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What is a radio wave?

A radio wave is an electromagnetic wave that has been produced by a transmitter.

Which analog TV channels are adjacent to each other by
channel name but not in frequency?

Channels 4 and 5, and channels 6 and 7

What is attenuation and insertion loss?

Attenuation is the difference in RF energy between two points. It is measured in decibels. Insertion loss is a drop in signal level that occurs when a passive device is inserted into the coax.

Name some factors that cause cable attenuation.

Factors that affect coax attenuation: i. Devices spliced into the drop ii. Frequency of the carrier iii. Temperature iv. Length and gauge of the coax

Identify the devices that significantly increase passive loss, if
they are faulty, or have been inserted incorrectly.

Devices that significantly increase passive loss, if they are faulty, or have been inserted incorrectly, are: i. Splitters ii. Directional couplers iii. Drop taps iv. POE filter v. Barrel splice

What is the difference between dB and dBmV?

dB is a relative logarithmic unit. It often refers to a change, such as "the level increased by 3 dB." dBmV however is an absolute measurement of signal level. An absolute signal is something that can be measured with your meter.

List some of the uses of coaxial cable.

Uses of coaxial cable: i. Used in transporting radio signals ii. Used in data, voice, and television communication, where RF energy is used as the transport medium

What is the preferred method of coax cable routing? Why?

The best method of coax cable routing is the home run. It is dedicated to each outlet, allowing greater flexibility and management of RF. It provides greater reliability as a fault in any one run will not impact other outlets.

How can ingress affect Comcast?

Ingress can: i. Affect the quality of our services; it may even cause a major disruption ii. Cause an excessive number of customer complaints The root cause of the ingress may also be a source of egress or signal leakage.

What are the sources of signal leakage?

The sources of signal leakage are: i. Poorly constructed or loose F-connectors in the drop ii. Staples or sharp objects piercing the cable jacket iii. Abrasion from mortar, brick, or metal structures iv. Poor quality or inferior coax installed into the drop by a third party v. Cable that has been chewed on by rodents or dogs vi. Loose POE filter, or an improperly installed terminator vii. Antenna cable accidentally connected at the Comcast splitter

The features offered by XFINITY On Demand are:

i. Watch favorite movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere on TV and online, on the tablet or smartphone ii. Select from a wide selection of movies and TV series iii. Stop a TV show or movie and watch it later iv. On-screen guide search capabilities v. Parental controls vi. AnyRoom DVR and On Demand

The benefits of the XFINITY TV HD service are:

i. More HD Choices than Satellite ii. More than 8,000 HD choices available On Demand iii. Access to STARZ® HD movies On Demand, before their network premieres iv. No additional HD programming fees

The benefits of XFINITY Internet are:

i. Fast speeds even with the whole family online ii. Share music and upload photos in the blink of an eye iii. Play games online with less latency iv. Constant Guard and XFINITY Connect provided

Some of the features of XFINITY Voice are:

i. 3-Way Calling ii. Anonymous Call Rejection iii. Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding Selective iv. Call Return v. Call Screening vi. Call Waiting vii. Caller ID and Caller ID with Call Waiting viii. Caller ID Blocking Per Call and Blocking Per Line ix. Repeat Dialing x. Speed Dial

The XFINITY Home App is used to:

i. Receive text and email alerts ii. Access the system remotely to change settings iii. View video clips of key events from any Internet-connected PC or smartphone

Ensure that the six main steps in the installation process are

» Step One: Establish the customer’s requirements and expectations. » Step Two: Inspect the current set-up. » Step Three: Plan your next steps and review them with the customer » Step Four: Install the new equipment. Step Five: Verify the completed installation. » Step Six: Wrap up, and then educate the customer.

List the three types of calls.

1. Domestic calls 2. International calls 3. Operator-assisted calls

#2 List the numbers you need
to dial to place an international call.

To place the call yourself, dial 011, the country code, and then the telephone number. If you don’t know the country code or want a Comcast Operator to place the call for you, just dial 00.

How many calling features
are included with the service at no extra


What solution would you
offer a customer who complains of
receiving too many sales calls?

Inform them about the Do Not Call registry. They can register online at

What accurate customer
information does Comcast need to have
in order for 911 calls to be directed to the
correct emergency services?

Correct service address.

