers and networks

product activation

You have just provided the identification number that associates your new software purchase with the mobile device on which you installed the software

content filtering

the process of restricting access to certain material on the web


kind of file that Adobe Reader allow you to view


program that displays an online advertisement in a banner or a pop-up window on webpages, email, or other Internet service


example of sharing app

Define retail software

is mass-produced, copyrighted software that meets the needs of a wide variety of users, not just a single user or company. You can buy retail software from local stores and on the web.

Define custom software

performs functions specific to a business or industry.

Define web application

application store on a web server that you access through a browser

Define open source software

is software provided for use, modification, and redistribution. This software has no restrictions from the copyrighted

Define shareware

is copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period.


a program has been placed on your smartphone without your knowledge and it is collecting personal information about you

open source software

has no restrictions from the copyright holder regarding modification of the software’s internal instructions and its redistribution.

pop-up blocker

filtering program that stops pop-up ads from displaying on web pages


utility that removes a program, as any associated entries in the system files

a worm

a program that copies itself repeatedly, using resources and possibly shutting down the computer or network

personal firewall

utility that detects and protects a computer from unauthorized instructions

software suite

a collection of individual programs sold as a unit

word processing

software that allows users to create and manipulate documents containing mostly text and sometimes graphics

file compression

utilities shrink the size of a file

product activation

a technique to ensure software is not installed on more computers than legally licensed


software that allows users to create visual aids for presentation to communicate ideas, messages, and other information to a group


a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data

disk cleanup

tool that researches for and removes unnecessary files


software that allows users to draw pictures, shapes, and other graphical images with various on-screen tools such as a pen, brush, and eyedropper

virus signature

antivirus programs look for a specific pattern of virus code.


software that consist of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal task

Define virus

is a potentially damaging program that affect, or infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works without the user’s knowledge or permission.

Define worm

resides in active memory and replicates itself over a network to infect computers and devices, using up the system resources and possibly shutting down the system

Define Trojan horse

is a destructive program disguised as real program, such as a screen saver.

Define rootkit

is a program that easily can hide and allow someone to take full control of your computer from remote location, often for nefarious purposes.


software that can be distributed by anyone to others at no cost


is a software that enables professional designers to create sophisticated documents contain text, graphics, and many colors


programs that allows designers to rotate designs of 3-D objects to view them from any angle

6 sing of virus infection

a program of file suddenly is missing, a file becomes corrupted, system properties change, a program or file does not work properly, the available memory is less than what should be available, the computer operates much slower than usual.

How should schools deal with Internet Plagarism

By discuss the consequences with the students and make them relies that plagiarism is a form of cheating. Make a honest environment and give students tools to make their own work

clip art

a collection of electronic drawings, photos, and other images that can be inserted into documents


improve your computer performance by storing all related for a particular program together.


capability that allows your new calendar application to make sure that your mobile device and your corporation’s server both have the latest version of any updated information.


application that teaches a particular skill.

8 tips to safeguard personal information

Install firewall, do not reply spam, purchase goods with cash, install a cookie manager, limit the amount of information you provide to websites, clear your history file when finish browsing, request in writing to be remove of mailing list, do not preprint your phone number or Social Security number on personal checks.

measures you can take to safe guard your computer

use routers and firewalls, disable macros security settings, keep software updated, stay informed.

four types of software theft

physically stealing software, intentionally erasing software, illegal registration/activation, illegal copying.

threats in cloud storage

malware, attempt to gain access to passwords, data interception, law enforcement’s access to data

tips for safety cloud computing

build a strong password and change it often. website address begins with https. data is encrypted

Why a home business might use cloud computing

accessibility, cost savings, space savings, scalability

services of cloud computing

storage as a service, software as a service, data as a service, platform as a service,

methods to conserve battery life

when battery is new charge it completely, do not turn device on and off multiple times, do not unplug battery until is completely full, charge battery only when is completely drain.

machine cycle

fetching: obtaining a program from memory, decoding: translating instructions into signals the computer can execute, executing: carrying out the commands, storing: writing the results in memory

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