Common Sexually Transmitted Infections

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Once syphilis enters its third stage, it is no longer curable.


Which of the following is a function of public health policy?

to control outbreaks of diseases

Which of the following facilities is used by the government to provide health services?

county health clinics

Viral STIs are not curable and can only be controlled with medications.


Once a woman is cured of the human papilloma virus, she does not have to worry about future effects.


Which of the following BEST describes STI symptoms?

Symptoms may not be present even though there is an infection.

Which of the following is not a service offered by public health programs?

medical research

Which of the following BEST describes the effects of an STI on emotional and social health?

IT IS NOT all of the above IT MAY BE The infected person may lose contact with or be rejected by friends.

A person who develops a rash on the hands, flu-like symptoms, and hair loss about five months after sex with a person who could have had an STI should seek treatment for a possible infection of which of the following diseases?


Which STI is a common cause of cancer?

IT IS NOT chlamydia IT MAY BE human papilloma virus

Some STIs cannot be cured, though their symptoms can be treated.


Which of the following statements BEST describes the effects of an STI on physical health?

Some STIs can attack vital organs, leading to death or continual major health issues.

Generally speaking, which type of STI is generally NOT life-threatening?


A person who begins to feel fatigued and notices his or her skin and eyes beginning to appear yellow a few months after sex with a person who was possibly infected with an STI should be tested for which of the following STIs?

hepatitis B

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