What type of valuable
information can customers obtain by
placing a 411 call?

Information such as what is playing at your local movie theater, show times, and ratings. The operator can also provide interactive, turn-by-turn directions to any destination.

Question #7 What are the two types of
call forwarding?

Selective and Variable

What number does a
customer enter to cancel Call Forwarding


What number does a
customer enter to use Call Forwarding


How would you explain
splash ring to a customer?

Once your phone number has been forwarded, you will hear a splash ring, or half a ring, when a call comes in. You will not be able to answer it as the number has been forwarded to another number.

How can customers
access their billing details?


Is it possible to temporarily
disable Call waiting?

Yes, to cancel, press *70 and then dial the party you want to call. Incoming calls will automatically be forwarded to your voicemail. This just cancels Call waiting during this call.

What is a switchhook or
flash button?

A switchhook is the button in the phone cradle that disconnects the phone or switches you to a waiting call. Cordless phones typically have a flash button that you can use to switch to another call.

What information is
displayed on the Caller ID of an incoming

The incoming number and, if available, the name of the incoming caller

Call Return tells the
customer the number of their last
incoming call and allows them to call the
person back. If the line is busy, for how
long will Call Return attempt to reach the

30 minutes

3-way Calling allows
customers to speak with how many
people at the same time?


While Repeat Dialing is
attempting to reach the called party, the
telephone cannot be used to make and
receive other calls. State whether true or


Speed Dial 8 and Speed
Dial 30 allow customers to connect with
family, friends, and colleagues by
pressing how many keys?

Two. Digit pound for Speed Dial 8 and digit-digit pound for Speed Dial 30

If a caller’s name appears
on the Caller ID, the Anonymous Call
Rejection will inform the caller that you
cannot accept their call. State whether
true or false.


Call Screening allows
customers to indicate to a caller that they
are not presently accepting calls. How
many telephone numbers will Call
Screening allow the customer to create?


The information provided
by Call Trace will be available to the
customer directly. State whether true or


Caller ID Blocking per Call
and Caller ID Blocking per Line ensure
that the customer’s name and number
are marked "Anonymous" or "Private."
State whether true or false.


What is the Call Restriction
feature designed to restrict?

Restrict Toll or International Calls, Block Collect Calls, and Bill to Third-Party Calls

Consists of a network segment that acts as a trunk between other network segments.


Combines all the RF signals together and feeds them into a fiber optic transmitter.

HFC Architecture

Causes attenuation in the signal path where it is installed.

Passive Device

Security Sleeves/Shields are attached to this device to protect the trap and to ensure that it will not be removed by an unauthorized person.


From this device, the signal transitions from light signals on fiber optic cables to RF signals on coaxial cables.


Provides fall protection when working from an aerial lift or a bucket truck.

Body Harness

This hammer is used for pole-line work.

Lineman’s double-face hammer

These pliers are used for heavy-duty cutting.

Slip joint pliers

This wrench is used for multi-purpose tightening.

Open ended wrench

This tool is used for pre-drilling in masonry or stucco.

Con-sert tool

This tool is used to form an RF-tight connection.

Drop cable compression

This tool prevents theft of cable services.

Security shield

This tool tests for continuity and short circuits on coaxial cables.

Pocket toner

This troubleshooting tool measures signal at tunable frequencies.

Digital signal level meter

This ladder is used to access an aerial tap or other aerial equipment in the field.

Extension ladder

Governs the use of all Comcast-issued devices.

Employee Acceptable use policy

Technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly.


You require this to access the Comcast network.

Comcast network password

Allows you to locate the device on a map.

Find my iPhone

A complete GPS navigation solution optimized for Comcast.

MotionX-GPS drive

Comcast’s unprecedented public commitment to our customers.

Comcast Customer Guarantee

Provides customers with reference information for quick and efficient resolution of inquiries and/or problems.

Welcome Kit

Provides the three key messages that must be shared with every customer.

Rule of Three

Ensures that every in-home experience result in the customer feeling valued.

In-home customer experience

An integral part of Step 2 of the In-Home Customer Experience.


An integral part of Step 3 of the In-Home Customer Experience.


It is the fourth In-Home Customer Experience step.


An integral part of Step 4 of the In-Home Customer Experience.


In this step, you continue the good rapport you established with the customer early on in your visit and solidify a good impression as you leave.

