Comm 101 Ch 8 & 7

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Dialectual tensions arise when a relationship is new and tend to disappear after the first two year


According to chapter 8, we are usually attracted to people who are similar to us


Small talk typically occurs during the initiating stage of an interpersonal relationship


Reciprocal liking builds attractiveness


Social circles merge and the relational partners take on a new relational identity in the intensifying stage of relationships


Differentiation in relationships is always negative, since it is part of the "coming apart" process


The initiating stage of interpersonal relationships is usually brief


Attraction to others is usually greatest when we perceive we are similar to them in a high percentage of important areas, like goals and beliefs


Differences strengthen a relationship when they are complementary


Dialectical tensions exist in relationships when two incompatible forces or pressures exist at the same time


Metacommunication is communication about communication


All appropriate self-disclosure leads to liking


When we are trying to decide whether a relationship with another person is no longer "worth the effort", we are using the social exchange formula


Rules about self-disclosure vary between cultures


Agreeing to rules about how often couples will or won’t talk and text via cell phones can help to manage which dialectical tensions?

Connection vs. autonomy

A couple might declare themselves "Facebook Official" in which stage of relational development?


According to Knapp’s model of interaction stages, symbolic public gestures show the world that a relationship exists usually occur which stage in interpersonal relationships?


Social exchange theory suggests that we often seek out other people who can give us

rewards greater than or equal to the costs we encounter in dealing with them

Molly makes an excuse not to attend a party she knows Jack is invited to. She’s most likely in which stage with Jack?


Almost every message has

both a content and a relational dimension

The degree to which the partners in an interpersonal relationship like or appreciate one another is called


One of the key differences between marriages that end in separation and those that are restored to their former intimacy is

the communication that occurs when the partners are unsatisfied

According to your text, the process of getting to know others by gaining more information about them is

uncertainty reduction


all of these choices are true about relationships

Speed daters are most influenced by which factor?


According to research., most listeners retain 70% of a message for several weeks.


There is no single "best" listening style to use in all situations


A good listener will always state her own judgment of the situation so the other person knows where she stands on the issue


We spend more time listening than in any other type of communication


During careful listening, your heart rate will quicken and your body temp will rise


Studies show that good listeners keep eye contact and react with appropriate facial expressions


Speaking is an active process; listening is a passive activity


Questioning and paraphrasing are both forms of feedback


Counterfeit questions are aimed at understanding others


When you are paraphrasing, you need to repeat what the speaker has said word for word


Whereas hearing is a physiological process, attending is a psychological one


The residual message is the part of the message that we actually remember


Interruptions are one characteristic of stage-hogging


Women are more likely than men to give supportive responses when presented with another person’s problems


All of the following are ineffective listening styles mentioned in the text except

signal listening

Which best describes the relationship between our rate of hearing speech and the average rate of speaking?

We can listen 46 times faster than an average person speaks

The process of using questioning and paraphrasing messages is a type of

Perception checking

Giving only the appearance of being attentive is termed

pseudo listening

When you try to reflect the underlying theme in a statement, you are engaging in


Your roommate gives you the appearance of listening to you, but you can tell from her responses that her mind is elsewhere. You can call her listening style in this instance

pseudo listening

Harper listens carefully to her instructors as he discusses the upcoming exam since she hopes to get an A. This illustrates what step in the listening process?


The residual message is

the part of the message we remember

"Are you finally off the phone" is an example of a question that

makes a statement

"I’m here if you need me" is an example of what type of listening response?


"Your mother drives you nuts? Let me tell you about mine!" is an example of what type of ineffective listening?


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