Common Communicable Diseases Practice

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Parasitic infections generally infect the…

B. Intestines and skin

Describe an example situation in which doctor would order an MRI of the patient’s head

Head MRIs can be used to identify tumors, brain damage, blood flow, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions

Explain why doctors recommend getting new flu shots every year

Influenza comes in different strains that are constantly changing. A shot from one year will not protect you from the virus the next year. If you have the flu one year, it will not prevent you from getting a different type of flu the same year or different year.

Describe the symptoms of and diagnosis for strep throat.

Strep throat presents with symptoms of a sore throat, fever swollen tonsils or lymph nodes, and often there are yellow spots in the throat. Doctors confirm the diagnosis with a throat culture.

Athletes foot can be transmitted by…

B. Contact with an infected person or surface

Describe the symptoms and treatment for athletes foot.

The symptoms of athletes foot are itching, stinging, burning feet, cracked and dry skin on your feet, and discolored toenails. Diagnosis for athletes foot is by taking skin scrapings and fluid samples and examining them under a microscope to see if the fungus is present.

Describe one way that advances in technologies have improved health.

Advances in technology have improved health by doubling life expectancies.

If a doctor discovers that you have a swollen throat with white spots, he will most likely suspect that you have…

A. Strep throat

Bacterial pneumonia is one of the top 10 causes of death in the United States.


Antibiotics are the treatment of choice for…

A. Strep throat and bacterial pneumonia

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