Step 5, In-home customer experience

You re-establish your rapport prior to leaving.

Closing the right way

The inner conductor and the outer shield share a geometric axis.

Coaxial cable

It is surrounded by an insulator.

Center conductor

Layer of insulating material that surrounds the center conductor.


Prevents other signals, such as two-way radio signals or off-air television signals, from getting into the cable.

Coax shielding

Prevents moisture, dirt, and other elements from entering the cable.

Outer jacket

Connects tap to bonding block.

Drop cable

Cable used from the pole to the house.

Aerial/Messengered cable

Used from pedestal to home.

Underground cable

Determined by the distance from the center conductor to the inside of the sheath.

Characteristic impedance

Method for connecting two ends of a coax cable.


It can be avoided by using mid-span clamps/attachments.

Cable trespass

It is a device that is attached to the strand from which a drop can be hung.

Span clamp

Its preferred mounting point is the lower end of the fascia board, just below the rain gutter.


Ensure that the drop cable does not rub on any tree branches or other obstructions.

A key consideration for aerial drop

The drop cable must be at least 40 inches away at the pole, 24 inches at mid-span, and 12 inches at the house.

Correct clearances for an aerial drop from the power line

The drop cable must be at least 12 inches away at the pole and a minimum of 6 inches at mid-span and the house.

Correct clearances for an aerial drop from wires providing phone and other telecommunication services

The minimum height of the aerial drop over roads, streets, alleys, non-residential driveways, parking lots, and other areas subject to truck traffic.

18′ above streets, 16′ above alleys and commercial driveways, 15.5′ above residential driveways

The minimum height of the aerial drop over roofs not accessible to pedestrians.

3 feet

Limits potential differences between the cable plant and the power utility and their associated wiring systems.

Purpose of a bond

A connection to some conducting body that serves in place of the earth and can be intentional or accidental.


It is used to connect the bond to the coaxial cable at the customer’s premises.

Bond Block

It is a national standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment.


You can use this device to check for unsafe voltages if you don’t have a Foreign Voltage Detector (FVD).

Digital multi-meter

Installed 4-5 feet above ground level.

Bond block position

A signal characterized by different frequencies or their bands.


A ratio between two signal power levels.

decibel (dB)

A signal that can be reproduced post transmission.

Digital signal

A reduction in the quantity of data used to represent digital video images.

Digital compression

A format used to encode and transmit digital cable channels.


The difference between transmitted and received power.


An impairment represented by using the Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI).

Signal leakage

A condition where interfering signals leak into the cable


An impairment that can adversely affect aeronautical navigation systems.


A form of low frequency electromagnetic interference.


It is used to measure the level and quality of signal in a cable.

Signal Level Meter (SLM)

The Enter button enables you to select highlighted elements on the screen.

Common features of SLM

They are defined lists of frequencies that carry channels.

Channel plans

The audio, video, and delta information for the first analog channel in the selected channel plan is displayed.

SLM used to measure analog signals

It indicates the level to which a signal deviates from the ideal state.

Modulation Error Ratio (MER)

It is the number of transmitted bits with errors, divided by the total number of bits transmitted.

Bit Error Rate (BER)

Measures current, voltage, or resistance.

Volt-Ohm Meter (VOM)

It detects egress from a cable.

Leakage detector

It tests polarity of electrical outlets.

Polarity tester

It tests reception of analog signals.

Test TV set

It is an upgrade or downgrade of service.

Change of service

It translates signals on the Comcast network.


A specific address or electronic serial number known to the controller computer on each set-top box.

Addressable services

These are signal security devices that have to be physically installed.


It is a termination of service.


Offer to correct any problems with picture quality immediately.

CommTech’s expected response to customer requests for a disconnect

Upgrades or downgrades a customer’s level of service by changing their account information.

Tasks performed by a Customer Account Executive

These are installed during a service disconnect to terminate the output of the tap.

Locking terminator

The CommTech audits active drops.

Way of preventative maintenance

These clips hold cable to vinyl siding.

Horizontal clips

For this exterior, it is recommended to drill from the outside to the inside, and use clips with anchors and screws to avoid damage.


Attach the cable to the joints between this type of shingle exterior.

Consideration when attaching a cable to non-asbestos shingles

Metal or plastic clips with screws or anchors are used when attaching a cable to this exterior.


