Comm 145- Chapter 12

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Research shows that men are more likely than women to lie about this characteristic in an online dating ad:

education level

Research indicates that the average person can detect deception approximately what percentage of the time?


In her diary study, communication scientist Sandra Metts found that almost half of people’s deception attempts involved this form of deception:


Which of the following contributes to people’s inability to detect deception accurately?

truth bias focusing on the wrong nonverbal signals questioning everything we hear takes too much energy

It is possible to be deceptive without ever saying a word.


It is impossible to lie if everything you say is true.


Which of the following would tend to increase your chances of detecting deception?

being lied to by a highly motivated liar

When Tonya’s boss asked her what time their meeting with the new client was, Tonya replied that it was that afternoon at 3:30pm. She was so certain that she did not bother to check her calendar first. When Tonya and her boss arrived at the client’s office, the client was very upset because she had been waiting for 30 minutes for their 3pm meeting. Tonya then checked her calendar, and sure enough, the meeting had been scheduled for 3pm. Which of the following is true of this scenario?

Tonya did not lie to her boss because she believed her statement was true.

What is the Othello error?

A listener is so suspicious that they doubt someone else’s truthful statement.

According to research, most people discover that they have been lied to when:

a third party reveals the truth

Many forms of politeness and discretion involve being deceptive.


Pupil dilation usually decreases when people are being deceptive.


What is meant by the phrase "deception can serve as a social lubricant?"

People commonly engage in deception to avoid hurting others’ feelings.

All of the following are common reasons for deception except:

some lies take advantage of others’ ignorance

Most people are quite good at detecting deception.


Deception has several characteristics; which of the following is not among them?

The receiver must believe the information is true.

Deception done for the right reasons is not really deception.


Which of the following forms of deception is an act of dissimulation?


Frank’s grandfather loved to fish. Every time he came back from the lake, the fish that he caught and released seemed to get bigger and bigger. We can infer from this story that Frank’s grandfather likely engaged in deception by:


According to research, an increase in which of the following nonverbal behaviors is indicative of deception?


Vocal characteristics are usually poor indicators of deception.


When Ronaldo bought his new flat-screen television at the local electronics store, he was surprised at the cost differences between some of the models. When he asked the salesperson for help, the salesperson assured him that the lower-end models could display the same high-definition channels as the more expensive ones. Since he was on a tight budget, Ronaldo took the salesperson’s advice and bought a cheaper model. Only when he got his TV home did Ronaldo realize that he needed to purchase an expensive converter box in order to actually receive HD channels. Which of the following statements is true about this scenario?

The salesperson engaged in deception by omission.

How do researchers study deceptive behaviors in cross-cultural environments?

They focus their research on the speaker’s nonverbal cues.

According to deception research, which of the following behavioral changes is a reliable cue to deception?

decreased eye contact

When lying to a stranger, one will usually be more successful doing so in a face-to-face conversation than in an email message.


Misrepresentations of facts for material gain are known as:


When his girlfriend asks if he really loves her, Ramon gives her a vague, ambiguous response. What form of deception is he attempting?


In a survey of college students, researchers determined that more than _______ of the statements made in a week involved some form of deception.

one quarter

Which of the following words is not directly related to the others?


Our truth bias is usually stronger for friends than for strangers.


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