Comm Media Ch 8 and 9

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The Production Code was replaced with this classification code in 1968.

Rating SYstem

Which of the following was the movie that sold the most tickets of all time?

Gone with the wind

"Bollywood" is a term for this country’s film industry.


Who was the director of Birth of a Nation, the controversial silent film about the Civil War?

D.W Grififth

The United States produces more movies every year than any other country.


What is an example of an ancillary market for movies?

All Of These

Movies are rated by a board consisting of Los Angeles-area parents.


The film that created the idea of the summer blockbuster was which of the following?


Ancillary markets for movies include which of the following?

All Above. YO

The surprise movie hit 300 was a success in part for which of the following reasons?

All of the Above

Who developed the earliest portable movie cameras?

Aguste-Marie and Louis- blah blah blah

Long-tail movie sources such as Netflix and iTunes allow people in rural areas to see obscure movies that would never play their local theaters.


developed the Production Code, which controlled content of movies from the 1930s to the late 1960s.

Will H. Hays

Hollywood’s response to the rise of television was to do which of the following

Start making larger-than life movies

Movie studios are responding to the growth of movie piracy by doing which of the following?

Releasing the movie to as many theaters as possible

Once it was introduced, almost every movie made used which of the following technologies?

Yay for Sound

The large number of smaller theaters grouped together that replaced the large Art Deco movie palaces are known as which of the following?


Which of the following was one of the earliest rebellions against the controls of the studio system?

The Establishment of United Artists

In the 1930s and 1940s, the studios required theaters to schedule a large number of lesser movies in order to get one or two major films. This practice was known as which of the following?

Block Booking

Big budget movies can earn as much from ancillary rights as they do from the domestic box office.


When you watch a modern situation comedy on television that is filmed or taped before a live studio audience using multiple cameras, you are seeing the influence of which of the following?

I love LUcy

The conversion from analog to digital television broadcasting was delayed by several months in 2009 because:

many fears that some poorer consumers were not ready for the conversion.

The show Scandal is notable for which of the following?

It’s the first prime-time network series in four decades to be led by an African American woman

The show I Love Lucy was controversial when it first came out for which of the following reasons?

It had the white Lucille Ball married to the Cuban American Desi Arnaz.

All U.S. television broadcasting became digital in which year?


Which of the following created the Public Broadcasting System?

Public Broadcasting Act of 1967

What are telenovelas?

Spanish-language television soap operas. Like what Rogelio de la Vega stars in from Jane the Virigin 😀

Cable television was initially developed as a way of doing which of the following?

delivering broadcast television signals to communities with poor reception

Spanish-language television stations such as Univision can attract nationwide audiences that approach those of the Big Four networks.


Network affiliates are which of the following?

local broadcast stations that carry network programming

What is the fifth highest rated television network in the United States?


Television networks are now showing more diverse programming for which of the following reasons

They want to attract larger audience

Ted Turner helped reinvent cable television by repackaging programming for distribution over several separate networks.


The major company doing television ratings in the United States is which of the following?

Nielsen Media Research

A single rating point represents one percent of the total potential television audience.

a married couple sharing a bed

When the VCR first came out, broadcasters and movie studios saw it as a great opportunity to expand their markets.


Nielsen Media Research measures television audiences in terms of:

ALl Above

The so-called V-chip is designed to do which of the following?

stop children from seeing offensive programs on V-chip equipped television sets

The Internet and television are becoming increasingly separate media.


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