Siding clips are the first choice for attaching a cable to this siding.

Aluminum or vinyl siding

For this surface, drilling is only done after obtaining the customer’s express written consent.

Aluminum or vinyl surfaces

All new outlets must be home run to the central primary service distribution point inside the home.

Guideline for routing indoor cabling

This is the procedure to be followed for splitter configurations between distribution points and wired outlets.

A permanent, home-run cable connection should always exist between the distribution point and every wired outlet

This tool is used to confirm a short while troubleshooting.

Volt Ohm Meter

Identify, Isolate, Repair, and Verify is the sequence for this process.

Troubleshooting process

This procedure is used to identify symptoms during the troubleshooting process.

Procedure of questioning the customer

This symptom specifically affects digital TV.


This is the first step that should be followed while isolating the cause of a problem while troubleshooting.

Eliminating the most likely possibility

This method is used during the isolation step of the troubleshooting process.

Divide and conquer method

"Divide the problem in half and test each half" is the basis of this method.

Divide and conquer method

This test is carried out while isolating the problem at the tap, using an SLM.

Ingress scans

This step is essential for tackling digital TV symptoms.

Measuring levels at the lowest channel frequency

This is the purpose of verifying corrections.

To prevent future problems

Uses a single signal, which is composed of brightness, color information, and synchronization pulses.

Composite video cable

Splits the analog video signal into two separate signals: Brightness, or luminance (Y) and Color, or chrominance (C).

S-video cable

A video signal acceptable for HDTV.

Component video signal

It splits the audio signal into left and right audio.

RCA stereo cable

Supports Dolby Digital 6.1 and 7.1 outputs.


It can be affected by signal noise.


It takes a cable input and processes it so that the customer’s television set can display all authorized services.


A test that verifies that external signals are not interrupting the service in some way.

Ingress test

It is used to ensure that the set-top box is performing properly and within its operating parameters.

Purpose of reviewing the diagnostics screens

This device can be used instead of a set-top box to receive digital cable services such as premium channels and HDTV.


A device that allows a customer to pause live TV and view an instant replay.


A device in which data is converted from cable signals to data packets.

Cable modem

This device provides a single solution for Voice, Internet, and Wi-Fi

Wireless gateway

This device provides voice and data connections to the customer’s equipment.


It is a combination of two or more devices that share information and communicate over various connection styles.


It includes servers, routers, and switches with which networks communicate or authenticate themselves to operate.


It is a means of transporting signals from one point to another, using 22 or 24AWG, 100 ohm copper wiring.

Twisted pair cabling

They typically connect the distributing equipment to the computer, and are also known as a Patch Cables.

Straight cables

They are used to connect distributing devices or two computers for unaided point-to-point communication.

Crossover cables

It is a method of encrypting the network by using a pre-shared key. The key is used to allow clients access to the network and to decrypt receiving data.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

It was developed to replace WEP encryption.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

It is a measure of network speed.


It is the most common measure of data storage.

Megabyte (MB)

These are addresses written as four sets of numbers separated by decimal points.

IPv4 addresses

They are used across the public Internet.

Public IP addresses

It is a service that makes contacting computers and devices easier.

Domain Name Service (DNS)

These are pieces of networking equipment that connect multiple devices into a single LAN.


They manage computer hardware resources and provide common services for computer programs.

Operating Systems

It refers to turning a computer/device on from a powered-down state.

Cold Boot

It occurs when a customer account exists in the billing system and the modem to be installed is on the account prior to it being physically connected.

Top-down Provisioning

It occurs when the customer account exists in the billing system and the modem to be installed is not on the account in the billing system.

Bottom-up Provisioning

In this, the customer calls the call center and orders XFINITY Internet.


It is a wireless adapter that connects to the outside of a laptop/computer.

USB Network Adapter

It is an adapter that allows a customer to use their electrical system as a transmission path for the home network.


It is a model that standardizes the functions of data communication in a network

OSI Model

It is responsible for receiving data from the operating system and transmitting data in a format acceptable for the medium that will be used

Physical Layer of the OSI Mode

Different parts of the cable.

» Center Conductor » Dielectric » Coax Shielding » Outer Jacket

A condition in which interfering signals leak into the network.


A low frequency electronic interference.


