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In the expression of emotion, androgynous people:

Selected Answer: are more emotionally expressive than highly masculine people

Which of the following statements about communication technology is true?

Selected Answer: Online support communities are a viable option for helping people deal with a trying situation.

How are emotions and moods different?

Selected Answer: Emotions have an identifiable cause whereas moods do not

People who score highly on this personality trait are more likely than others to experience anger, guilt, anxiety, and depression:

Selected Answer: neuroticism

Denying and suppressing felt emotions can contribute to a number of health problems.

Selected Answer: False

Remorse is a secondary emotion composed of disgust and fear.


According to your text, women are more likely than men to experience:

Selected Answer: emotional jealousy

A multi-dimensional response to any event that enhances or inhibits your goals is know as a(n):

Selected Answer: emotion

Social practices and messages influence both the emotions we feel and the ways in which we react to emotions.

Selected Answer: True

Which of the following statements about road rage is not true?

Selected Answer: Men engage in road rage more than women.

In every measurable way, women are more emotional than men.

Selected Answer: False

The action tendency for this emotion is to hide or disappear from others:

Selected Answer: shame

Women are more likely than men to respond to jealousy by trying to make their partners jealous.

Selected Answer: True

Emotions generally last longer than moods.

Selected Answer: False

Your text described five stages in the grieving process. Which of the following was not among them?

Selected Answer: retribution

All of the following statements about the amygdala are true except for the following.

The amygdala is a small cluster of neurons in the brain In response to fear, the amygdala causes our heart and breathing rates to increase

Which of the following statements about cultural displays of emotion is not true?

After contact with Western cultures, pre-literate cultures tend to adopt Western display rules.

This process involves changing the way you think about the situation that gave rise to a negative emotion:

Selected Answer: emotional reappraisal

Social anxiety is a rare and serious psychological disorder.

Selected Answer: False

People who can accurately identify which emotion they’re feeling are best equipped to manage their emotions in productive ways.

Selected Answer: True

__________ is the emotion we experience when we feel we have been wronged in some way.

Selected Answer: Anger

Which of the following emotions has a neutral valence?

Selected Answer: surprise

People raised in collectivistic cultures typically express more negative emotion to outsiders than do people raised in individualistic cultures.


Soldiers decline treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder primarily because:

Selected Answer: they feel fear that their comrades will stigmatize them

Which of the following emotions is derived from the product of your overall evaluation of another person?

Selected Answer: liking

The emotional contagion effect applies only to positive emotions, such as happiness.

Selected Answer: False

During a normal, calm conversation with your friend, you begin to notice that you feel very uncomfortable. Your stomach is in knots, your palms are sweaty, and your legs feel a little weak. You start to wonder what is going on and then remember that, before talking to your friend, you were nervous because you have a test in an hour. This is an example of the fact that:

emotions are cognitive

Which of the following is an example of a primary emotion?


Using "you" statements to describe your emotions is problematic because:

Selected Answer: it fails to acknowledge the part you play in determining your feelings

Whereas sadness is an emotion, depression is a physical illness.

Selected Answer: True

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