A condition in which the signal leaks from the network.


A quality measurement that is capable of catching "bursty" noises on the network.


A range of wavelengths of electromagnetic emission.


A random fluctuating signal on the network.


A signal format used to encode and transmit digital signals via cable.


A ratio of the average symbol power to the average error power.


The optimization of the quantity of data used to represent digital video images.


A process of changing the characteristics of a carrier wave.


A measurement used to compare the level of a desired signal to the level of background noise.


The number of times a signal goes through a complete cycle.


Refers only to loss or gain, and not the actual signal measurements.


A measurement that designates an absolute signal level, which describes the signal level at a specific location.



Providing Awesome Customer Service


Signal Strength

To close the job right, you need to re – establish your


The following connection support HDTV?

Component Video

what is the minimum bend radius of the drop cable or ground wire inside the Service distribution enclosure?

5 inch diameter

The formula for cable loss calculation are:
cable loss=

footage X cable loss per foot

The formula for cable loss calculation are:

Total loss=

cable loss + passive loss

The formula For cable loss calculation are:

Expected loss=

Starting level – total loss

The general rule of thumb states that:
>For series 6 @ 54 MHz, the attenuation will be

2dB/ 100′

The general rule of thumb states that:
>For series 6 @ 750 MHz, the attenuation will be

6 dB/ 100′

The general rule of thumb states that:
> 300′ series 6 @ 54 MHz =

6 dB

signal security can be applied at the:
>Head end
>Set – top box
true or false


A cable line (over head or underground)which branches of the main line or feeder



Multimedia over Coax Alliance

Name the two types disconnects?

Soft (digital) Hard (physical at the tap or house)

The first two steps in the disconnect procedure are:

>verifying the customers address is correct >contacting the customer and determining the reasons for the disconnect

Comcast credo is

We will deliver a superior experience to our customers everyday. Our products will be the best and we will offer the most customer friendly and reliable service in the market.


Hybrid Fiber Coaxial

What is the insertion loss through a four way splitter?


The U.S. government agency established in 1934 to regulate
electronic communications.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

This impairment is usually caused when the jitter or instability
in oscillators is translated to the signal in the conversion process.

Phase Noise

The FCC’s first indicator of leakage performance, this is a
mathematical value derived from the number and severity of leaks
in the cable system.

Cumulative Leakage Index (CLI)

This document contains a snapshot of the interference
potential to aircraft communications over a cable system’s
distribution plant.

Form 320

A leakage data collection method in which an airplane flies
over the system, measuring detectable leaks.

Flyover Method

The voltage drop over a cable span can be determined by the
Ohm’s law formula ___.

E = IR

At lower voltages, the current is ___ in the HFC plant.


The ___ and the ___ are two types of line power supplies
currently being used in our networks.

Standby, Non-standby

In a ___ powering design, one power supply is located near
the node and provides AC power to all of the actives that are
served by that node.


The ___ is the most accurate and reliable battery test.

Battery Load Test

A ___ is a simple mathematical representation of an analog

Digital Signal

The two most common digital modulation schemes that use a
combination of changes are ___ and QAM.


TDMA and SCDMA technologies allow cable modems to
share the upstream carriers in the HFC network with multiple
devices. The role of TDMA in upstream is ___ management, while
the role of SCDMA is ___ management.

Time Slot, Code

A Wi-Fi device that manages data streams among multiple
mobile devices. In the amplifier components, a ___ amplifier is
used to add to the strength of the signals in order to compensate
for the higher loss of the feeder and to provide enough signals for
the drop cables and for multiple customer devices.


In the non-intrusive technique for isolating ingress, you will
need to use a DSAM’s spectrum analyzer feature, as well as the

Trilithic I-Stop

This map is similar to a street map and includes features like
lakes, rivers, streets, and boundaries.

Base Map

This map offers the layout of the system in a condensed

Amplifier Schematics or "Tree" Map

They are the two main manufacturers of coaxial cables.

CommScopes and Trilogy

These are used to counteract the horizontal component of
forces placed on poles by the strand and cable.

Guys and Anchors

This passive device splits the signal into two transmission
lines in parallel.

Directional Coupler

This tool is used to measure signal level (in dBmV) at specific
tunable frequencies.

Signal Level Meter

This tool uses a dipole antenna to detect a signal leak and
determine its direction.

Signal Leakage Detector

This tool accurately measures AC voltages of signals other
than pure analog sine waves.

Root Mean Square Meter

This tool is used to find the location/path of underground

Cable Locator

This tool is used to determine the distance of a known fault
from a specific location.

Time Domain Reflectometer

This is a set of rules that govern how devices message each
other to transport data.


This internet protocol is written in colon-hexadecimal format,
and use numbers (0-9) and letters (A to F).


This tool can be used to differentiate between plant issues
and drop issues.

Scout Flux

This tool makes offline data management, markup, and
synchronization effortless.

Spatial Offline

This tool provides a real time snapshot, and maps all aspects
of the network, including power and facilities.


= Single character of data


= 8 bits

Byte (B)

= 1000 bits
Used to measure speed by many Internet applications

Kilobit (kb)

= 1000 bytes
Used primarily to measure data storage
Sometimes used to describe bandwidth

Kilobyte (KB)

= One million bits
Smaller than a megabyte
Common measure of network bandwidth

Megabit (Mb)

= One million bytes
The most common measure of data storage
Used to measure RAM, hard drive, web storage, and e-mail storage capacities

Megabyte (MB)

= 1000 megabits
Used to describe the bandwidth of high capacity circuits such as those used in the Comcast CRAN

Gigabit (Gb)

= 1000 megabytes
Usd to describe hard drive or RAM capacity

Gigabyte (GB)

A customer wants to set up a network at his home which will enable him to share files among the residents in his home. Which network type will best meet the customer’s need?


Standard 8-pin connector used to network computers, routers, printers and/or game consoles over an Ethernet connection.


A means of transporting signals from one point to another, using 22 or 24AWG, 100 ohm copper wiring, typically Cat 5 or Cat 6 rated cables
Extremely effective at transmitting data at different rates
Found in both data and telephony communication
Either Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) or Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)

Twisted Pair Cabling

Cable that looks like an ordinary twisted-pair cable, but with two pairs of wires crossed, making the cable capable of directly connecting two computers without using additional equipment.

Crossover cable:

For unaided point-to-point communication between two computers on an Ethernet network, which cable type is used?

Crossover cable:

Factors Affecting Wireless Connectivity

Electromagnetic interference Building construction Electronic devices in the same frequency range Distance Number of devices connected to the network

A unique physical address, also called a hardware address, that all devices that rely on computer network connections have (computers, cable modems, printers, game consoles, etc.)

Media Access Control (MAC) address:


Power On Self Test

What IP address do you use to access router configuration screen.

What does WEP stand for.

Wired Equivalent Privacy

What is WPA2-PSK

Wi-Fi Protected Access -Pre Shared Key

What does WAN stand for?

Wired Equivalent Network.


Graphical User Interface

Modem steps

Great customer Cold Boot Check Processor RAM Hard Drive space OS

Operating System approved for speeds up to 20 Mbps.

Windows Vista 7 & 8 Mac OS 10.4 or higher

Ipconfig(only available with windows)

A command line that displays the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway for all adapters

why do we ground/ bond

limit potential lethal voltages

when do you bond?

after setting up the drop

what 3 things are displayed on your meter when checking an analog channel

video. Audio. And the Delta between the two vector.

what is the measurement in decibels of power against totals signal degradation?


what to provide information on signal strength and your data channels and upstream quality


what confirms the health of the video voice and data signals on the customers drop an interior wiring

home certification

what products are affected by poor Mer?

voice. Video. Data

what method is applied to correct transmission errors?

FEC. forward error correcTor

to close the job right you need to re establish your?


Your IOS devices are used to?

email. Communicate.and training

how often do password change at Comcast?

60 day’s

W. O. W stands for

> Walk customer through the work > Q&A with customers > Welcome kit

RIGHT stands for

>Re establish your Rapport > Inform the customer that we Need input >Guarantee >Hand the customer a business card

ROCK stands for

– Rapport -Overview -Comcast customer guarantee

benefits of fiber optic cable

-low signal loss -Greater bandwidth -increased security -high noise immunity – Flexibility & durable

what are the key Network component systems?

– Head end – -transportation system -distribution system -drop system

distribution system

carries signals to and from the node through the hardline coaxial cable and communities for connection to the customers drop.

transportation system

transports the signal between the headend and the node

a device that needs power is called

active device

active devices are

amplifiers. Power supplies. Nodes


installed in feeder lines. Taps provide a connection point for our customers drop to the hardline coaxial cable.

drop system

the drop system starts at the tap and terminates at the customer’s premise equipment (Cpe)

drop system components are

– drop cable -f connectors -Bond block – house amplifiers

hardware that is installed and the drive system for signal security

traps & filters security sleeves and shields

traps & filters

attach at the tap or in the house to prevent reception from certain frequencies

security sleeves and SHields

attached to the drops at the TAV to protect the trap and ensure that it will not be removed by an unauthorized person

the rule of Three for XFINITY TV?

> provide a welcome kit >demonstrate navigation of the on screen guide. > explain how Xfinity on demand an X Finity work

rule of three for Xfinity Internet?

provide a welcome kit -assist in creating a email address and password. -establish a home page -describe all additional benefits such as Norton security

The rule of three for xFINITY Voice

– confirm customers new phone number. -demonstrate voicemail and deliver Comcast welcome kit. -introduce customer 2 x finity voicemail

Plenum (Cable) is found in?

Air ducts. Because it has higher fire rating.

What kind of cable is used in underground drops?

>Flooded cable. >Has gel like compound is inserted between the cable jacket & outer shielding material.


Riser cable for vertical runs in a shift or floor to floor in multiple use dwelling.


Plenum cable for use in environmental air spaces

factors determining attenuation

>cable length: >Dielectric >center conductor size > temperature > frequency

characteristic of impedance

> measurement of one of the electrical characteristics of a cable. >a function of the integrity of the cable coax form factor.

Causes of impedance mismatch

> clamping the cable by using the wrong size staples or cable clip >Kinking the cable. >Bending radius > improperly installed F-connectors

Min. Inches of climbing space at pole?

30 inches

what is cable /aerial trespass?

when the drop cable crosses neighboring property lines

clearance from power

> 40 inches at pole >12 inches at house

Clearance from phone or other telecommunications providers?

12 inches at the pole > 6 inches atth house

What are the aerial drop min. Clearance ?

Over roads , Street’s (18feet) Sidewalks (10 feet)


(Data Over Cable service interface specifications)

Return path ( Upstream)

5 to 42 MHz


Moving – pictures -experts- group

While installing a connector, a technician unknowingly scores the center conductor of a drop cable?

INGRESS- – effects the highest channels.

A system amplifier DC power is faulty, causing inefficient functioning?

HUM — Can cause lost of block sync and NO dial tone.

A nail push through a drop cable will cause?


An electric motor is running close to a loose hard line connector at the tap?

INGRESS on the return path.

The RF spectrum occupy within the electromagnetic spectrum?

30 KHZ. to 300 GHz


54 Megabits per sec


Up to 300 megabits per sec


11 megabits per sec

Which direction should you drill when dealing with stucco?

From the inside.

A electrical outlet and a wall plate in the inside of a customer’s home should be a minimum of

6 inches apart

I I R V. stands for

> identify symptoms > isolate > repair > verify

CATV frequency spectrum is

5 to and 1000 MHz

DVI stands for

Digital Visual Interface.

eMTA stands for

Embedded Multimedia Terminal adapter


Wide Area network

A customer wants to set up a network at there home which will enable them to share files among the residents in his home. Which network type will best meet the customer’s needs?


MAC stands for

Media Access Control

What’s the function of a MAC address?

A unique physical address also called a hardware address that all devices that relay on a computer network connections have.

DHCP stands for

Dynamic host configuration protocol.

Which networking equipment is used to send data between two or more networks?


The FCC mandate on separable security is met by the installation of which device?

Digital set top boxes with cable cards.

What are the two types of traps?

Negative and postive

What are the three main types of drop installation?

> Aerial > Under ground > MDU

Name a disadvantage of digital systems?

They are more expensive compared to analog systems due to processing devices.

Name a digital processing technique that makes channel mapping possible?


Faulty bonding/grounding can attribute to?


A Low BER indicates?

Good quality signal

What test provides information on signal strength in your data channels & upstream quality?


What is the maximum length for the installation of a ground wire?

20 feet normally. 30 feet in mobile homes

How many hours of storage can a 500 GB any room DVR hold?

240 standard 52 hours on high definition

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